Jewish Supremacism

Gilad Atzmon Exposes Jewish Racism, Myths and Misdirection

In one of the most dramatic public lectures seen in modern times, former Israeli Gilad Atzmon has declared that there is a biological basis to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: that Jewish characteristics have a genetic basis and have followed an internal eugenic policy which has created a unique ultra-racist identity which drives their imperialistic designs.

The lecture, given at a university in Geneva, Switzerland in March this year, marks one of Gilad Atzmon’s most outspoken lectures yet. In this hour-long presentation, he deals with Jewish origins, and the tactics through which Jewish Supremacists use to suppress discussion of their power.

In this lecture, Gilad Atzmon points out that the policies used to suppress and drive out the Palestinians is exactly the same tactic as the “Jewish lobby” uses against Americans, British and all other European people.

This is a very important lecture which needs to be seen by all people who seek to be liberated from what Gilad Atzmon calls “Jewish power.”

All people—and European Americans in particular—are urged to watch this straight-talking video from one of the bravest public spokesmen on the Jewish question today.