Jewish Supremacism

It is Not “White Privilege” — It is “Jewish Privilege!”

Staff — Dr. David Duke today has a foundational show on how Jewish Power and ultra Privilege in the West lies about “White Privilege” in America and Europe.

He begins by the media coverage of the death of David Greenglass a member of the Jewish spy ring that stole our atomic bomb secrets and delivered them to the Communist Soviets. Greenglass is not hated by the Jewish media for being a Communist spy, but for having turned against fellow Jews!

Once again the real loyalties are revealed for those who can still use their eyes and their mind to think rationally.

jewish discrimination chart harvard small fo rinternetThen Dr. Duke brings on Dr. Slattery for a discussion with him on the Jon Steward “debate” with O’Reilly on The Daily Show.

Dr. Duke and Dr. Slattery reveal the real truth about so-called “White privilege.”The easily proven truth is that the American Jewish dominated establishment is not about “White privilege” but is actually deeply anti-White.

Why would this be one might ask? It is because to take over the reigns of the elite in the United States they had to dispossess the founding, 90 percent of the American population, and anything that weakened or demoralized the European Americans aided the Jewish racist takeover of the country.

This is one of the most powerful and passionate shows in the history of the David Duke Show. You MUST share it and YOU must realize that your support is critical to expand this work to all Americans and to all the world!

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