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Zio media twists and exploits one event after another to attack American majority

Today Dr. Duke discussed a variety of issues that all have a common thread: the denigration of the European peoples in the pursuit of Jewish supremacism. He raised the example of former Spanish Prime Minister Aznar, who brought his country into the Zio-war on Iraq, writing in the forward of a new book that Israel is the centerpiece of Western civilization. Aznar claimed that this is why it is under attack, completely ignoring that it is founded on land inhabited by Palestinians who have been methodically ethnically cleansed ever since.


He talked about the irony of the campaign to ban the Confederate flag while the Israeli flag is everywhere to be seen in the United States and the world’s largest menorah is erected each Hanukkah on the White House grounds. He and Dr. Slattery also talked about the chutzpah of a magazine like Mother Jones that can publish an article claiming that cops in New York are gunning down blacks while citing a New York police report that actually showed the complete opposite.

Today’s program includes a wealth of information that can help us change the narrative. Let’s spread it around.

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