Charlottesville proves whites don’t have the institutional power to be racist

Dr. Patrick Slattery and Reverend Mark Dankof talk Russia, Charlottesville, and DACA. Rev. Dankof reports on the evolving situation in Syria, which has seen Turkey’s Erdogan switch sides from the Zio American-backed Team ISIS to join Team Civilization, lead by Vladimir Putin and Bashar al-Assad and including Iran and Hezbollah. He also analyzes the Russian response to NATO’s massing of its troops on the Russian border.
Then the look at the fallout from Charlottesville and what lessons can be learned. Dr. Slattery reminds listeners that apologists for black animosity towards whites insist that racism is prejudice combined with institutional power. However, the completely unfair attack on the white participants in the Charlottesville “Unite the Right” rally from the media, the business world, and Congress shows that it is whites who lack institutional power.
Finally the move to DACA. They agree the idea that nations control their borders and expel those who enter illegally is a given for every non-white country on earth, but something that is now beyond the pale in white countries.

Outro song “Waiting on the Robert E. Lee” remarkably free of any copyright.

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