Dr. David Duke – What Trump Voters Must Understand about the War on White People & How to Save Our People and America!
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Dr. David Duke – What Trump Voters Must Understand about the War on White People & How to Save Our People and America!

By Dr. David Duke

Former Member House of Representatives-LA -Rep

Was Temporarily occupying Congress as a protest of the Election Steal the best Strategy for Saving America?

Or is it far more important that our leaders use every opportunity to tell the truth mot just about the stolen election, but the ethnic war being waged against White people in America and who’s really behind it?

No speaker at the Demonstration in front of Congress, not even Trump, did that at the rally nor has every has told shocking truth that European Americans are being purposefully ethnically cleansed in this country. At Trump’s final big rally as President, I wish he would have taken the time thank his White supporters specifically as he has repeatedly thanked his Black, Mexican and Jewish Supporters at hundreds of events for four years.

I think our people deserved it, but the snub is symbolic of rampant hatred and racism against White people in America.

He didn’t dare do it then and never did it because he knew it would unleash an unprecedented firestorm of hate against him. 

The election was also stolen by an massive avalanche of  vicious attack ads bought by billionaires such as Bloomberg, Soros and Styer and other Wall Street criminal banksters. The ads didn’t make the entire difference but through them they did buy vast numbers of votes.

The election was also rigged by broadcast news and entertainment media ran nonstop content that were nothing more than the most vicious attack ads disguised as “news” and “entertainment.” It was equivalent to billions of dollars of dollars of media attacks on Trump.

Because Trump’s supporters were overwhelmingly White, they launched nonstop hatred against Trump and against White people to mobilize a massive Black turnout. Ironically, White people are the very people that created the United States of America and absolutely the last group left sustaining it, or what’s left of it.

While they demonized Whites as horrific racists, they also generated crazy lies that Black people are being killed by Whites. In fact, easily proven Government cross race crime figures prove that massively more White people are violently attacked, raped and murdered by Blacks than vice-versa.

The truth doesn’t matter, all that mattered to them was to incite massive Black voter turnout against Trump.

Even the leading Newspaper in America, the NYTimes openly boasts of our replacement 

We also must understand how voter fraud and political fraud is part of a bigger agenda of another the real people who have the real supremacy and privilege in the United States of America. A group that has has long ago seized control of the American elite. Today I will dare tell you what the most important issue is in America.

The key to any successful revolution is winning over the hearts and minds of the people.  That task is exceptionally difficult when the modern, powerful and dominant media can control the narrative of almost any event.

We all know from the events of this year, that if Antifa and BLM would have gone in mass into the capital there would have been extreme violence, destruction and mayhem.

Antifa and BLM would not have walked through the Hall of Heroes in awe, they would have literally pissed on the sculptures of American heroes and utterly demolished them.

We have seen that all year long in hundreds of places across America. Thousands of burnings of cars and businesses. Direct deadly attacks and intentional murders of police officers and bystanders on a massive scale.  We have seen thousands of violent attacks on citizens, even women and children on the streets.

There are many examples of videos of men and women with their children in automobiles surrounded by vicious mobs attacking the cars with clubs; there have been many shootings; and beatings of counter demonstrators for simply having a trump sign on their car or a Trump hat on their head.

We have also seen thousands of arsons and the destruction of statues, artworks, buildings and historic monuments celebrating the men and women who were the heroes and true founders of America. We have seen large police complexes burned down with almost now resistance. Nobody at most of mainstream media called this “terrorism.”

In Richmond, Virginia we saw the burning of the Daughters of the Confederacy building and the loss of precious historical and genealogical records. We have seen the statues of Southern leaders destroyed and even statues of Abraham Lincoln desecrated.

There was never even any real demand to prosecute the extremely violent Antifa and BLM, and even the (In)Justice Department did almost nothing to punish the perpetrators. We saw no major corporations and media condemning the violence, as they did the far more peaceful protest in Congress. In fact, many companies even supported letting violent protestors go free, even paying violent offenders’ bail, with controlled media celebrating it. The now Vice-President Kamala Harris herself supported the giving bail money to jailed violent perpetrators. 

In contrast, we know that after the barriers were down, hundreds people walked calmly into and through the building in an overwhelmingly nonviolent protest. You can see the videos of the people casually filing into rotunda almost like they are on a Capitol tour.

