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Israel launches war against Iranian military in Syria in bid to draw US into larger war

By Dr. Patrick Slattery — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has unleashed a war against Syria by striking at Iranian military assets in that country. Iran was invited into Syria by the Syrian government in order to fight the Israeli-backed ISIS and other Zionist-aligned Islamic groups. Israel, Zio-America, and the Gulf states like Saudi Arabia that are openly aligned with Israel are truly the biggest state-sponsors of terrorism. None of this could happen if the United States wasn’t dominated by Jews who pursue what they see as Jewish tribal interests very much to the detriment of everyone else, especially white Americans and Europeans.

How President Trump responds is yet to be seen, but judging by the past month, and given that megashill John Bolton is his National Security Adviser, it doesn’t bode well. If Trump sides substantively with Israel, he deserves our ire, but our focus should be on naming the Jew. In particular, any street action should be demonstrations against the Jewish-run media outlets that lie to the world about everything that happens in the world.


Here are some important news stories over the past several hours:

The Iron Dome, I’ve heard, is a poor system who’s performance is heralded for propaganda purposes.

ISIS setting up new training camp in Israeli occupied Golan Heights.