Jewish Supremacism

New Study Confirms Jewish Domination of U.S. Educational Institutions

Jews are twice as likely to be college graduates as any other Americans, according to a new demographic survey issued by a leading Jewish organization—confirming Dr. David Duke’s previous assertion that a Zionist conspiracy actively discriminates against non-Jewish students.

As Dr. Duke and Jewish researcher Ron Unz (Wall St. Journal) have shown, the percentage of Jews in the top U.S. colleges is disproportionate not because Jews have superior qualifications and abilities but because of endemic discrimination against better-qualified European Americans. In fact, at the most prestigious university in America, Harvard, in comparison with non-Jewish European Americans, Jews are represented more than 14 times the rate of equal or better qualified European Americans, a whopping 1,400 percent higher than their ability merits.

Ron Unz also shows how they also have a dramatic overrepresentation in university administrations and many frequently discriminate against against better qualified European Americans in admissions.

European Americans who are approximately 68 percent the American population and about the same percentage of those potentially qualified for Harvard admission, are only 20 percent of America’s leading university. If America is truly the land of “White privilege” as alleged by Tim Wise, why would the White privileged of America allow their own children to be massively discriminated against in favor of less qualified students?

Jews who are only 2 percent of students make up 25 percent of Harvard.

Jewish supremacists like Wise know this, but making Whites feel guilty is exactly how they prevent European Americans from defending themselves and other Americans from the Jewish supremacist rulers.


According to the survey, conducted by the Steinhardt Social Reseach Institute (SSRI) and Cohen Center for Modern Jewish Studies at Brandeis University, the U.S. Jewish population is considerably larger than previous estimates, and numbers at least 6.8 million—and is increasing.

According to the report:

– 4.2 million adults self-identify as Jewish when asked about their religion;

– Nearly 1 million adults consider themselves Jewish by background and “other” criteria; and

There are an estimated 1.6 million Jewish children.

The U.S. Jewish population is concentrated  in a few states and metropolitan areas:

– Over 40% of American Jews live in just six states. Slightly over 20% resides in New York State, 14% in California, followed by 12% in Florida 8% in New Jersey  and 5% each in Massachusetts and Pennsylvania.

– The largest percentage reside in New York City (13%), Southern Florida (8.6%), New York suburban areas (7%), Los Angeles area (7%).

– Additional centers include the region around Boston, Northern New Jersey, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Washington DC and suburbs.

Among adults who self-identify as Jewish by religion:

– Just over 1 million (24%) are aged 65 years and older;

– They are more than twice as likely as other Americans to be college graduates, according to the report.

As noted in the 32 page report, the study paints a portrait “of a population, at least numerically, in ascent rather than decline.”

See here for the full report.

The SSRI has also released an interactive map charting Jewish population centers in the US.