Over the years we have seen thousands of leftist efforts that occupied and controlled  Federal, State, and Local government buildings as well as taxpayer funded universities, schools and other institutions.

No matter how the media can try to paint the occupation of the capitol building it was not an insurrection. There was no intention to take over the government. That would have been impossible of course. It was a protest against obvious and massive election violations. In addition, it was also about the massive attacks against the civil and human rights of the white population of the United States.

It disgusted me to see Ted Cruz describing the protestors as “terrorists” even though no one was intentionally killed, the only real lethal force force was the gun shot recklessly fired by government security through a door and struck and killed the unarmed patriotic, woman veteran, Ashli Babbitt.

The same Ted Cruz condemned the police for “killing” a criminal who actually wasn’t killed but commit suicide by his own massive drug overdose! But disgusting  Ted had nothing to say for Ashli Babbitt a 14 year, unarmed veteran decorated veteran who nonviolently demonstrated in the capitol.

The demonstrators had no bombs and no guns, they didn’t burn anything, and there was no mass destruction or burning of the Capitol. 

We had corporations firing people who worked for some companies for years being fired the companies, simply because they were at the demonstration or in the capitol. Yet I never heard of any of the BLM and Antifa violent thugs being fired by major corporations.

If it would been black BLM would have invaded the capital, and by the way, many have invaded Federal ground and buildings, and an unarmed, completely non-violent black woman protestor would have been shot dead, the media would have hailed her as a hero. She’d be more famous and revered, even globally, by the media — than George Floyd!

How a Successful Revolution is Waged

No revolution is ever successful against tyranny without expressing clear grievances and without clear identification of the enemy tyrants who are perpetuating their crimes against us.

The Declaration of Independence is a perfect example of that revolutionary principle. The founding document of America lists our grievances against the British tyranny oppressing the American People.

These grievances are based on the guiding principle of the Declaration of Independence: That all people have the fundamental right to determine their own government and to have a government that acts in the interests of its own people not some other nation, people or entity.

It identifies not only the grievances, but also the enemy: the British King, and the British Government and the Globalist British Empire and its violent military enforcers who seek to oppress the freedom of the American people.

The principle of having government in the interests of its own people is the principle of true nationalism, the very opposite of globalism, and it is obvious that the global British Empire could be called globalist in real sense.  Identifying the actual enemy of that freedom was critical to the motivation and success of the American Revolution.

The threats to the American people in 2021 are far more ominous than any threat of the British in 1776. The British at least shared our heritage, culture and embraced many of the same principles America codified in our Declaration and in our Constitution. The British were not trying to oppress and ultimately wipe out the White people of America! For years, the rulers of the American government have been doing exactly that!

The Declaration did, however, refer to one of the grievances was that the King had “endeavored to bring on the inhabitants of our frontiers, the merciless Indian savages, whose warfare is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes, and conditions.” 

Jefferson and all the signers obviously saw the British violent incitement of Indians as a threat to the people of the United States. I have no doubt how Jefferson and American founders would recoil in horror over the mass media’s vile incitement of hatred and violence against White people today.

The true underlying issue of everything destroying the United States today, its traditions, values, freedom and its very people — is the effort by the Media, the Financial establishment and political establishment to purposely ethnic cleanse and replace the people of America, the Americans whose ancestors created America in the first place.

So why protest by occupying the Capitol?

Why protest by sending a message by occupying the Capitol if we don’t even dare to the speak the truth about the war being waged by the Government and the entire establishment against European Americans and others who love the culture, values and contributions of the European American people ourselves and that actuary benefit all.

Not a single speaker at the huge rally dared to say a solitary word of that essential truth. The ultimate reality is  that the ethnic cleansing and replacement of the European People is central fact and evil of the disaster facing America and its biggest single population group! It is illustrated by Zionist-owned, most important publication in America, the New York Times.

The vast majority of the ZioMedia on election night during the runoff in Georgia was talking about how great it is that the demographic change has shifted the state from red to blue.

