Dr. David Duke: Who I am and What I Really Believe
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Dr. David Duke: Who I am and What I Really Believe

First published on Dec. 20, 2011. In this open letter to Europe and World I speak about who I really am as compared to how the media portrays me. I speak about my basic principles and beliefs that I have been clearly expounding on for years but the media continues to distort and ignore. Almost every day of my life I hear something like this from a lady who courageously told me that I was welcome to quote her by name.
I think that readers of the Duke Report will enjoy this open letter that I penned to Europe and the world after my arrest in Cologne to stop an impending speech. In this open letter to Europe and the World I speak about who I really am as compared to how the media portrays me.

I speak about my basic principles and beliefs that I have been clearly expounding for years but which the media continues to distort and ignore.

Almost every day of my life I hear something like this from a lady who courageously told me that I was welcome to quote her by name.

“Dr. Duke, When I finally took the time to read your articles and watched your videos I was astonished how you are completely different from the way the media portrays you. Your articles are well-documented and thoughtful, and your message is one of real human rights. You stand on the right side of all the important human rights issues, the right of freedom of speech. You always urge your own people toward non-violence and moral behavior with respect toward other races.

You are opposed to the war and violence promoted by the international Zionists. You believe in the right of all peoples on earth to preserve their heritage and culture, freedom and independence, as compared to the Globalist warmongers who want to exploit every people on the planet.

In addition to all that, I just can’t fathom your strength and courage to never give up the fight for your principles in the face of the constant lies about you. The fact that your own speeches, writings and statements are so different from the way the media portrays your beliefs — is absolute proof that the media lies about you! Thank you and I will support you and your work every way I can, you are an incredible inspiration to me.” — Sincerely, Mrs. Janet Williams.

In the wake of the efforts to arrest me and suppress my efforts in some nations, it is important that I make an additional statement of utmost clarity specifying what I believe and a bit about who I really am! So here is my letter:

Who I am and What I believe!

Due to the incredible lies and distortions of a sensationalist media it is necessary that I state clearly who I am and what I actually stand for, rather than silently endure the lies of my political opponents. They are frequently Marxist and leftist ideologues on one side, and Zionist agents on the other. Unfortunately, both Marxist thought and Zionist influence play powerful roles in many European-populated nations.

     Who I Am

I am a human rights advocate and activist in all the areas that constitute rights. The rights of people to be free and to exist, the rights of the individual to be free and to have free speech and conscience. The right to be free from violence and war. Let’s take them one by one.

I endorse the right of all peoples to preserve their heritage and their independence and freedom. I think that massive immigration is leading Europe toward disaster and conflict, and I sincerely desire peace and freedom for the European people just as I do for all peoples. I am opposed to any form of racial supremacism and I believe that every people has the right to preserve their freedom and their identity, their culture and traditions, their values and their very existence. If this is true for the people of Tibet, it is true for the people of Europe and America.

I have spoken all over the Western world and in addition, the Mideast, Africa and South America where I have very cordial relations with many non-European peoples and organizations.

I represent the very opposite of racism. Racism is hatred and suppression of other peoples, and it entails the violation of basic human rights. I believe that every people on the planet has the right to preserve their heritage, their culture, their unique character, their art, literature, music, values, faith and other characteristics that define them. It is the opposite of racist suppression to defend your people’s independence and freedom, to protect your heritage and values. I believe it is the height of racism to promote policies that will destroy the diversity and unique expressions of humanity in the different peoples and cultures around the world. Europeans  and every people on Earth have the right to independence and   freedom.

It must also be said that those who have promoted and implemented massive non-European immigration into Europe and America are responsible for a horrendous increase of victims of crime, including rape, robbery, assault and murder. These victims are largely ignored by elements in media who are ideologically committed to destroying the heritage of the European peoples.

Violence and criminality are wrong no matter who are the perpetrators or the victims. Those who have promoted massive immigration are guilty of destroying the heritage, the peace and tranquility of countless communities across Europe, America and other Western nations.

I have worked hard to oppose violence and believe that any sort of violence against innocent people is a terrible moral wrong and I believe such only damages the efforts of the majority of Europeans to curtail immigration and defend the heritage and freedom of the European people.

Against These Insane Zionist Wars

I am dedicated against violence and war. I am one of America’s best known opponents of the war in Afghanistan and Iraq and I staunchly oppose the worldwide catastrophe of a planned Zionist-driven war with Iran.

I have ardently defended the Palestinian people and condemned the crimes of Israel and exposed powerful and corrupt Zionist influence in politics and media and international finance in the United States and elsewhere. Because I dare to expose these realities, I endure a nonstop campaign of character assassination in the heavily Zionist-influenced, globalist media.

