ADL Lists Top 10 Anti-Israel Groups in America in 2013

By Dr. Patrick Slattery — The Anti-Defamation League has released its annual list of “anti-Israel” organizations. In compiling the list, ADL considered various criteria, including the groups’ ability to organize, sponsor and endorse Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaigns against Israel; their sponsorship of and participation in anti-Israel rallies, panel discussions or conferences; and their ability to pursue anti-Israel policy initiatives and lobbying efforts against Israel.


“They lob any and every accusation against Israel, including charges of Nazi-like crimes, ‘apartheid’ policies, ethnic cleansing, war crimes and genocide,” ADL leader Abe Foxman complained.

South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu himself stated after visiting occupied Palestine that Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians is far too atrocious to label as apartheid. After all, when did the South African government ever bombard the townships with white phosphorus?

Moreover, a simple reference to international treaties on war crimes and genocide make it clear that Israel is guilty on both counts. As for being Nazi-like, there are similarities and their are differences.

Israel’s marriage laws are more restrictive than those under the Nazi government, and indeed the overall legal and bureaucratic framework that the Palestinians live under is certainly far harsher than the Nuremberg Laws.

Millions of Jews claim to have survived the Holocaust, yet not a single Palestinian can call himself a survivor of the Nakba, which after 65 years is more brutal than ever.

The ADL complains that the groups “employ rhetoric that is extremely hostile to Israel, Zionists and/or Jews,” such as allegations that Israel or Jews control the U.S. government or the media.

Well, that depends on the definition of the word control. There is ample evidence that Jews have overwhelming influence in the government via their funding of election campaigns and their vastly disproportionate occupation of top posts in key departments and agencies.

Likewise, Jewish ownership of and editorial control over the bulk of leading U.S. media outlets is public information. Check Dr. David Duke’s book “Jewish Supremacism” for references to primary sources of this information.