This is the undeniable issue that is critical to most states, right now and more and more in the future, But no speaker from the podium even mentioned it, including President Trump, dared say it. Nobody in the establishment dares to mention it. Even Tucker Carlson doesn’t dare say it. In fact he goes out of his way to say that race doesn’t matter at all. You know better, Tucker, you know damn well that if America had preserved it’s demographics of a 90 percent European population, America would be greater than Donald Trump could even conceive.

The demographic change was no accident, it was plotted for years by the ethnic enemies of White Christian America.

The truth there is a war being waged against the European American people by the powers that control the media, financial institutions and government are threatening not just the freedom of our people, but the most vital human right of all, our right to exist and preserve ourselves and our influence in our own nation, the nation our own people created and made great. If our revolution is to succeed we must tell this fundamental truth.

Secondly, we must tell the truth about the fact that our people have already been ethnically cleansed and replaced from the most powerful and influential sectors of America, in giant media, powerful financial institutions, academia and in vast domination of Political money and influence. 

The immigrants that came in the last few decades didn’t change our immigration policy, or create the media that is nothing but unbridled hate speech against White Americans. This all came about by a different ethnic immigration that poured in from 130 years ago to the present.

If you want to know why everything changed, you have to learn who took over the American elite and by doing that took over America!

If you want to know who replaced and became the American elite and thus took over America itself, all you have to do is read the Jewish NYTimes. In an article called the The Chosen: Getting In, David Brooks boasts about the Jewish takeover of academia and ultimately the American elite. He even writs that Jews transformed the American elite and Jews “taking over” America!

We’ve been massively ethnically cleansed and replaced in America from 90 percent of the population in the 1960s to less than 60 percent of the population today.

Purposeful ethnic cleansing of a nation is considered a war crime and one of the worst human rights crimes.  However, this horrific crime against our people couldn’t have taken place without the previous ethnic cleansing and replacement of the non-Jewish American elite by Jews. This power put them into position to the greatest ethnic cleansing-destruction of a nation, and at the fastest rate in the history of the world.

The Jewish take over the American elite enabled just two percent of the population to purposely ethnically cleanse a 90 percent White population less than 60 percent in only 50 years, an historical blink of an eye!

Their power is breathtaking in scope.  Often, the same Jewish media that tells intelligence is not based on heredity but environment frequently tell us that Jews are smarter than everyone else. In fact, studies show that Jews are similar in intelligence to high white percentage Christian denominations such as Anglicans and Episcopalians, and all three groups have very similar rates of college and post graduate success.

Even if one accepts that they have somewhat higher average intelligence one must consider that Jews are only about 2 percent of the population so small in numbers compared to White people, that even with a liberal, 50 percent boost in achievement they likely would be below three percent of the American elite.

Their dominance of financial and media elite certainly is not  explained by ability and application . Evidence indicates that it is not greater inherent ability but likely tribal networking, ethnic cohesion and connections and group preference and privilege that is the secret behind their dominance.

Jews are drenched in intra-Jewish  cultural angst of Jewish persecutions that cause many Jews who do rise of their own accord or from tribal preference to likely to help their fellow Jews as they have been helped. Jewish privilege is the most valuable privilege. 

As they have gained power they consolidated it by massively discriminating against European Americans. A perfect example is the NYTimes which since its purchase by Adolf Ochs in 1895 has for 125 years has had unbroken Jewish ownership and control. The paper is controlled by a handful of so-called class B Stockholders which comprise 90 percent of the real voting control of the NY Tines. In its entire history only a tiny few of the non-could partake of the wealth and power of  that position. It is a position reserved for overwhelming Jewish privilege and power.

The NYTimes has also promoted the political and ideological Jewish agenda including both the historical Jewish support for communism and Zionism and still today continues its’ support for many Marxist tennents as well as for Zionism and support for Israel. 

While the NYTimes screams about White racism and “supremacy” itself is bastion of Jewish supremacy over the paper and the millions of minds it influences.

The idea that White supremacists and White racism controls America is rendered ridiculous by the insanity that if White supremacy was dominate in America that it would endlessly demonize White people and work to make White less powerful and outnumbered in America.

The real supremacy is Jewish Supremacy over the most powerful aspects of media, the most powerful banks and financial influencers in America, over campaign financing and organizations, and now also are the most powerful lobby in the United States. Ironically the same Jewish organizations that demand diversity and multiculturalism in America lavishly support and defend Israel which has an immigration policy openly dedicated to increasing the numbers of Jews in Israel and reducing the percentages of Palestinians.

