My Favorite Documentary: Freud, Zionism and the Sexual Revolution.

sigmund freud video sexualAt the end of my new video CNN, Goldman Sachs & the Zionist Matrix I link to a video showing the malevolent damage to people of the Jewish domination of the media. It also happens to be my favorite video, because it shows an icon of the mass media, Sigmund Freud, shown to be in a reality a hateful Jewish supremacist who wanted his people to conquer Europe. It also shows the deep Jewish motivation for destructive values promoted by Ziowood and the Ziomedia. It is a good companion piece to the new video  on Jewish financial predator banking because it shows the human cost in broken families, drug and alcohol addictions, and pornographic degeneracy created and led by the Zio Matrix of Power. These horrific realities are all in addition to the purely financial theft and human suffering they cause. Please watch and circulate this video along with the new one!