Academics: I am a graduate of Louisiana State University in History. I earned my full Doctorate in History at the largest university of Ukraine, MAUP, a U.N. and European accredited institution where a number of the leading academics of Ukraine participated in my PhD doctoral defense. I have lectured at dozens of Universities across Europe and hundreds around the world on American foreign policy, Mideastern Affairs, and other important issues.

Media: I have been interviewed over a thousand times, by the leading journalists of America, and in most nations of Europe and the world. They include CNN, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CBS, BBC, CBC. There are over 6,000 videos made of my speeches, lectures, debates and interviews, that have now been independently made by hundreds of people around the world that now have well over 250 million views and growing. My own video site has over 4.8 million views, and my videos on the internationally accessed YouTube average an over 90 percent approval rating! People who hear what I actually say rather than simply the media slanders against me, overwhelmingly approve of my message. My books, My Awakening and Jewish Supremacism, are now in over 14 languages and appreciated by millions of people all over the world. In all these taped and recorded appearances, and in all my writings one can only find clear condemnation of violence and human suppression.

Politics: Former Elected Member House of Representatives-LA, USA

I was elected member of the House of Representatives in Louisiana, an American state similar in size and population to that of Austria. I was elected in the district whose constituents have the highest educational level in the entire state. My constituents elected me because they knew me for years, and knew I am not the man portrayed in biased news articles written by political opponents, or Wikipedia entries that are controlled by Israelis who brag of their control of that resource.

Former Chairman, Republican Executive Committee in the largest Republican District of Louisiana. Elected unanimously by all of the 13 elected members of the committee.

I also ran in a number of U.S. Presidential primaries, and received large vote totals and even won an election as the official Vice-Presidential nominee from the State of New Hampshire.

I ran for the high office of U.S. Senator in Louisiana and that of Governor. In both elections I received over 60 percent of the European-American vote for those positions.

Why the Zionist media always headlines me as KKK

The fact is that I am not KKK, and I have had no association with any Klan group for four decades. It is true that as a young man, over 35 years ago I was in a totally nonviolent KKK organization in Louisiana. I forgive people in Europe and elsewhere for not knowing much about the Klan, but in America, the Klan was once a popular part of the community in the South with many elected Governors, Senators and others. Klan groups were and are completely independent and separate from one another, and had very different structures. Since the 1920s there has never been one Klan group but many very different Klans.

The group I was a part of was strictly non-violent. In fact, not a single member of my organization was ever charged or even accused of any racially oriented crime. I repeat that. No one in my organization was ever accused of any violent crime. Even during that time long ago in my life, as now, I have always condemned any sort of violence! And I rightfully condemn any organization or any other group that commits or advocates any sort of violence in pursuit of their agenda.

Condemning me for my associations as a young man is obviously unfair when one considers that many people in politics also evolved from controversy in their early days. For instance, Chancellor Merkel in Germany and many leading politicians in Europe were active Communists in their younger days, but Mrs. Merkel is not identified by the press in headlines such as “Former Communist, Mrs. Merkel!

Many people consider Bernie Sanders to a great man, but the media never headlines Bernie as “Former Communist Bernie Sanders.“  In fact, he was presidential elector for the Socialist Workers Party, a party that self-identified as a “Communist Party” and they lionized the first head of the Red Army in Communist Russia, Leon Trotsky, who killed millions of Christians there.

duke-mandela-hypocrisy72dpiMany people honor Nelson Mandela but no headline calls him Former Communist Leader Nelson Mandela. I  can give many other examples of political figures with radical pasts who are given a free pass because they conform to Globalist and pro-Zionist politics. Israeli leaders such as Ms. Livni who killed hundreds of Palestinian women and children in Gaza are respected by media and politics while I am condemned simply for my alleged opinions of over 35 years ago!  Former Israeli minister Livni is not headlined as “Gaza Mass Murderer Tzipi Livni Visits Germany!”

My past is a legitimate issue, but it is not the only issue. All I ask is for is fair treatment in the press, which may be impossible in the heavily Zionist– influenced media at this time. Although I have a long record of opposing violence and as an anti-war spokesman known all over the world, I am called a “former KKK whatever” because I oppose Jewish Zionism and tribal supremacism that just so happens to dominate the globalist media. Now you know why they treat me differently than Senator Robert Byrd, a former Klan leader who sold out the Zionist power in American media and politics.

Here is a succinct statement of my beliefs. And the essence of the following positions can be found in my written and spoken words.