Israel has successful implemented those policies and every census since its establishment shows increased Jewish population and percentage in the nation and less Palestinian percentage in the nation where a hundred years ago they were 90 percent. Of course, no one at the NY Times and the huge Zionist controlled media dares to point out their own hypocrisy.

They have used that power to support the organizations of Jewish tribal agenda of every pertinent government policy to Jews in the U.S. and the interests of Israel abroad. For instance, the Jewish billionaire and political elite has been driving force for open borders and the demographic reduction of the White proportion of the population by immigration. This has been true for at least the last hundred years, since their opposition to the immigration restriction federal immigration laws enacted in the 1920s

They also dominate social media and use it to suppress freedom of speech of anyone who recognizes Jewish tribal racism and supremacism and the true supremacism of the Jewish State. They also use their power in it to promote to billions of people, policies and opinions they agree with silence those they oppose. Also, to demonize people that expose their supremacy and promote those who collaborate with their corrupt and tyrannical power.

And their social media power they have used their power to be the chief advocates policy makers that have intentionally ethnic cleansed and replaced much of the European American people with massive immigration.

They have used their power effectively to wage horrifically damaging wars to the American people and others, such as the Iraq War, which are not in the interest of America but Israel and Jewish globalist agendas.

We recognize that not all Jews are engaged in these nefarious endeavors, but it is clear that the Jewish elite and major Jewish organizations are dominated by the same racist and supremacist objectives.

Jewish publications such as The Forward, point out that Jewish organizations are openly dedicated to the Jewish people and political, economic, cultural, welfare, foreign policy, and other agendas – and those organizations for Jewish interests and philanthropy are now worth over 26 billion dollars.

Ironically, any White organization that would proclaim itself as dedicated to the interests and values of White People, would certainly be delegitimated by the same Jewish owned and run media as an evil, racist organization. Yet, they still rant on about “White Privilege.”

In organizations such as the NY Times, completely Jewish controlled and owned, they accuse non-Jewish White people as being racist and supremacist while they are the most organized people on the planet for Jewish collective interests and the interests of Israel worldwide. While they call any defense of White rights as heritage as “White Supremacy” they never discuss their own “supremacy” in one of the most influential publications on Earth.

To talk about this issue of Jewish racism, Jewish Privilege and Jewish Supremacy is not hate. Nor is it anti-Semitism. It is addressing a reality that should be discussed and debated, because if it is true it a huge danger to humanity.

However, their enormous media and political power prevent any real discussion of the possible danger of a very cohesive organized group, having hugely disproportionate influence. To suggest there is no tribal ethnic agendas is patently absurd. In fact, powerful Jewish organizations worth billions of dollars openly proclaim their dedication to specific areas of Jewish interests. Those possessing enormous media and political power often boast of their inordinate influence over opinions and government policy. And example with Jewish American HIAS, the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, which boasts that they are the most powerful influence in Congress and boast of their success in making America more diverse, meaning of course, far less White.

It should be said that most people around the world find it natural and fine that their governments reflect the interests of the heritage of their majority elements. 

However, the ability of the Jewish organizations to skew government policy in their global interests and that of Israel, has both the historical record and the current potential to affect policies that can have damaging affects on billions of people of all races, religions, cultures and nations.

In regard to Trump Supporters and the populist movement there is no doubt that powerful Jewish organizations and Jewish media have led the effort to ethnically cleanse and replace the white population in America and other European nations.

This fact is critical to the interests of White people in America, but knowledge of it is critical for all other nations as well. Their ability to circumvent the American majority on behalf of Jewish agendas, is the difference between war and piece, economic exploitation and economic freedom, Human Rights or Human Suffering.

Thankfully there are some Jews who oppose this Jewish racist tribalism, such as Gilad Atzmon, and they are to be thanked. The best way to lessen antisemitism is to lessen the hypocrisy from those who claim they oppose racism, supremacy and white privilege but then practice their own expressions of these things at the most extreme levels.

Americans will never be free unless we identify and stand against the Zionist globalists that seek to destroy our own freedom and existence, but also the rights of all people across the world.

Dr. David Duke    January 8, 2021