Jewish Supremacism

“White Privilege” or “Jewish Privilege” : The Ultimate Racism in America

By Dr. David Duke.

White Privilege or Jewish Privilege ?

The Jewish dominated media is constantly ranting about so-called “white privilege” in America, yet in the most important universities of America, the very institutions which form the very foundation of the American elite,  non-Jewish European Americans are by far the most underrepresented group of all.

In fact, Jews are vastly over-represented by proportion of population and vastly over-represented over far better qualified non-Jewish students! Their over-representation Harvard and in the Ivy League is not only incredibly disproportionate against European American students, but also wildly disproportionate against every other racial group in America.

harvard comparisons race jewssmall for internesmt

Above: Here is a chart showing the appalling lack of true diversity at Harvard and the Ivy League. Jews are dramatically over-represented in comparison with every ethnic/racial group in America. In comparison with European Americans, Jews are almost 47 times more represented than their population would merit. That’s four thousand seven hundred percent over-represented in comparison with the actual population of Jews and European Americans!


68 Percent of the population of America is European American — allowed 20 percent of students.

Jews are 1.8 percent of college age Americans and given 25 percent of the admissions.

Even though European Americans founded Harvard, America’s most important university, and are almost 70 percent of the American population, the university is now under powerful Jewish influence, to the point that only about 20 percent of the students at America’s premier university are European Americans.(1)

Harvard and the Ivy League practice a blatant racist discrimination against better-qualified students and only allows Whites to make up 20 percent of the Harvard student body–as  compared to allotting 25 percent of it to Jews, who are only 1.8 percent of the American population.

It should be noted that Jews are the most privileged by far of any other identifiable group in the United States by income and influence. Jewish students are also dramatically over-represented in comparison with Asians, Hispanics and African Americans as well as in comparison with European-descended students. So this Jewish privilege and preference is also over every non-Jewish group in America.

In fact as Ron Unz points out in the “Myth of American Meritocracy,” (2) Jewish racism is accelerating at Harvard. He documents that between 2000 and 2011, only the Jewish group increased in percentages at Harvard, while every other group fell. The Jewish increase of 35 percent was above an already outrageous Jewish over-representation.

racial decline at harvard

So, in fact, Jews are the real kings of racist privilege in America, and this is especially true in the most important elite universities of America which admittedly are the primary source of the ruling elite of the American establishment.

European Americans who founded these great universities and who are 68 percent of the population, are the most discriminated against, of all groups, and dramatically so!

Some European American high level students harbor resentment against African American students for affirmative action discriminatory programs. Conservative politics in America is under the domination of Jewish “neoconservatives” and they carefully channel European American against African Americans and other races. However, the  fact is that discrimination against European American students, especially in the highest levels of academia, is far more likely to be on behalf of Jews than African-Americans.

Furthermore, the concept and implementation of affirmative action programs of racial discrimination were not initiated by African Americans, but by Jewish Supremacists.

There are, it also must be pointed out, other programs of discrimination against European Americans which have not been created and imposed by African-Americans, but by the Jewish Supremacists who enjoy the ultimate racist privilege in America.

Racist Discrimination Against Better Qualified Non-Jewish Students

Discrimination at Harvard is not simply demographic. Jews at Harvard–and across the Ivy League–are over-represented by the factor of 13 times higher numbers than their merit would justify!

Jewish over-representation has come about because of racial discrimination against better qualified European Americans and for less-qualified Jewish students.

The research of a Jewish authority, Ron Unz, demolishes the Jewish “master race” fantasy and his data proves that Jews are not only vastly over-represented by population in the elite universities like Harvard, but they are also vastly over-represented than they deserve by merit.

Jews, who are less qualified in comparison with European Americans, are over-represented by a factor of more than 13 times higher than their merit would deserve, and almost 6 times over-represented than their ability would deserve against Asians.(3)

jewish privilege over asians europeans small for internet
This is easily proven by comparing groups of the top performing students of the United States with the National Merit Scholarships. One can simply compare the percentage of Jews who score in the highest levels in the National Merit Scholarships compared to Gentile groups such as Asian, African, Hispanic  and European-American performance on what is the best predictive gauge of student qualification and ability before college.

When one compares the Jewish and Gentile National Merit Scholarship qualifiers with the admissions to the top universities, one can easily judge the relationship between academic performance and actual university admission at Harvard and other schools.

Of course, there is one ultimate way to most accurately compare the relative ability of a group to perform well at Harvard or any elite educational institution: to simply examine how the groups compare in achievement after four years at the institution.

