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The Zionists are Desperate to Silence Me! Here's How to See My Banned Videos!

Zionists are desperate to ban Dr. Duke’s videos. Within hours of the posting of his latest video: Obama: Craven Puppet of Racist Israel, it was banned in a number of countries.?

Why? It is simple. The video was too truthful, too powerful, too convincing. The video received a 98 percent “Thumbs Up” positive rating from viewers.

None of the facts in the video can be refuted

Israel has repressed huge numbers of people who have no democratic vote in the Jewish State that oppresses them. Israel by the standard of Obama, the media, and politics, is a RACIST STATE.

The video shows quite clearly the fact that Israel has segregated schools, apartments, even settlements on the land they stole from the Palestinians. No media and no politicians would support any other nation that had such policies.

It shows how Israel has the most restrictive immigration policies in the whole world. One that gives money to Jews from anywhere in the world to immigrate, but bars Palestinians who were born there from returning home.

It is shown that Israel forbids marriages between Jews and Gentiles. What would be the response of Obama or any Western political leader if say France outlawed Frenchmen from marrying Jews?

The video also shows why there is no response from the politicians like Obama and why the mass media is silent on Israel’s Jewish Supremacism. It is because they have bought their political influence and that they dominate the Globalist media.

Here is the original video. If it doesn’t play where you live click on the embedded video below it. (Please let us know if your area blocks one or both of these videos) Please try this link FIRST!

Note: You should first try the normal YouTube Link and see if it works! YouTube Stats of popularity are important for the YouTube Charts.

Here is an alternative:

Here is a link to see a banned copy of Dr. David Duke’s excellent full-length documentary video on Human Diversity and Freedom. Banned from normal channels:

Here is Dr. Duke’s video on the Riots and Conflict in the “Once Great” Britain (banned now on main channel!):

Here is the alternative full length version of the Masters of World Slavery (now banned on my main channel)

Here is the alternative video of my interview with Knud Eriksen #5 (now banned)

There is only one reason why these videos are banned. They speak the truth powerfully.

It is an ongoing battle to enable people to see my videos on the internet.

I ask you kindly to help give us the financial means to fight to get my videos and the truth on this site to the world because we must depend on your support! We have no International Bankers funding us as do the Zionists. We are supported by you, and speak for you!  Thanks! — David Duke

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