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Jewish Tribalism, Jewish Racism, Israel and Zionism: Dr. David Duke Responds to a Christian Anti-Zionist

One of the greatest stumbling blocks for many people in getting fully to grips with an understanding of the threat posed to the world by racist Jewish tribalism, is the issue of “anti-Zionism”—which, for many, is somehow separated from Jewish Tribalism as if they are totally unrelated issues.

Dr. David Duke recently received a communication from a well-known Christian author and anti-Zionist, in which the claim was made that the issue of Zionism was completely divorced from anything he (Dr. Duke) talks about.

The original message stated that the writer was “an anti-Zionist, but not an anti-Semite” and said that Dr. Duke “appears to portray all Jews as being pro Zionist and that is just crazy.

“Keep in mind that 300 Holocaust victims and families signed a strong letter saying they oppose the murder of Palestinians in Gaza by the Zionists. I look forward to your response. I do not intend to slander anyone and I want to know your position on this matter.”

Dr. Duke’s response, in full, follows below. It contains many points which are foundational to understanding the full extent of the problem, and is highly recommended to anyone seeking a full understanding of the real issues at stake.—Staff.

Dr. Duke writes:

Thank you for your letter. To be clear: If you read my website, and dare to read my books I repeatedly say that not all Jews are Zionists, or racists, or tribalists.

In fact I go out of my way to praise and honor Jews who are anti-Zionist and who in fact oppose Jewish racism and tribalism. So when you say I say that all Jews are Zionist, obviously I do not.

I would suggest you read the writings of Gilad Atzmon, Israel Shamir, and the classic writings of Israel Shahak.

I do, however, correctly state that organized Jewry is overwhelmingly pro-Zionist.

For instance, 50 of the largest Jewish organizations in the United States come together in the Council of Presidents of major Jewish organizations. This organization and its members clearly support the State of Israel and don’t condemn the mass crimes committed against the Palestinians in the creation of the Jewish State and since.


I further point out that almost every major synagogue around the world is extremely supportive of the Israeli Jewish state, although a small number have some differences with Israel such with the Zionist State’s attempt to draft Yeshiva Scholars and other issues such as that.

There is a practically microscopic Jewish minority as well such as Karta that oppose Israel because they say the Messiah must come to the Jews before the founding or rebuilding of the temple—but they are literally a tiny handful of Jews who are despised by the mainstream Jewish community.

So although not all Jews support the murder and terrorism against Gaza, the overwhelming majority of Jews do in fact support it.

Even more importantly, the major and most powerful Jewish organizations in America and around the world DO support it.

Finally, it is my belief as well as that of many anti-Zionist Jews, that Jewish tribalism actually empowers Zionism.

Because Zionists dominate the organized Jewish community, Jews are taught to act tribally to network for each other and the view Gentiles as anti-Semites and inherent enemies. This constitutes the great bulk of Jewish intellectual writings on Gentiles, and results in a Jewish racism where they favor their own and discriminate against Gentiles.

You can see this in Harvard where Jews, who are two percent of the U.S. population, and not more than 3 percent of the highest performing students, make up 25 percent of the student body at Harvard. This, while, European Americans, who are 70 percent of the population, and at least 70 percent of the top performing students, now make up only 20 percent of the student body at Harvard and the Ivy League. This is the source of the American elite, or ruling class.


As the work by Ron Unz, another Jew I admire, has shown, Jews are 13 times, that is 1,300 percent over represented at Harvard than they should be by merit.


This tactic is typified by Elana Kagan, who was appointed to the position of head of Harvard Law—by fellow Jew Summers. While head of law at Harvard, Kagan made a large number of appointments to the faculty staff—and over 50 percent of these appointments went to fellow Jews, who, you will remember, only make up 2 percent of the population! That, my friend, is tribalism. In a word, it is racism!

The facts are thus as follows: The vast majority of Jews are pro-Israel; and advance each other against the rest of society through by extreme racist networking among themselves.

You can see this latter tactic at work, by the way, in action in banking and media—where these Jewish tribalists also relentlessly advance the the Zionist position as well.

So, I don’t say all Jews are Zionists, nor do I say that all Jews are tribalist racists—but I do believe that organized Jewry is both of those things.

And I believe Jewish racism is the most virulent and powerful in America, and around the world, and I believe that racist supremacism and exploitation should be stopped.

All the Jewish organizations that support Israel, know the nature of the racist, supremacist, murderous state.

Most of them also constantly write against intermarriage of Jews with non-Jews, but would, along with their Jewish media bosses condemn any Gentile who opposed intermarriage with Jews. In fact, the same Jewish-dominated media would paint such people as “new Hitlers.”

The reason the crimes of Israel continue is not because of what happens in Israel per se, but because of the Jewish power which dominates so much of the media, banking and politics in many countries. Not to be aware of that fact, is simply not to see reality clearly.

