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Hear Dr. David Duke Show How Zionists Actually Have America supporting Terrorists

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Hear Dr. David Duke on the current ISIS crisis in Iraq, a crisis entirely produced by the Zionist control of the United States and the manipulation of the Zionists to send American money and weapons to forces who are dangerous enemies to the United States, but enemies that could pose no threat without the Zionist manipulation of American policy.


He exposes the Republican traitor Sen. Graham who is bemoaning the al Qaeda threat in Iraq and Syria when as a Zionist stooge he has actually supported those groups with American weapons and money!

Graham and other Zionist puppets, because of their opposition to the anti-Zionist Assad has supported groups terrorist groups aligned with the terrorist group that has been the main motivation of the massive carnage of live and money in the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars.

The articles show our valiant allies in Syria which now threaten to take over Iraq,  those supposedly fighting for  “human rights and freedom” along with massive numbers of beheadings,  crucifixions and mass murders, now pose a threat for another 9-11 attack.

Read the following quote and you will realized the insanity of America’s Zionist-dictated foreign policy.

Here is quote from the Daily Beast:

Mosul, Iraq’s second-largest city, was seized Tuesday by members of a militant Islamist group that was disowned by al Qaeda for being too extreme and uncompromising. The Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham (ISIS) now controls a transnational and still-growing kingdom that stretches across northern Syria and into western and northern Iraq. And they’re spreading fear even further, with a brutally effective and disconcertingly accurate social media campaign.

Moderates only by profane contrast, al Qaeda takes the position that winning popular support is a necessary precursor to declaring the establishment of the Caliphate. ISIS, which considers itself the embodiment of the Islamic Caliphate, declares the kingdom of God wherever the group flies its black flag…

In areas already under ISIS control like the northern Syrian city of Raqqa, ISIS has interpreted its mandate through brutal repression and public slaughter, which the group gleefully broadcasts over its Twitter accounts. In Syria the group tweeted images of public crucifixions. In Mosul it is now posting photos of the corpses of Iraqi security forces. An image of a masked ISIS fighter standing over three dead Iraqi soldiers lying in pools of their own blood has 169 retweets and 78 favorites so far.

isisThis is a truly magnificent radio show which also has great commentary by Dr. Slattery. You will seldom hear Dr. Duke more passionate than this program, share it and wake up the world!

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