Jewish Supremacism

Zionist Supremacists Push ahead with “Secret” Land Theft from Palestinians

In yet another indication of the duplicity which surrounds the Zionist Supremacists worldwide, the Israeli government is making a legislative amendment to its laws to ensure that all future land thefts from Palestinians will not be made public.


This is being done at the same time that the Zionists are demanding that other nations, such as Syria and Iran, be subjected to open international inspections on arms and other human rights issue matters.

The new move, announced by Gabi Kadosh, the Israeli prime minister’s “adviser on settlement issues,” is advancing a plan to exempt officially urban settlements from being obliged to publicize tenders for marketing lands.

The goal, according to the Haaretz newspaper, is “to reduce the diplomatic pressures that results from publicizing such tenders.”

Even though tenders are published only after all the building permits are arranged, they always lead to significant construction delays, because every tender in the West Bank or Jerusalem reported in the media or on the Lands Administration website generates diplomatic protests.

Thus, to avoid a diplomatic row before the resumption of negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu coordinated the publication of tenders for a thousand homes in the West Bank and East Jerusalem with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry.

In other words, the Jewish state will now hide news of further land grabs from the world so that they can proceed with the ethnic cleansing of Palestine without further protest.