Demolishing The Myth of Jewish Intellectual Superiority

When one points out that Jews are vastly over-represented compared to other groups in the elite universities, in Media, in banking and among top government administrators, the Jewish media constantly presents images of Jews as intellectually superior in comparison with other people.

The Jewish dominated media constantly produces images of brilliant, Einstein-like Jews and produce constant images that Jews have a superior work ethic than non-Jews.

If one dares to point out the vast Jewish domination of academia or of any part of society, the “counter-argument” is that “Jews are just smarter than anyone else.”

The suggestion is that Jews are dominant at Harvard and the Ivy League, or for that matter in Hollywood or banking — is because they are the most capable and that they earned it through their merit.

If this argument were valid, it would have to prove they were indeed markedly smarter, work harder, and just as importantly, that higher performing Jews would outnumber their Gentile competitors on a per-capita basis and in actual numbers.

Of course, that idea is ludicrous when you look at the tiny percentage of Jews in America. Even if the performance levels of Asians and European Americans were less on average than Jews, the reality is that there are many more  non-Jews than Jews. The only rational explanation for this difference would be that other factors are responsible for the Jewish dominance in academia.

In fact, the best gauge of a groups’ ability to perform well in an elite university is not how they perform on a preparatory test or even in past academic performance, but to simply look at the performance of those respective groups at the completion of their studies.

There is a simple and elegant way to determine the best performing students. It is called Phi Beta Kappa, the premier honors society of academic excellence in America.

Phi Beta Kappa recipients at Harvard make up about the top ten percent of students. It is based on an extremely high grade point average of 3.75 (out of 4) and a rigorous Arts and Sciences curriculum, the inclusion of advanced math classes and foreign language proficiency.

euros smoke Jews at Harvard580As pointed out previously, European American students are markedly outnumbered by Jewish students at Harvard. European-Americans are just 20 percent of the Harvard students as compared to Jews, who are 25 percent.

The numerical disadvantage to European Americans is like a basketball team limited to 4 players which must compete against a Jewish team with 5 players.

Yet, what percentage of total Phi Beta Kappa recipients at Harvard are European Americans, and  what percentage are Jews?

Jews — 11 percent
European Americans  — 54 percent
Asian Americans  — 35 percent

Jews greatly outnumber European Americans at Harvard, but are only 11 percent of Phi Beta Kappa achievers. (4)

The numerically fewer European Americans occupy 54 percent of the Phi Beta Kappa positions.

On a per capita basis, European Americans are more than 5 times (500 percent) as likely to achieve Phi Beta Kappa status and the highest academic achievements at Harvard as are Jewish students.

Harvard is the elite university of America. Even though its administration is dominated by Jewish administrators and faculty, and although Jewish students outnumber European Americans — Jews achieve the elite Phi Beta Kappa status at a small fraction of White students.

Considering that the Harvard administration permits European Americans to be only 20 percent of the Harvard student body, it indicates that huge numbers of European Americans of the highest abilities are facing racist discrimination at Harvard, in the Ivy League, and other Jewish-dominated elite universities.

 So who is Behind the Jewish Supremacism at Harvard

The clear racial discrimination shown here against European Americans, Asians and others on behalf of Jewish students, begs the question of how and why.

The conclusion is inescapable.

There is a clear Jewish domination of the faculty and staff of Harvard University and the rest of the Ivy League.

Using their positions of power they have systematically and deliberately discriminated against non-Jews in both admissions and faculty hires, and once they achieved their supremacy over these institutions they have protected and maintained their power.

Jewish supremacist racism surrounding the appointment and tenure of the Harvard Law School, by far the most important Law School in the United States, illustrates the dynamics of Jewish Supremacism.

Elana Kagan, now a Supreme Court justice, was appointed to Dean of Harvard Law School by the Jewish President at the time, Lawrence Summers. Kagan went on to give over 50 percent of her faculty appointments at the most important, the pinnacle law school in America, to her fellow Jewish tribalists.(5)

Under Dean Kagan, Jews, who are only 2 percent of the adult population of America, received over 50% of faculty appointments.

It is simple math to show Kagan’s massive discrimination against non-Jews resulted in a 2,400 percent over-representation in her appointments compared to the Jewish percentage of population.

elena Kagan final chart580

Her Harvard law position and Jewish tribal alliances and influence in politics enabled her to become what must be one of the most under-qualified appointments to the Supreme Court in its history. She joined two other Jews on the Supreme Court to make up part of a vast Jewish over-representation on that critical body.

