CIA Torture: A Product of the Jewish Supremacist Takeover of America

David-DukePreface Commentary by Dr. David Duke—It has been said in our Zio-controlled media that release of the Congressional report on American torture is somehow “unpatriotic,” or that it “endangers Americans.”

In fact exposing the horrific torture directed by the Zionists who dominate the foreign and domestic policy of the United States is the most profound expression of real patriotism.

Any true American who truly loves America and the principles upon which it was founded, will demand exposure of these horrific crimes done in the name of the American people.

In truth, America is now ruled by tyrants who commit acts that every historic American leader viewed as the epitome of evil.

And these acts are already beginning to be perpetrated on American citizens. Unless they are exposed and stopped, the time will not be far off until they become common practice in America.

It must also be emphasized that the tortures exposed were all against individuals who were not accorded any legal process. In effect it was torture against individuals who were deemed suspects, who were not convicted in any court, or any legal jurisdiction, upon the whim of any of the Zio masters of American foreign policy.

This report must become a wake up call for every American.

The American government, under a Zio bureaucracy, has become like the Jewish Bolshevik torturers, the Jewish Israeli torturers.

The Big Brother torture machine of Orwell’s 1984 has become the America of 2014.

Furthermore, although it is covered up, it is still going on. Targeted mass killings (often with massive civilian casualties) torture and rendition is still happening as part of American policy.

Torture is alien to the foundational principles of America. It is not American. But it is clearly a historic practice of the Jewish Supremacists.

The ultimate books of Jewish Law proclaims that Jesus Christ is being tortured for eternity in boiling excrement.

The Jewish communists in Bolshevik Russia and Eastern Europe tortured and murdered greater numbers of human beings than the total of the entirety of human history.

Israel was founded on ethnic cleansing, murder and torture.

Now, America has fallen under this same racist, murderous, torturous tribalism.

No American is entitled to call himself an American unless he stands up against this torture and against the tyrants who rule over the American nation.—Dr. David Duke.


Secret underground prisons, kidnappings, unlimited secret detention without trial, and now torture: this nightmare scenario is what America has become under Jewish Supremacist domination.

It is the exact opposite of what the European-American Founding Fathers envisaged for their nation—and is a salutary lesson of the dangers of letting Jewish Supremacists take over an entire country.

The newly-released “CIA torture” Senate report is the product of three clearly identifiable Jewish Supremacist tactics employed in America:

(1) The Jewish Supremacist domination of the media and “entertainment” world, which inundates and normalizes violence and human rights abuses;

(2) The Jewish Supremacist domination of the organs of government, created by the direct influence of the Jewish Lobby’s ability to control the political process through campaign funding and mass media coverage; and

(3) The Jewish Supremacist control of America’s foreign policy, which is the primary cause of the “war on terror” which has given rise to the abuses now revealed by the Senate report.


  1. Preparing the Ground: The Moral Black Hole of Jewish Supremacist Media Control

No matter who the individual torturers are who carried out the human rights abuses, they, and the people who ordered them into action, are the products of a cultural milieu which has soaked society in blood, hatred, revenge and disdain for the value of human life.

These repugnant values have become mainstream in America through their endless promotion by Zio-Hollywood, Zio-TV and the Zio-“Entertainment world.”

For decades, society has been bombarded with the most extreme scenes of torture, blood-letting, titillation and the exploitation of the basest instincts by Zio-Hollywood.

Each year has brought forth another crop of movies, masquerading as “entertainment” which are specifically designed to make viewers more and more accustomed to gore, torture and bloodshed.

Eli Roth: "Torture Porn" movie maker...
Eli Roth: “Torture Porn” movie maker…

Some of the Jewish Supremacists behind this psychological orgy of violence openly admit their aim: for example, the well-known Jewish Supremacist torture porn film director Eli Roth, who produced the sick Cabin Fever and Hostel horror movies, has said that he hopes his new internet-only horror mystery, Hemlock Grove, will “f— up an entire generation”.

In other words, the effect upon society of this endless stream of sick “entertainment” is to inure people to violence.

How can someone be shocked at “waterboarding” when they have been raised on a diet of gore movies?

How can someone be shocked at “and “enhanced interrogation techniques” when they are subjected to a stream of “entertainment” which portrays “heroes” taking arbitrary and bloody revenge, including the most horrific torture justified because the targets are portrayed as “bad” people?

How can someone be shocked at “anal hydration” when they are continually bombarded with movies, PC games and television shows which are, as Eli Roth openly admitted, specifically designed to damage human psychology? His own genre called “torture porn” include a number of torture-laden films that have been positively reviewed in the Zio media.

Even more worrying is the fact that all the torture techniques outlined in the new Senate report are directly contrary to the Eighth Amendment to the United States Constitution, which is part of the Bill of Rights—ratified way back in 1791). That amendment—drawn up by the wise founding fathers—specifically prohibited the federal government from imposing “cruel and unusual punishments” upon anyone.


Having psychologically “set up” society to be accepting of torture, and to inured to violence, the Jewish Supremacists have then been free to use their infiltration of the US government to carry out their dirty work for them.


  1. Jewish Supremacist Control of the US Government Allows Manipulation.

In his response to the Senate CIA torture report, Ben Emmerson, the United Nations’ special rapporteur on human rights and counter-terrorism, said that said those responsible for planning, sanctioning or carrying out crimes including waterboarding should not escape justice—even senior officials from George W Bush’s administration.

