The Toulouse Shooter and Media Bias

The recent shootings in Toulouse, France, were perpetrated by a North African—but the Zionist-controlled media’s uncontrollable  desire to blame “far right wingers” and their focus on the tragedy of the young Jewish victims has laid bare the shocking bias of the crypto-Marxists who masquerade as “journalists.”

Although there was no evidence whatsoever as to indicate “far right” involvement, the international newswires and the main UK “News” papers, (the Daily Mail, the Daily Mirror, the Guardian and the publicly-funded BBC) went into a frenzy of “racism,” “neo-nazism,” “racist attacks” and “the evil of anti-Semitism.”

Other newspapers ran a picture of three French soldiers giving Nazi salutes next to an upside-down swastika flag — even though this obvious barrack-room joke had nothing to do with the events in France over the last few days, the Daily Mail even announced that one of the three soldiers was being sought in connection with the murders at the Jewish school.

Now that the gunman has been identified as one of the media’s darlings—shock, horror, an “integrated” Muslim “Frenchman” immigrant, the wording of the “coverage” has suddenly changed.

Anyone monitoring the psychological tricks used the by the media will see that when it was even remotely possible to blame a white person for the attacks, all the anti-white hate trigger words were used to describe the events (“racism,” “Nazi” and so on.)

However, as soon as it emerged that it was a non-white Muslim who was responsible, the “racism” descriptions were dropped—because, as we all know, only whites can be “racist.”

Now the media just refers to the “Frenchman” of “Algerian descent”, and nothing else. The psychological damage has, however, been done: in the minds of countless ordinary Europeans, the “link” between any form of pro-white activity and “extremist mass murder” or “violence” has been made once again.

Don’t look for any apologies from the controlled media for their initial anti-white frenzy: you won’t get it. Their deliberate policy of always blaming whites, no matter what the circumstance, never changes.

There is another interesting aspect to the media coverage to the shootings in France. Much focus has been made of the young Jewish victims of the shooting. The tragedy of their deaths has, rightly, received blanket coverage in the media and their pictures and names are now known throughout the western world.

Yet, if the truth be known, at least 1,471 Palestinian children have been killed by Israeli military action since September 29, 2000.

According to Catherine Cook, media coordinator at the Middle East Research and Information Project, “The majority of these [Palestinian] children were killed and injured while going about normal daily activities, such as going to school, playing, shopping, or simply being in their homes. Sixty-four percent of children killed during the first six months of 2003 died as a result of Israeli air and ground attacks, or from indiscriminate fire from Israeli soldiers.”

All those people who know the names of the Jewish children murdered in Toulouse, will doubtless never have heard the name of seven-month-old Hamza Samar Muhanna abu-Maria, of Beit Omar, near Hebron, who died of Israeli Defence Force  tear gas inhalation on 7 May 2010, while in her home during a demonstration; or of Husam Khaled Ibrahim Abdallah Musa abu-Said, 16, of Block 7 in Jabalya refugee camp, Gaza, killed, with his friend and grandfather, by shrapnel from an IDF shell while farming in abu-Eida, near the Gaza perimeter fence east of Beit Hanoun; or of Ismail Waleed Muhammad abu-Oda, 17, of Beit Hanoun, Gaza,killed, with his friend and his friend’s grandfather, by shrapnel from an IDF shell which beheaded him while farming in abu-Eida, near the Gaza perimeter fence east of Beit Hanoun.

These crimes against children of all ages and all origins, are evil and wicked. Those responsible should be held to account in courts of law, and criminally prosecuted for these wanton murders.

Mohammed Merah had no right to murder Jewish children. The Israeli authorities had no right to murder Palestinian children, and their actions cannot in any way be used to “justify” Merah’s actions, as he claimed.

But the truth is that the same controlled media which was so quick to blame “the far right” for the Toulouse shootings, all stoically ignore the far worse mass murders of Palestinian children by the Israeli authorities.

The media bias is blatant, obvious and clear: anything white is wrong, evil and can be blamed for any crime, real or imagined; while the criminal activities of everyone else are either glossed over or simply covered up.

The media is complicit in the coming storm: for decades they have been resolute in their promotion of every possible leftist perversion of western society in order to undermine any sort of white identity.

The media rats will sooner or later discover that in their attempts to undermine white western society, they have imported a far more dangerous and uncontrollable “enemy” in the form of Third World immigrants.

The time will come when the controlled media will find that, like Dr Frankenstein, the monster which they have created, will destroy them as well.

Any of these anti-white, deluded, leftist “journalists” who think that a Third World-dominated Europe will respect “freedom of the press” and other liberal western values, are in for a well-deserved shock.