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David Duke with proof Zionist neocons support ISIS

David Duke with proof Zionist neocons support ISIS




This is the fifth in David Duke’s weekly series of interviews with Brian Ruhe. Here, topics he covers, with the approximate minute you can click on, are listed below.

The continuation of this video is at: David Duke on Zio control and propaganda over US, our horrendous middle east wars, race and religion TOPICS: The Jewish controlled press goes out to the whole world and even countries not dominated by Jews rely on it.

4:45 The Iraq War could have paid for all of the college educations in America.

5:45 Israel supports ISIS and he proves it. The neocons also wanted ISIS to weaken their enemy which is Syria. They want the Golan Heights from Syria. With Syria in pieces they want to recognize Israel’s annexation of the Golan Heights.

12:00 Israel uses “divide and conquer” by getting the Christians and Muslims in Lebanon to war with each other. But in Syria the Christians and Muslims respect Assad. Assad is fighting ISIS so the US should not be fighting the Syrian army.

25:30 David shows an article from the Times of Israel, “ISIS Apologized to Israel for November Clash”. This shows Israel’s alliance with ISIS as ISIS doesn’t apologize for killing children in Europe or anywhere else. “Israeli Defense Minister says ISIS Taking over Syria is in Israel’s Best Interests”.

29:30 Article shows how Israel saved thousands of ISIS soldiers on the battlefield in the Syrian war zone. They reveal their plans to Jews in Israel but in the American press they do it more cleverly.

37:00 The New York Times is 100% Jewish owned and the most influential newspaper in the world. It pushes Jewish interests. The shareholders have no influence upon the paper. This explains why they don’t give you the true story about Syria or Iran, etc.

46:00 David Duke went around the world before the Iraq War saying that weapons of mass destruction was a lie.

48:00 The US gave Saddam Hussein live Anthrax spores in Iraq’s war against Iran.

53:00 the war in Iraq was entirely conceived by neoconservatives who were followers of Trotsky. They called Trotsky “one of the greatest Jewish generals of all time.” Communism wasn’t working for the Jews anymore so they decided to become neo conservatives. They were very different and much worse than traditional American conservatives. So the Jews control the leftists and the right to squeeze Americans in the middle.

58:00 Bernie Sanders is not a real leftist about human rights. He went to a communist kibbutz in Israel built on stolen land from the Arabs. He was a Stalinist, a communist, a racist, Jewish nationalist.

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