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Jewish Paranoid Extremism: ADL says “One Billion” People are Anti-Semitic!

The latest “survey” by the Jewish Supremacist ADL of America has claimed that over one billion people around the globe are “anti-Semitic”—perhaps one of the most astonishing displays of rampant Jewish paranoia ever yet seen.

The claim, made in the ADL’s latest “global survey of anti-Semitism” and released to great fanfare by the Jewish Supremacist controlled mass media, said that “over a quarter” of the world’s population holds “anti-Semitic attitudes.”


The ADL, apparently using an 11-question index to poll “anti-Semitic attitudes” found that 26% of those polled answered “probably true” to six or more of the 11 negative stereotypes presented about Jews.

If the sample data is projected across the world’s entire population, the ADL noted, it suggests that some 1.09 billion people in the world “are deeply infected with anti-Semitic attitudes.”

This claim—that a quarter of the world holds active anti-Semitic attitudes—is highly interesting on a number of deep psychological levels, and provides a fascinating insight into the mindset of Jewish Supremacists, and how they view the world.

What do Jewish leaders say is the “cause of antisemitism?”

Jewish scholars say that opposition to Jews has no rational basis whatsoever. Actually they maintain people are just inherently antisemitic. Actually their blood libel against non-Jews is quite horrific.

“Antisemitism…carried on the tip of the gentile sperm and born in their offspring,” Irma Kurtz.
“Antisemitism…carried on the tip of the gentile sperm and born in their offspring,” Irma Kurtz.

It is well illustrated throughout Jewish literature. A perfect example is a fictional novel by a prominent Jewish journalist, Irma Kurtz, a one-time editor of Cosmopolitan Magazine. In the 1970’s she wrote a story supposedly based on me, called the Grand Dragon in which she describes  her father’s attitudes, and then a large outdoor meeting she attended. Here are quotes from the book:

Early in the book, Kurtz shows her father’s hatred toward Gentiles:

“. . . and inside the goyim, every goy, is a Jew killer!”[1]

“They’re cannibals. What’s their wafer and their wine that they gobble on Sundays? The flesh and blood of a Jew.”[2]

“’Dangerous people. . . they hated Jews. They should all be dead! They should all be lined up against a wall and shot! They should all…’ He paused, searching for the most terrible thing he could invent.[3]

Later in the novel she realizes her father was right and writes of attending a large outdoor meeting.

At last I understood my father’s fear at coming out into the high grass of the Diaspora, where tigers lay in wait for Kosher meat. She continues, “Some of these people had never met a Jew or seen one, but anti-Semitism brooded inside them anyway, carried on the tip of the gentile sperm and born in their offspring. . . .[4]

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Jewish authors often speak of the what they call “blood libel” or their collective blame for the crucifixion of Christ, but the Jewish version of Gentiles as genetically “anti-semitic” is actually nothing more than a horrific anti-gentile “blood libel.”

Antisemitism…carried on the tip of the gentile sperm and born in their offspring,” has to be one of the most racist and hateful allegations ever made.

The real causes of antisemitism (opposition to Jewish racism and supremacism)

If the ADL’s claims are taken at face value, then the first question which needs answering is why so many people anti-Semitic when the globalist media always portrays Jews in the most favorable light possible?

How can so many people be “anti-Semitic” when Holocaust propaganda is forced down everyone’s throats 24 hours a day by the Jewish Supremacist controlled mass media. Jewish leaders themselves admit that the massive propaganda is to” lessen antisemitism”

The answer—which the ADL does of course not dare to mention, is the truth that Jewish Supremacist behavior is the cause of anti-Semitism.

Palestinians who live under the brutal rule of bombardments, occupation, sanctions, torture, murder and ethnic cleansing by the Zionist state, need no encouragement to be angry with the Jewish Supremacists.

The behavior of the Jewish state in the Middle East, also provides its surrounding states with reason to dislike it: the only nuclear armed state, complete with biological and chemical weapons, threatening war against other states which have no such weapons but are subject to continuous media-based lies and war incitement, also need little reason to be angry with the Zionist state.

In the Western world, honest liberals will have reason to be angry with the Jews-only state, because its overt racism is completely contradictory to traditional liberal values.

Western conservatives have reason to be angry with the Jews-only state because its powerful lobbies in Washington DC, London and elsewhere, have dragged those nations in needless and illegal wars on behalf of Israel, at great personal and financial cost to the non-Jewish countries so affected.

Ordinary people on the street have reason to be angry with Jewish Supremacists because of the financial crisis into which the Jewish mafia banksters have plunged the world, and also for the ongoing Kosher food swindle, which artificially inflates the price of day-to-day groceries.

Young people in America have reason to be angry with the Jewish Supremacists because of the manner in which Jewish racism has colluded to actively discriminate against non-Jews in Ivy League college admittance rates.

All people who seek to maintain their own nation’s identity, will have reason to be angry with the Jewish Supremacists for the way in which they actively promote multiculturalism for all other nations, but actively reject it for their own state.

Jewish Supremacist behavior therefore creates the conditions in which Jewish paranoia becomes fulfilled—as dramatically evidenced by the latest ADL claims.

“Anti-Semitism” is caused by Jewish Supremacist behavior, and does not spring out of nowhere, as the ADL would like to imply. This situation will not change until Jewish Supremacist behavior changes.