Is there any sound reason that her decisions on the Supreme Court will not reflect her Jewish allegiances as reflected in her tenure at Harvard?

kiagan raciamThe clear facts of Jewish racism and discrimination at the highest echelons of academia at Harvard and in the Ivy League would suggest that the dominance of Hollywood, banking, and political organizations could all be similarly influenced by this Jewish racism of Jewish preference and privilege and accompanied by racial discrimination against those “not chosen.”

Mass Discrimination Against Gentiles in the Name of Diversity!

What is the mechanism of the Jewish takeover of academia?

There are two critical components of the Jewish takeover of academia in America. The primary mechanism the aforementioned Jewish tribalism in which Jews often support fellow Jews in the same way Kagan gave 50 percent of her appointments to fellow Jews.

The second is the structure of college admissions in America in which “Diversity” is now the key word in college admissions. At Harvard the impact of “diversity” can be seen in the fact that some Harvard applicants who have perfect high school records in excellent schools and perfect SAT entrance examinations  are not admitted in favor of students with far worse academic records and far lower test scores.

Universities are now evaluating the “personality” and “intangible” qualities of individual students. Of course, universities are supposed to selecting the students who are best at academic and intellectual performance the same way that athletes are selected for athletic performance.

In the name of diversity then, academic credentials, abilities, and performance can take a back seat to the intangibles. In the interviews and the selection process then personal prejudices and bias of the administrators can play a huge role in selection because there is no longer any objectivity based on testing and prior performance. Now a critical factor is the subjectivity of the administrators doing the admissions process.

This is why Jews have an incredible 13 times, or 1,300 percent over-representation than their actual academic merit would allow.

In the name of “diversity” academic performance is put in the back seat, and Jewish administrators are free to select fellow Jews for admissions, graduate programs and academic appointments such as in the Kagan case.

Of course, diversity is the idea that institutions should reflect the diversity of the underlying population and demographics of the region or nation and that there should be fair and equitable representation.

What kind of “diversity” gives one group massive over-representation and all other groups massive under-representation, with the largest population segment of the United States the smallest proportion of representation.

That is the greatest irony of all. In the name of diversity, America has its elite selected by group that is only 2 percent of the population and gives its own group a massive over-representation in the universities that are the source of the American elite.

This is the real privilege in America. It is not “White Privilege” when 96 percent of the “White” population are discriminated against in favor of a select 4 percent. When the 70 percent White population who has more than 70 percent of the most outstanding students in America are accorded only 20 percent of Harvard and Ivy League admissions.

Postscript: NY Times Boasts of the “Jewish Takeover of America”

The most prominent NY Times Columnist, David Brooks, wrote a column called “The Chosen,  Getting In.” The article talks about a book by a Jewish Professor James Karabel who a book called The Chosen, which discusses the Jewish takeover of the Ivy League.

In the first paragraph of the article, Brooks talks about his giving a lecture on the substance of Karabel’s book. He points out that after his speech an obviously Jewish woman came up to him and said, “What you are talking about it the Jewish takeover of America.” Here is an excerpt from my new book, The Illustrated Protocols of Zion due out later this year:

One thing about many Jews, in their chutzpah they just can’t help but boast. I am glad he does, for he is telling the truth.

The Jews, just 2 percent of the American population, have taken over American academia and the American elite. They have taken over not because this 2 percent has a majority of the intelligence in America.

They are respectably intelligent, but their weapon of conquest is not their cleverness, but their their ultra-racism and their racial discrimination. Those are the devices their elite has used to depose the European American elite that created America, the American academia, and who today oppress not just European Americans but all Americans who don’t want to ruled over by a alien, racist oligarchy.

If ethnic oppression and exploitation is immoral, then should we not rise up, all of us, and free ourselves from this racist, Jewish supremacism?

Ending this racist suppression is not only important for European Americans but for all Americans of every race and ethnicity.

Dr. David Duke 2014


(1)  Harvard enrollment for the class entering 2010: Asian 16% Black non-Hispanic 7% Hispanic 8% International 10% Mixed 3% Unknown 12% Jewish 24% White non-Hispanic Non-Jewish 19% Sources: Harvard Provost Office: “Degree Student Enrollment, 2010,” Hillel: “The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life” ).

(2) Unz, Ron: “The Myth of American Meritocracy: How corrupt are Ivy League admissions?” The American Conservative, November 28, 2012.

(3) Unz, Ron: “The Myth of American Meritocracy: Quantitative Sources and Methods,” The American Conservative website, Appendix G, November 21, 2012).

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(5) Slattery, Patrick: “Elena Kagan’s ‘diversity problem’ and Jewish privilege” The Occidental Observer, September 2, 2012).