Jewish Supremacism

Jewish Supremacist Censors at Work in Australia

Legitimate and temperate criticism of Israeli human rights abuses against Palestinians have been removed from the Facebook page of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), that nation’s Australia’s national public broadcaster, after complaints from the Executive Council of Australian Jewry (ECAJ), it has been reported.


According to a Jewish ethno-centric news service, The Australian Jewish News, the “ABC has apologized for allowing anti-Semitic comments to remain on the Facebook page of one of its TV channels after the broadcast of a documentary about life in the West Bank.”

The comments were not anti-Semitic at all. They merely referred to “the violence of the Israeli state”, the “facist [sic] Israeli government and their nazi-ish army” and the “ethnic cleansing of Palestine”—all of which were posted after the documentary Five Broken Cameras was broadcast by ABC2 in August, and viewers were encouraged to air their opinions online.

In its reaction to the Jewish complaint, the ABC issued a statement saying that the Facebook comments “should not have remained online … The comments have been removed and ABC Television apologize for the oversight.”

What the ECAJ are actually doing is simply facto censorship of news which dares to tell the truth about the situation in the Middle East.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA* The quick reaction by ABC in removing the “offensive” comments is probably explained by the fact that the current chairman of that broadcasting corporation is a Polish-born Jewish Supremacist by the name of James Jacob Spigelman. He is also Chair of the National Library of Australia Council and a former chief justice of the Supreme Court of New South Wales.