The Jews controlling Trump have him start war. We must stop it!

By Dr. Patrick Slattery — The war we have been trying so hard to prevent has started. Now we have to focus to stop it as quickly as possible. People who come to this website will agree that Jews are to blame. The Jewish media has been promoting anti-Syrian and anti-Russian lies and hoaxes 24/7. The have shielded Israel from any scrutiny, and viciously try to destroy anyone who would bring attention to Jewish power.

Some of us may disagree about how willingly Trump cooperates with these Jews. Right now, that doesn’t matter. We have to stop the war first, then sort things out.

Of course, there are going to be lots of people outside our movement who also oppose the war. Some of them, by having been Russia hoax-buying, pussy hat-wearing pansies have a great deal of responsibility for what is happening now. But we have to stop the war first, so there is no point litigating things with these people now. And there are all sorts of other people who buy into different motives or conspiracies. Whatever. We just have to stop the war first, then sort things out.

We at will be watching developments closely and will do whatever we can to stop these Jews before they destroy our civilization. More to follow.