CNN’s Chris Cuomo (off all people!) bitch-slaps Netanyahu, (((Breitbart))) white knights for Bibi

By Dr. Patrick Slattery — This afternoon while I was doing my daily show on RBN (National Bugle Radio, for those of you not in the know), I stumbled across a YouTube video during my last break while looking for material to fill up the last few minutes of my show. It was CNN’s Chris Cuomo, of all people, going toe to toe with Bibi Netanyahu and challenging him to acknowledge Israel’s nuclear arsenal. How much longer will Jeff Zucker allow him to work at CNN?

Chris Cuomo grows a pair.

I was quite surprised, and well I should have been. Then this evening I stumbled across another headline, this time from Breitbart:

CNN’s Chris Cuomo Shills for Iran Deal, Gets Basic Facts Wrong in Combative Netanyahu Interview

CNN’s Chris Cuomo conducted a largely belligerent interview with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on his New Day program on Tuesday in which the CNN host repeatedly interrupted and spoke over the Israeli leader, going so far as to confront Netanyahu about Israel’s suspected nuclear arsenal.

During the interview, Cuomo suggested that the international nuclear accord with Iran is “better than nothing” and charged that Netanyahu’s speech yesterday revealing a secretive Iranian nuclear weapons archive “has been described as an unusually theatrical display for you.”

Well, looking at the by-line, I shouldn’t have been surprised. It was (((Aaron Klein))) reporting from Tel Aviv. Breitbart, which is often described as an “Alt-right” media outlet that produced the likes of Steve Bannon, pays this Zionist Jew to hang out on Israeli beaches and shill for Israel. Sweet work if you can get it, I guess.

If nothing else, this is an example of why we need our own media. Breitbart was founded by a Jew, and continues to function as a Zionist controlled opposition news source.

Of course, we can barely keep our domain names from being stolen from us, so the idea of paying a staff of writers to produce a full-blown original news site is a bit of a stretch. Andrew Anglin’s Daily Stormer comes about as close as you can get, doing humorous (although often over-the-top) commentary on various media articles. Of course, his business model depends on Andrew himself working 80 hours a week…

Another site that is relied on by too many of our people is the Drudge Report. It is a headline amalgamation site. However, I just checked it and there was not a word about Cuomo or Netanyahu or Israel’s push for war on Iran. Matt Drudge, no surprise, is a Jew. What do you expect.

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Anyway, let’s see how long Cuomo lasts if he doesn’t apologize and grovel for his job.