Jewish Supremacism

Zionist State Court Order Reinforces Racial Classification in Israel

Citing the need to “preserve Jewishness,” a court in Israel has rejected a petition to register citizens of that country as “Israelis” rather than the currently used “Jews,” “Arabs” and Druze.”


As part of Israel’s racial laws, its official population register does not allow for “Israeli nationality and specifically classifies its population according to the three categories.

In its 26-page ruling, the court explained it did not have the authority to determine ethnicity or statehood.

The court said that any recognition of Israeli nationality would have “weighty implications” on the state of Israel and “endanger Israel’s founding principle: To be a Jewish state for the Jewish people.”

The national population registry lists a person’s religion and nationality or ethnicity, among other details.

Any Jew, no matter what his country of origin, is listed as a Jew.

Arabs are marked as such and other minorities, such as Druse, are listed by their ethnicity.

The Zionist state’s racial laws are part of its deliberate policy of keeping its own population as racially homogenous as possible—while its diaspora agents in all other nations, and particularly America, keep up the demand for all those nations to become as multi-cultural and as multi-racial as possible.

The purpose behind this dual and blatantly hypocritical and duplicitous policy is to keep the goyim as divided as possible while simultaneously reinforcing and strengthening their own racial Jewish identity.

It is the old tactic of “Divide and Rule.”