Understanding the World by Dr. David Duke

Now available on the Rense Radio Network archives: hear Dr. David Duke provide a foundational program on racial realities and understanding the modern world.

Dr. Duke does an in depth program dissecting and analyzing the article “What Science Says About Race and Genetics,” showing how this former leading science writer for the NY Times now essentially endorses all the fundamental scientific views on race held by Dr. Duke for more than 35 years, and outlined in depth by him in the first edition of My Awakening and subsequently updated in newer editions to the present.

Of course Dr. Duke has been demonized by the Zio media for expressing the same ideas now written about by Time Magazine!

Discussed are the scientific basis of race and race differences and how understanding those differences can lead to policies and maintain and promote more harmonious and functional societies.

That understanding racial realities also lend itself to more human freedom and independence because it respects the rights of every people to construct societies that are more in harmony with their essence!

This understanding will grant all people the freedom to live in communities in which they are happier, more peaceful and mutually helpful, more productive and more representative of their wishes, and certainly a more “democratic” expression of their own values and interests.

Also discussed are the implications of the article on the Jewish racist actions of those who seek to rule over us and all of humanity.

Click here and look for the show dated 05-13-14