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How Jewish Organizations Masquerade for “Human Rights” as They Support Jewish Supremacy!

By Dr. David Duke — The hypocrisy of the Jewish Supremacist “Anti-Defamation League” (ADL) in supporting the racist state of Israel while supposedly “opposing” racism in America has been highlighted once again with the construction of a brand new Jews-only housing project in occupied East Jerusalem.


The Jews-only housing project was announced this week by the Israeli state— the ultra-racist, supremacist state which the ADL, of course, fanatically supports.

According to a report in the Times of Israel, the Jewish state “gave approval Wednesday for the construction of 172 new homes for Jewish settlers in annexed East Jerusalem.”

The announcement comes hot on the heels of plans unveiled in Israel on June 5 for a further 3,200 “settler homes” in East Jerusalem and the occupied West Bank, all to be financed by the Israeli government.

All of these housing units are segregated and are reserved only for Jews.

The ADL has been completely silent on this, and all similar developments in their beloved “democratic” Israel.

To understand the full meaning of this development, consider what the reaction of the ADL and other Jewish groups would be if the US government had to build housing projects from which Jews were specifically excluded.

The ADL and the other Jewish Supremacist groups would be up in arms, screaming “discrimination,” “hate,” and “racism,” and their coreligionists who control the mass media would have banner headlines decrying “American Government Racism.”

In fact, it would be unthinkable for the US government to build housing units reserved for one race only, and to specifically exclude Jews.

The ADL has for many years pretended to be a “civil rights” organization, and has been at the forefront of desegregation programs in America and elsewhere.

To the present day, the ADL still proudly boasts on its website of its support for desegregation programs –but the same website simultaneously announces its support for Israel.



How does the ADL “justify” supposedly opposing racial segregation in America, but supporting racial segregation in Israel?

The answer is simple: the ADL (and other similar Jewish Supremacist hate groups such as the SPLC) do not actually care about human rights at all.

What they are actually all about is not “human rights,” but a deliberate program of drawing attention away from Jewish racism, both in America and in Israel.

For example, the ADL also boasts about the Jewish role in promoting homosexual marriage in America—but in Israel, homosexual marriage is illegal.

Photos Below — The ADL and almost every major Jewish organization in the USA Supports “Marriage Equality” for America, but fanatically support the Jewish State of Israel which bans it.



The ADL supports Israel—which engages in the wholesale ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people, which prohibits marriages between Jews and non-Jews, which practices strict racial segregation, which has a racially-based immigration policy, and which rounds up, imprisons and deports non-Jewish illegal immigrants.

All of these policies would be a top priority for the ADL to oppose—if they were implemented in America.

But because they are implemented in Israel, the ADL and the Jewish Supremacist controlled media will not only give it a pass, but will actively cover up and hide these obvious examples of ultra-Jewish racism and anti-Gentile hatred.

* The ADL is also completely silent about the overt Jewish racism and discrimination against all races which has allowed Jews to dominate the Ivy League universities in America.

In truth every so-called “anti-racist” policy they have supported in America was only meant to destroy the traditional American 90 percent majority so they could take over the United States.

The following is one of the new graphics found in my new book, The Illustrated Protocols of Zion. It shows the Jewish supported efforts against so called “White Privilege” and the true “Jewish Privilege” that rules academia, Hollywood and media, banking and politics in America.

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Dr. David Duke

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