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My New Video — Obama: Craven Puppet of Racist Israel – Already Banned in France!

My New Video  is: Obama: Craven Puppet of Racist Israel. In just a matter of hours it was banned in France for simply exposing the racism and lies of Israel. This video is probably the hardest hitting of any video I have ever done. Be sure to favorite it, post it, rate and spread it to the world!

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Note: The Video is now captioned for the hearing-impaired and can be translated in over 80 languages automatically with the CC button.

This video has already censored in at least the nation of France and maybe more countries. I got notice today, but there is no appeal system for that! They won’t even tell us what countries the video is banned in.

Just as I said in the video itself , the Jewish extremist enemies of human rights and free speech will be desperate to suppress this video.

The question for people is why, when they have so much power over the huge globalist media, must they try to suppress my videos?

The video does not advocate any form of racism or hate or violence.

In fact, it condemns those things and simply exposes the anti-democratic, racial supremacist policies State of Israel.

So why should a video be banned for exposing racism according to the norms presented by the media and political establishment.

The answer should be clear to all of us, because the controlled media never exposes the facts that are there for anyone to find, and they are determined to keep these damning facts from the public.  They rely on their controlled media and the controlled politicians to suppress it.

But they know that the truth is so powerful they cannot afford to let people hear it.

Obviously the video is too true, too powerful, too emotionally and intellectually engaging.

They cannot refute a single fact I state in the video. I prove that Israel is not democratic and is in fact a racist state. And I show the hypocrisy of the politicians and media that support it.

So they must suppress it.

Notice also the ratings from viewers for the video, so far over 586 likes and only 10 dislikes at this juncture!

That is less than 2 percent negative!

That shows that stills shows that the overwhelming majority of people who see this video like it and believe it to be true!

It tells me that we are on the right track to awakening our people across the world to the ultimate enemy of our people and of all people on the earth.

Please, as you see, the video is extremely effective, so do everything you can to help it go viral. Spend some real time promoting on the internet and to all your contacts!

And give us the funds we need to keep this work going and expand it!

I spend many long days working on this video, now I need your help to send it to the world!

Thank You,

Dr. David Duke