Jewish Supremacism

Summers offered top post at Bank of Israel

By Dr. Patrick Slattery — News reports that PM Netanyahu offered former Treasury Secretary/Harvard President/Obama advisor Lawrence Summers the governorship of the Bank of Israel underscores the fact that Jewish supremacists have no national loyalties, only a tribal loyalty to the Jewish ethnic group.

Netenyahu wanted Summers, who had been one of the two finalists to take over the Fed from Benjamin Shalom Bernanke, to succeed outgoing Bank of Israel Governor Stanley Fischer.

While Jewess Janet Yellen wound up getting the nod to run America’s central bank, Stanley Fischer himself had been reported to be in the running to lead the Fed, despite being a duel Israeli citizen and only having been naturalized as an American citizen in 1976. (He was born and grew up in the British colony of Northern Rhodesia.)


Summers turned down the offer, but it is easy to understand Netanyahu’s attraction to him. After all, as the U.S. Treasury’s advisor to Russian President Yeltsin, he help transfer the wealth of Russia to the Jewish oligarchy while inflicting a demographic collapse on the ethnic Russians.

Then as Treasury Secretary he scrapped the Glass-Steagall banking regulations, thus laying the groundwork for a financial crisis in the United States that allowed our Jewish financial supremacists to increase their grip on America’s wealth at the expense of the rest of the population.

And of course, as Harvard President he appointed unqualified fellow tribalists like Elena Kagan, who were able in turn to nepotistically appoint other Jews and strengthen the tribe’s grip on our most important educational institution.

Netenyahu had also been considering Mario Blejer, an Argentine-born Jew who immigrated to Israel and taught at the University of Jerusalem before taking over has head of the Bank of Argentina.

Another candidate sought after by Netanyahu was former Bank of Israel Governor Jacob Frenkel, who fell out of the running due to a cover up of an arrest at Hong Kong’s airport for shoplifting. (It seems the theft itself was not the disqualification, and indeed one would assume it would stand him in good stead for the post. However, in the world of Ziofinance, it is important to be able to cover your tracks.)

In case you are wondering, Netanyahu wound up nominating Karnit Flug, the woman who has been acting head of the Israeli central bank since Fischer’s departure earlier this year.

The main thing is that in the United States, just as in Israel, it seems you have to be Jewish to run the central bank.

And in case you forgot, the current U.S. Treasury Secretary, Jack Lew, is also Jewish.