America gets no benefit for these Zionist wars and supporting the crimes of Israel. We make horrific enemies, and do horrific harm to peoples all over the world.

We spent a fortune in the Zionist proxy wars against Iraq, and supporting the Zionist position in trying to weaken the government of Syria.

There is no financial, moral or international advantage in supporting Israel.

The reason we do is because America is in many ways under their domination.

Some Jews will oppose these policies that truly harm the Western nations they live in, but the leading Jews and Jewish organizations do not.

That is reality.

And if you want to fight Zionism, if you are truly sincere, you must also oppose the underlying forces that enable it.

A Jewish-influenced media, government and banking (money) establishment all make Zionism possible.

Without it the world would have risen against it and its crimes.

I am aware that you say that 300 Jews who endured the horrors of the Second World war have opposed the horrors in Gaza.

But, isn’t it a shame though that the number is so tiny, considering that the Jews claim huge numbers of sufferers who are alive.

Actually it means pretty little, when one considers the individual who most personifies the Holocaust, Elie Wiesel, has supported the ethnic murder and cleansing of Israel from day one as well as the murder in Gaza I II and the latest III.

So when you show me the leading synagogues, or even five percent of the leading Jewish organizations, who oppose the murder in Gaza, then perhaps you can dispute the fact that organized Jewry overwhelmingly supports these crimes, and we can talk again. But, the fact is that you can’t even find one-percent of the major Jewish organizations that are not pro-Zionist, nor can you find one percent of Synagogues that are not generally supportive of Israel. The fact that some Jews do not support Israel is irrelevant. When one supports the Jewish establishment, one supports Zionism. When Jewish tribalism and racism leads to domination of media, finance and politics, the end result is support of Israel and its crimes, along with many crimes against the rest of us, such as in the financial sector as typified by Goldman Sachs.

It is this power that has prevented Israel from facing sanctions, and even criminal prosecution in the World Court for its innumerable crimes.

So, again, if you tell me that there is only a Zionist problem, and not a Jewish tribalist, racist problem, I would tell you that you are sadly mistaken.

I wish there wasn’t. Because if there wasn’t a “Jewish problem” we would not have a “Zionist Problem.”

As Gilad Atzmon says, the Jewish fighters and bombs and tanks and weapons of mass destruction have Jewish symbols all over them.

If they don’t act on behalf of the Jewish people, where is the organized Jewish opposition in the leading Jewish organizations and synagogues across the world?

And, as Gilad Atzmon also said so eloquently, Jewish “anti-Zionists” have led the anti-Zionist movement to defeat.

Many of the self-proclaimed Jewish advocates of Palestine, such as Naom Chomsky, have attacked the disinvestment movement, told us there is no “Jewish political lobby,” and that “only corporate greed” causes American support for Israel… Come on, it doesn’t help the corporations or economy of America throw billions of dollars  away in Israel, and trillions of dollars in Jewish proxy wars!

The fact is that organized Jewry around the world represents the same racist supremacist ideology that Israel does. Israel is a true and real expression of organized Jewry around the world.

It is up to decent Jews to oppose their leading billion dollar organizations that support this atrocity. They have so much power in the Western World, that if they don’t, we who do will just be called anti-Semites.

Good luck, and Think Free,

Dr. David Duke

The person to who Dr. Duke wrote, then answered him again, thanking him for “an eloquent argument in favor of your position” and saying that the only concern he had was that Jewish Tribalism was rather based on a “misinterpretation of or ignorance of, the Old Testament. The prophets said a new Zion would come, but never said it would be established by atheists and not by God. The culture of tribalism as you call it, and I do not doubt it, is based on a flawed interpretation of the OT or a desire to follow the book of the Pharisees, the Talmud, more than the OT.  As a Christian, I see that new Zion as a spiritual kingdom, not a physical kingdom. But Judaism that sees Israel as not being the new Zion is the correct Judaism in point of fact.”

Dr. Duke responded as follows:

Thank you for your reply which was also eloquent.

As to the contention that is not Jewishness that is a problem, as Jews that had the hateful and supremacist attitude because they are misinterpreting the Old Testament—as Gilad Atzmon often says, it is what we commonly refer to as “Jewishness” and “Jewish Power” that is the core of the problem.

Even the tiny few religious Jews who say Israel is an apostate state because the Messiah has not yet come, are only in a doctrinal dispute with fellow Jews.

They hold the same Talmud as their books of Jewish law and life, and frankly any study of the Talmud reveals it to be like the Old Testament on steroids.

Compared the ethnic supremacism, endorsement of “enslavement non-Jews forever” and the outright genocide of the Torah, the Talmud is even more supremacist and very blunt in preaching that Jews have a duty to deceive, lie, cheat, and even to kill Gentiles, especially the “best of the Gentiles.” 

I know that is shocking to you but you must read some excellent Jewish sites that expose all this. Two of them are Daat Emet which is maintained by Jewish scholars in Israel and Failed Messiah done by Jews who recognize the absolute racism, genocide and immortality of Judaism. You can find them on the Internet. But to really learn this takes some delving to historical volumes on all of this.

