Newly released video shows Trump supporters stopping suspected Antifa from breaking Capitol windows. This is what it means…
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Newly released video shows Trump supporters stopping suspected Antifa from breaking Capitol windows. This is what it means…

By Patrick Slattery

We are all trying to sort through all the information and disinformation surrounding the incident at the Capitol last Wednesday. Unlike George Floyd’s death, where we could follow the timeline of a events of a single person, there were thousands of people involved over the many acres of the Capitol building. Each window that was broken or door that was entered has its own timeline, and ultimately sorting out this multitude of parallel timelines is necessary in order to gain a true understanding of what transpired on that fateful day in our republic’s history. 

There is a great deal of discussion about the possible role of Antifa and other agents provocateurs. There had been reports before Wednesday of bus loads of Antifa coming to Washington, yet there were no visible counterdemonstrations at the Capitol. So what, if anything, were the Antifa doing? 

Watch the following 99-second video before reading the rest of the article. It clearly shows the normal Trump people booing and chanting “Fuck Antifa” when people dressed in black started busting windows.

(32) Crowd reacts to antifa breaking the windows of the Capitol – YouTube

You will have to watch the above video on YouTube as it is in a restricted state. If it becomes unavailable, check back periodically and it will be reposted. 

So what to make of this? Clearly there were at least hundreds of thousands of people who attended the rally at the White House and then marched to the Capitol. These were overwhelming normal Trump supporters who have jobs and responsibilities and are law abiding citizens, unlike those in politics and the media who conspired to rig the election. There were also people, I suppose in the hundreds, who ventured inside the Capitol, some who broke windows, some who were let in by security, and some who simply walked into unguarded entrances. What are we to make of them? 

As for the people who entered the Capitol on Jan 6, I think most were legitimate Trump supporters. I did not go in myself, but I did see people go in and come out and I talked to some. While I think most of the people who went into the building were Trump supporters caught up in the euphoria of the moment, if any of them were agents provocateurs and if the authorities/security services had any role in provoking a situation which became the pretext for ramming the electoral college certification through and discrediting Trump supporters, then the whole event would have to be considered a false flag.

There were at least two identifiable groups of people who seemed to be spearheading the breaking of windows to gain entry to the capitol whom I observed around the Capitol in fairly large numbers (at least several dozens each). One group dressed in dark blue or black and many wore black helmets. This is pretty typical for Antifa. Another group wore tan and kaki camouflage military garb with vests and backpacks and helmets. That is much more typical of a right wing militias.

Of course, people can dress anyway they want, and that is the nature of false flags. The black clothes guys may well have been Antifa, and were doing the bidding of the deep state more or less knowingly. As for the camouflage guys, they may have been a militia that was infiltrated or otherwise lured by the feds into an operation that was designed to fail. You can reach your own conclusion.

But what we can see from this video is that at one particular entrance on what I make out to be the west side of the Senate (north) wing of the Capitol, Trump supporters booed individuals they suspected of being Antifa while they were breaking a window with a tonfa club, and within a minute intervened to stop them and started chanting “Fuck Antifa.” I heard this chant from my position a couple hundred yards away from my vantage point on First Street Northwest. 

These four photos are from a different window, probably on the east side of the Capitol

If Trump supporters broke windows to gain access to the Capitol in order to prevent Congress from certifying a clearly fraudulent election and thus terminate the republic established by our forefathers, I think this would be completely justifiable, even though it was in direct contradiction to my calls to stay outside and clog the streets of Capitol Hill. However, if Antifa, agents provocateurs, or infiltrated militias influenced by feds to invade the Capitol spearheaded the breach, then the whole event has to be viewed as a false flag by a treacherous elite that is bent on destroying the republic in order to cement their oligarchic power. The fact that many if not most of the people who entered the Capitol may have been outraged Trump supporters caught up in the passions of the moment does not change this. The planning and the preparation and the initiative clearly came from people who brought equipment and dressed for the occasion. 

More to come…