Syria Timeline of Events Definitively Exposes Zionist Lies

assad11A timeline of events in Syria leading up to the alleged “chemical attack” of August 21 has definitively exposed the concoction of Zionist Supremacist lies which are designed to trick the American and western public into supporting an attack on Basheer Assad’s government.

1. The “rebels” were the first to use chemical weapons in Syria, on March 19 in Khan al-Assal near Aleppo, which killed over 30 people.

2. This attack, several more, was the reason why the Syrian government had asked the United Nations inspectors to come to Syria in the first place.

3. The day after the 20 strong team of UN Inspectors arrived, the new alleged “attack” took place in Damascus.

4. As Russian President Putin has pointed out, a Syrian government “chemical attack” on the day after a UN Inspectors delegation which they invited into the country, would be “utter nonsense.”

5. The only “intelligence” which has been put forward claiming that the Syrian government was responsible, comes exclusively from Israeli sources—the same ones who provided all the lies and forgeries about Iraq’s mythical “weapons of mass destruction.”

6. An independent journalist, has claimed that the “chemical attack” was in fact the accidental triggering of a weapon by rebels which had been secretly stored in tunnels in the area. (See below).

7. All independent sources talked about a casualty rate in the “attack” of around 300. From nowhere, the figure of 1,439 has been produced by US Secretary of State, and repeated by the media worldwide, without one shred of supporting evidence.

8. Even CBS News has admitted that there is no evidence that the Syrian government carried out the attack. In a review by CBSNews.com foreign editor Tucker Reals, it was pointed out that “No tangible evidence has been offered by either the U.S. or Britain to demonstrate what lead to the conclusion that Assad’s forces must have been behind the previous suspected chemical attacks.”

dalegavlak01* The claim that Syrian rebels were behind the alleged incident of August 21, was made by well-known Middle East correspondent Dale Gavlak (who used to work for the Associated Press, NPR and the BBC) is contained in an article on her news site, Mint Press.

In the article, Gavlak said that she had interviewed a number of rebels, their families and residents from the Damascus suburb of Ghouta where the incident is alleged to have taken place, and from this it had become clear that the incident was the result of an accident inside a rebel tunnel under the suburb.

This accident had been allegedly caused by the mishandling of rebel-held chemical weapons which had caused the leak of the gas, Gavlak asserted. If this allegation is proven to be accurate, it will be the final nail on the coffin of the Zionist lies about Syria.