I am a Human Rights Advocate of Free Speech. I am a man who believes in rights of political and historical free speech. I believe that people who have dissenting opinions, no matter how wrong other people may believe their opinions to be, have the right to express them. I believe that every person has the right to hold them and express their beliefs just as the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights states.  I also believe that men and women have a moral obligation to express them in ways of kindness and openness, not hatred or intolerance, and I endeavor to do that.

To correct the misrepresentation of the press, I recognize and condemn horrific violations of human rights that occurred in the Second World War. Both the Allies and Axis powers were guilty of horrific crimes.

Due to the Zionists trying to prevent a lecture at Charles University in the Czech Republic, I was arrested and held on those issues, but I was completely exonerated of any criminal speech. I notice how recent newspaper articles  did not mention my exoneration!

I don’t deny that Germany committed terrible crimes in the course of  the war, but I dare to expose the Holocausts that are swept under the rug by the controlled media. In addition to German crimes, I dare to recognize the incredible crimes against humanity committed by the Communist, Soviet State and the Communist Holocaust of tens of millions of people over many decades in Russia and Eastern Europe. I dare to condemn the Soviet-driven rape of millions of innocent women in the last months of the Second World War, as well as the ethnic murder and cleansing of millions of Germanic people at the end of the war. Everyone knows of German crimes, they are presented to our consciousness by the media every day of our lives. But why do we hear so little of communist murders that were the worst in the history of the world?

Nor do I absolve the Allies for their crimes against humanity in the mass murder, bombing campaigns that burned to death or injured countless defenseless men, women and children in the cities of Europe. As an historian, I recognize the fact that these bombings were purposely directed at murdering the greatest possible number civilians, men women and children. I ask why these enormous crimes against humanity are practically ignored by the Globalist media. I ask why the cruel burning to death of mothers with their babies in these bombings was not a war crime? As an American I am painfully aware of mass murder of innocents at Nagasaki and Hiroshima and Cologne and Dresden. I ask why if War Crimes trials are supposedly appropriate for Germans, why are there no war crimes trials for the politicians that implemented these genocidal campaigns? What kind of justice is it if only the losers of a war are prosecuted for crimes? Perhaps my questions are why they seek to lock me up and silence my voice.

And what is the state of the world today, not in some long ago past? A very conservative estimate is one million dead Iraq and Afghanistan civilians in wars based on lies.

I do not believe that people who present different opinions on historical issues are criminals. But, I do think that it is criminal for any state to kidnap a non-violent academic from his home and family and imprison him for many years because he has a dissenting opinion on any historical questions.

Do we really have the right to criticize the imprisonment of people in China or Tibet or in various Middle Eastern or African nations for violating free speech, if we Europeans imprison people for their historical opinions? How can we criticize any nation? My recent arrest was all about one thing, preventing freedom of speech. How is that different from what is alleged in China or Sudan. Believing in Free Speech and opposing human rights violations is not Holocaust Denial. When free speech is denied in a society such can lead directly to Holocausts and human rights violations on a massive scale. Without free speech, how is one to even know that terrible crimes are occurring?

Free speech is the bedrock of human rights, and it is the one human right that all other rights depend upon. Because without Free Speech crimes can be kept hidden and the forces of good suppressed.

Someone may disagree with someone else’s opinion. That is everyone’s right, but if he commits violence against that individual, or kidnaps or imprisons him, that person, or institution, or government has committed a crime. The real criminal is not a man who speaks his conscience but someone who harms or imprisons a person who speaks his conscience!

I urge those who don’t know me to read the actual speech I was slated to give at one of the oldest universities in Europe, Charles University in Prague, a university founded on the principle of free expression in honor of a man who was burned at the stake for forbidden speech, Jan Hus.

Today, exercising free thought and free speech won’t get you burned at the stake, but could get you kidnapped from your family and imprisoned for years or simply banned from public discourse or freedom of travel which is another right accorded by the U.N. and human rights activists everywhere.

At the very least, exercising your right of free speech on Globalist forbidden subjects will get your reputation burned at the stake of a Zionist-dominated globalist media. But, I am willing to suffer defamation in order to tell the truth.

As the great reformer, Martin Luther once stated, “Here I stand!”

And now you know what I really stand for rather than the lies of the Zionist-influenced, Globalist media. If you are fair-minded I think you will agree that what I actually profess and believe is quite different from the image of me presented by the controlled media. It affords you the opportunity to realize and uncover the truth that the media tries so desperately to suppress.

Thank you for your open-mindedness to me and your dedication to true freedom.


Dr. David Duke

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