Jewish Supremacism

“Israel Real Terrorist Power in Today’s World”: David Duke on PressTV

The real terrorist power in the world today is not Hezbollah and it is not the Palestinians and it’s not the Syrian government, it is in fact Israel, which supports all the real terrorism going on and the death of truly millions of people in these insane wars for the power of Israel, Dr David Duke has said in a new interview with PressTV.


In a wide-ranging interview, Dr. Duke also expounded  on his new book, The Secret Behind Communism, and of the domination of America by Jewish Supremacists.

“America is just as oppressed and damaged and endangered by this Jewish extremist power, this Zionist power as the Palestinians are, as the Syrian people today, as the Lebanese people today, as obviously the Iranian people today,” he said.

“I can tell you that the American Congress are questionably the standpoint of a patriotic American; it is totally in the hands of the Zionists.

The Zionists control the American government; lock, stock and barrel, they control our finances, they control the Federal Reserve, they control the international banks like Goldman Sachs, which really not only robs from the American people, but truly robs from people all over the world and affects the economy.

“They control the elite of America through the control of the Ivy League, where they discriminate against better qualified non-Jewish Americans.

“For instance, in America, 68 percent of our population is European-American, only 2 percent of our population is Jewish and yet Jews constitute 25 percent of Harvard and European-Americans are only 20 percent of the most elite university.

“And we can prove and I have got research in my new book that proves that this differential is not because they are more qualified, but because there is an active program, a discrimination against better qualified European-Americans in favor of less qualified Jews, who apply for this university.

“They control the faculty, they control the admissions in the schools and this is provable, in fact a very fine Jewish scholar by the name of Ron Hunt proves this.

“They also of course control the media and they don’t even want your network, they don’t even want Press TV to be able to be broadcast to Europe and Americans because they don’t want their lies exposed.

“So, they are really hurting the American people, they are hurting the world, but there are Americans and there are Europeans and there are people around the world who are fighting these Zionist globalists and the oppression and really the horror that they are bringing to the world; the war, the hatred.

“I just have a new book that just came out, that has just been released this Monday called the Secret Behind Communism and in this book I show the Jewish role and the origins of the communist revolution in Russia and how that Jewish supremacism and racism and ethnic hatred against the Russians fueled the greatest mass murder in the history of the world.

“Most historians, of course I have a PhD in history and I’m a historian and I say most normal historians around the world understand that the greatest mass murder was the mass murder of the Soviet state of the early communist state.

“This was motivated by ethnic racism against non-Jews and what happened against the Palestinians was motivated by ethnic racism. They saw [former President of Iraq] Saddam Hussein as an enemy of their enemy and that caused the embargo, which killed hundreds of thousands of children.

“They see Iran as an enemy and they would do anything to destroy your country and destroy your people and your volition in the world.

“This is the world’s greatest single problem and those of you that would like more information about this problem you can go to, that’s and I have enormous amounts of material and you can find out about my new book called the ‘Secret Behind Communism’.”

Press TV: Doesn’t this call into question the issue of how congressmen and representatives are elected into office?

“Well, when I ran for United States Senate for instance, literally millions and millions of Jewish dollars came in favor of my opponent. Plus the television networks, which are very much controlled by Zionist and radical Jews, they obviously supported and slandered the news in favor of my opponents – these are powerful forces.

“They also used economic blackmail against the people of Louisiana who were going to vote for a United States senator, threatening even their economic stability.

“They will do anything, these people are tyrants and they are not all Jews of course but, it is important to understand that it is not simply the Zionist either.

“It is Jewish tribalism and racism, the fact that they support each other and discriminate against non-Jews in media, in government, in academia and finance that has given them the supremacy in the West over the banking system, over our media, over our government and really over our finances and that of course has fueled the support for the Zionist state of Israel and the cover-up of their crimes.

“We hear a lot about the holocaust in the United States and in Europe almost every day, but we don’t hear anything about the much larger holocaust against Christians and against Europeans by the Soviet Bolsheviks, who are absolutely led by Jewish supremacists.

“In fact, in my book it shows clearly that the leading support of the leading financer of the Bolshevik revolution was a Jewish “capitalist,” by the name of Jacob Schiff out of New York, worth billions. In fact, he gave millions and millions to the revolution – the equivalent of a billion dollars in today’s money.

“Why would a capitalist banker support a revolution supposedly against private property and against capitalism; it was a socialist revolution.

“The fact is they hated the Russian people. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, the great Nobel prize winner, I met him in Moscow in 2002 and he caused me to delve into this question and he said the people who organized the “Russian revolution,” weren’t Russians. They hated the Russian people, they accused the Russian people of anti-Semitism and the Bolsheviks revolution was a way to get revenge upon the Russians and a way to take over the country.

“It was like a mechanism, it was really like a con job, if you want to look at it that way and by the way [former UK Prime Minister] Winston Churchill said the same thing that is also documented in my book.

“British intelligence said the same thing and the documents in my book are amazing, it is called the ‘Secret Behind Communism’ and the same thing that was behind the Bolsheviks revolution, the Jewish communist have now morphed – they have now basically converted into Zionists; they still control the remnants of the left of the communist movement and the progressive movement and they have actually taken over the so-called conservative or the more right-wing movements of America, which is very much against the values of conservatism in America, called neo-conservatism.

“And ironically the so-called conservatives in America and the Republican party – and I’ve been a Republican of course – these neocons, their hero was Leon Trotsky. His real name was Bronstein, he was the first head of the Russian Red Army, which killed millions of Russians and millions of ultimately Ukrainians and I document all these things in my books and yet you hear nothing about this.

“I have a Jewish publication in my book quoted Ynet News, one of the largest publications in Israel for a Jewish audience stating clearly that Yagoda, Genrikh Yagoda, who you don’t know about – not one in 10,000 people know about it – it says very clearly in the article that he killed 10 million people, that he was Jewish and all his deputies were Jews that ran the Gulags, which was the greatest single massacre in the history of mankind and yet there are no movies about this.

“Mr. [Steven] Spielberg doesn’t make any movies about it, you hear very little about this in the daily press because as Solzhenitsyn told me their allies, their brothers and sisters, their brethren in this cause, their tribalist brethren run the media and they don’t want people to know about this huge holocaust they were behind, they don’t want people to know the ethnic cleansing and the genocide against the Palestinians, they don’t want people to know about the genocide against for instance the other countries; like the embargo against countries.

“Even Madeleine Albright admitted on 60 Minutes that the embargoes that she sponsored caused the death of 500,000 children and the head of 60 Minutes responded to her and said, ‘Do you think this is worth it, the death of 500,000 children,’ and Madeleine Albright, our Zionist Secretary of State at the time, answered her saying, ‘Well it is a difficult question,’ she said, ‘but yes, we think it is worth it.’”