Neutra Karta and the anti-Israel Jewish have the same anti-Gentile hateful mindset. Their promised Messiah is a temporal Messiah who will along with the Jewish people rule the world.

It is best summed up by recently deceased former head Sephardic rabbi of Israel and political kingmaker who openly taught Jews that Gentiles entire purpose on Earth is to be slaves to Jews and of course he directly, as the Talmud does compares non-Jews to animals.

In other words, Gentiles are not even simply inferior humans, as the Jewish theologians at the leading Jewish universities proclaim, “Only Jews are Men,” i.e. human.

Even the Great Rebbe Schneerson who was given the Congressional Medal of Honor (which by itself shows the extent of the Jewish control of our government) said that Gentiles have “inferior souls… and routinely referred to Gentle woman girls as shiksa, or “whores.”  It is nice to know that our Congress likes to give Medals of Honor to a hateful freak who refers to his own wife and daughters and mother as a big whores and little whores.

I wonder how if Gentiles who would call Jewish adult women “whores” and Jewish little girls as “little whores would receive such medals and be praised by the press.

And you, who are in denial of Jewish power, (not Just Zionist power), must wonder how in the world our sensational press never had any real coverage or outrage about these things and Yosef’s proclamations which get headlines in Israeli newspapers but silence in Jewish dominated American media.

That’s power.


Netanyahu and the Gentile-hating Yosef.

The truth this that Jesus made a diametrical turn from the hate and genocide of the Old Testament, and that is why the Pharisees plotted to murder him.

So if you are Christian, you must understood, that the Jewish extremists have had so much media and academic influence they completely inverted traditional Christian theology, and actually the New Testament itself.

And now we have the disgusting sight of Christians not only supporting the genocide of Israel but actually supporting Jewish power in Western nations, power that is utilized in support of almost every value that Christians profess.

Salvation has been converted from that of worshiping Jesus to subservience to the Chosen, no matter what evil they do.

Their almost total control of Hollywood can drown our children in images of  blood and violence and gore and degeneracy, can tell them that drug and alcohol abuse is cool, can teach them to view sex as nothing to do with family and healthy children, but something with no more meaning than a sexual orgasm.

They can support the Jewish-driven proxy wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, they can support these massive predator banks like Goldman Sachs and the FED and the World Bank that has stolen trillions of dollars and ruined hundreds of millions of lives the world over, and oh, yeah, they say, they are “God’s Chosen” over the entire rest of humanity. But, you can’t point out this Jewish tribalism but can’t point it out without being called anti-Semitic, while they are never called what they are: anti-Gentile.

They are not “God’s favorite.” Even the basis of Christianity refutes all that hogwash. It says clearly that the chosen are today the people of the promise, not the people of the flesh but those who follow Jesus Christ. 

Read the book of Hebrews in the New Testament, read one of the most common phrases in the New Testament, John 7:13—” Yet for fear of the Jews no one spoke openly of him.” “Fear of the Jews” is a common phrase in the New Testament.

This is just as true today across the Western world, and for those non-Western nations that refuse to submit to their tyranny, like the poor Syrians, who face now massive terrorism all because the Jews who control America wanted to destroy Syria in service of the interests of Israel.

And now, became of the Jewish Tribalists who have subverted our foreign policy, many insane Americans, some of them deluded Christians, are busy talking about the danger of Isis, and Al-nusra and other al Qaeda offshoots—which the Jewish controlled media and government of the West supported against Syria! In fact, when we attempt to harm the Syrian government we are in effect helping Isis!

I know the Syrian leadership, and met the Christian Patriarch and the Sunni Grand Mufti in Syria. Both of the latter two looked into my eyes and plaintively asked why America was supporting those insane terrorists.

The Christian Patriarch’s question was more rhetorical, because he knew why, namely that Zionists had seized control of the American government, media and financial institutions.

When I was there, Syria had hundreds of thousands of Christian refugees from Iraq. They were there because their secular protector, Saddam Hussein was deposed by Zio-America attacking America’s ally because he dared to support the Palestinians.

I could go on and on.

I sujewishsupremacismcoverggest you read my book, Jewish Supremacism. Check out my hundreds of citations from mainstream Jewish sources that document and prove all I say here.

I know it is a lot to take in for someone who is just beginning the learn about this enormous problem.

But it something we all must learn. If we really want to be free, and if we really want a world of greater peace, a world which  promotes the highest values of true mankind, and not the sickness of Hollywood and the warmongers of the Jewish dominated daily broadcast and print media.

I wish you the best, and I urge you to do some serious study on this issue. You can read the other books, the Jewish books—fine, I want you too—but you should read mine as well.

When you read my books and think about my assessment of the facts then at least you can say you have read both sides.

Best Regards,

David Duke.