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More Hypocrisy: The Jewish Lobby, Racial Segregation, Israel and America

The announcement by Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon that Palestinians are to be racially-segregated from Jews on buses—inside Palestinian territory—has once again highlighted the utter hypocrisy of Israel-supporting Jewish organizations in America which have long led the campaign against racial segregation in the US, according to a report in The New Observer.

According to the Israeli Haartez newspaper, “Following intense pressure from settlers, Defense Minister has issued a directive that bans Palestinian workers from traveling on Israeli-run public transportation in the West Bank.”


The West Bank is in all legal respects Palestinian territory—the part left over after the Zionists seized the rest of Palestine for themselves. It is currently is the subject of an illegal land grab by both the Jewish State (through its “separation barrier” wall which is largely built on West Bank land) and up to half a million illegal settlers—Jewish fanatics who want Israel’s borders to extend to the biblical Judea and Samaria borders.

The move to segregate Palestinians in their own land therefore is a double insult and civil rights infringement.

According to the Haaretz newspaper, the new rules prohibit Palestinian workers from using buses that run directly from central Israel to the West Bank; instead they will have to arrive at the Eyal Crossing, near Qalqilyah and far from populated settler areas, and continue to their final destination from there.

Representatives of the illegal Jewish Settlements—who are largely financed by the Jewish state—known as the “The Samaria Settlers’ Committee” and other “local Jewish authorities” have, the Haaretz continued, “conducted an aggressive campaign in recent years aimed at banning Palestinian workers from public transportation used by Israelis in the West Bank.”

Currently, Palestinian laborers who work in central Israel can enter only through the Eyal Crossing, where they undergo security checks and swipe a biometric I.D. card before continuing to their workplace.

The workers are not allowed to sleep in Israel, however they can return to the West Bank through various crossings. Hundreds of Palestinians who live in the central West Bank prefer to return on buses that run from Tel Aviv or Petah Tikva along the “trans-Samaria” road through the settlement of Ariel and on to their villages.

The settlers have tried on multiple occasions to prevent the Palestinians from commuting on those buses, and have released a video calling for them to be banned.

“Riding these buses is unreasonable. They are full of Arabs,” Moti Yogev, of the pro-settler Habayit Hayehudi party told Haaretz. “We have heard disturbing testimonies from girls who were harassed by Arabs during the bus ride.”

In America however, the Jewish Lobby, as exemplified by the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai Brith, has long led the charge against exactly such racial segregation in America.

The ADL even has a special section of their website set up for promoting “civil rights” and which celebrates desegregation.


Furthermore, under its section “Recommended multicultural and anti-bias books for children” section, the ADL promotes the book If a bus could talk: The Story of Rosa Parks, which deals with the abolition of racial bus segregation in America.


However, the ADL and all other major Jewish organizations in America—including the so-called “leftist” J-Street lobby—all support Israel without question.

To put this into perspective: if any people, anywhere in the world, had to adopt a law barring Jews from riding in the same buses as non-Jews, Israel, the worldwide Jewish lobby and the ADL would be leading the way in screaming “racism” and “holocaust”.

But when Israel racially segregates the Palestinians—in their own land!—these Jewish organizations are as silent as the grave.

The double-standards and extreme hypocrisy provide yet another deeply revealing insight into Jewish psychology, and the ability to apply such double-standards without any sense of shame is little short of remarkable.