“It is now time to take action,” he said in a statement from Geneva. “The individuals responsible for the criminal conspiracy … must be brought to justice, and must face criminal penalties commensurate with the gravity of their crimes,” Emmerson said.

“The fact that the policies revealed in this report were authorized at a high level within the US Government provides no excuse whatsoever. Indeed, it reinforces the need for criminal accountability.”

Who are the people responsible for this “criminal conspiracy?”

Apart from George W. Bush—who was just the “dumb goyim” (literally) front man, all of the people who orchestrated the “war on terror” in his administration are all Jewish Supremacist neocons. They included:

– Richard Perle, Chairman of the Defense Policy Board Advisory Committee;

– Douglas Feith, Under Secretary of Defense and the Pentagon’s Policy Advisor.

– Paul Wolfowitz, Deputy Defense Secretary and campaign advisor;

Paul Wolfowitz, "American" Deputy Defense Secretary  under George W. Bush.
Paul Wolfowitz, “American” Deputy Defense Secretary under George W. Bush.

–  Robert Satloff, US National Security Council Advisor;

– Rabbi Dov Zekheim, Under Secretary of Defense and Comptroller;

– Elliott Abrams, National Security Council Advisor;

– Marc Grossman, Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs;

– Richard Haass, Director of Policy Planning at the State Department and Director of National Security Programs;

– Henry Kissinger, former Secretary of State, a Pentagon advisor who sat on the Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board;

– James Schlesinger, another Pentagon advisor who also sat on the Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board;

– Israeli citizen Ari Fleischer, official White House spokesman;

– Joshua Bolten, Bush’s Chief Policy Director;

– Steve Goldsmith, Senior Advisor to the President and domestic policy advisor;

– Ruth Davis, the Director of the Foreign Service Institute;

– Lincoln Bloomfield, Assistant Secretary of State for Political Military Affairs;

– David Frum, Bush’s official White House speechwriter;

– Ken Melman, White House Political Director; and

– Brad Blakeman, White House Director of Scheduling.

This is just a partial list—there are many, many more.

It is no coincidence that the Bush administration—and in fact all US administrations for the last 60 years—have been dominated by Jewish Supremacists, even though Jews make up a tiny percentage of the total American population.

These people have all been deliberately placed in position, through a combination of conscious planning, mass media promotion, and Jewish Supremacist control of the political process—though the control of campaign funding and Congress.

Israel has been torturing Palestinians for decades. Joel Greenburg, in an article in the NY Times, casually reported that Israel tortures 500 Palestinians a month, over six thousand a year! America, under Zionist control is simply adopting Zionist torture policies.

  1. The “War on Terror”: The Direct Consequence of Jewish Supremacist Control over US Foreign Policy

Through the complete domination of the American political process, the Jewish Supremacists are then able to determine American foreign policy.

This policy is based on one principle: support for Israel and Jewish Supremacy at all costs.

Apart from unlimited financial and political aid to the Jews-only Zionist state, the Jewish Supremacists are able to use their positions of power within the administration to wage wars (in Afghanistan, Iraq, and even Syria) which are only in Israel’s interests.

Even the attacks of September 11, 2001, only took place as a consequence of Jewish Supremacist control of American foreign policy.


The World Trade Center and the Pentagon were targeted as revenge attacks on America for its unlimited support for Israeli terrorism and violence in the Middle East—without that support, America would never even have become a target.

The entire “war on terror” was, as outlined in detail here, planned out years before—by the same Jewish Supremacists who held senior office under George W. Bush (most notably Perle and Feith, who were specifically named as being behind the “main substantive ideas” in the infamous 1996 Israeli think tank, The Institute for Advanced Strategic and Political Studies (IASPS) paper, “A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm.”)

That paper, presented as a consultancy to the Israeli government, openly declared that Israel’s goal should be to destroy Iraq, and, ultimately Syria as well, simply because they were opposed to the Zionist state.

The Jewish neocons were presented with their opportunity to implement this plan when the September 11 attacks took place. Using their pre-positioned agents within the US government to create a war psychosis, America went to war, first against Afghanistan and then Iraq—even though neither of those nations had anything to do with the World Trade Center attack.

It was in Iraq that the first direct evidence of Jewish Supremacist involvement in the torture and abuse scandal emerged.


The US officer at the heart of the Abu Ghraib prison scandal was quoted by the BBC as saying that Israelis helped to “interrogate” Iraqis.

Brig Gen Janis Karpinski told the BBC she met an Israeli working as an interrogator at a secret intelligence centre in Baghdad. A BBC reporter says it is the first time a senior US officer has suggested Israelis worked with the coalition.

Gen Karpinski was in charge of the military police unit that ran Abu Ghraib and other prisons when the abuses were committed. She told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme she met a man claiming to be Israeli during a visit to an intelligence centre with a senior coalition general.

“I saw an individual there that I hadn’t had the opportunity to meet before, and I asked him what did he do there, was he an interpreter—he was clearly from the Middle East,” she said in the interview.

“She said, ‘Well, I do some of the interrogation here. I speak Arabic but I’m not an Arab; I’m from Israel.'”


This then, is how America has sunk to the depths we see today.

Jewish Supremacists, have taken over America’s culture, politics, finance, media, and government.

Through their control of all of these channels of power, Jewish Supremacists have perverted America.

Set up as a bastion of light and liberty to the world, America has been transformed into a morally bankrupt, blood-smeared chamber of horrors—all because of Jewish Supremacist control.

America can still once again rise up and take its position as a land of freedom and respect—but only if the claws of Jewish Supremacism are removed forever from Uncle Sam’s throat.