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Zion Wages War on Argentina

Zion Wages War on Argentina

For many years, Argentina has been under direct attack from the combined forces of global Zionist organizations and lobbies, Israel, the US and the UK, centered on the two deadly terror attacks perpetrated on Argentine soil against the Israeli Embassy and the AMIA/DAIA Jewish Mutual Center buildings located in downtown Buenos Aires.

Global Zionism exerted enormous pressure on successive Argentine governments to ensure the country falsely accuses Iran of masterminding these two attacks using Hezbollah and Hamas as proxies.

The mysterious suicide/assassination of Public Prosecutor Alberto Nisman last January, however, is fast unmasking the Truth: that both attacks were probably Israeli false flag operations.


Some Background History

Argentina’s worst terror bombings of the past thirty years targeted two high-profile Jewish landmarks in Buenos Aires: Israel’s Embassy (17th March 1992; 29 dead) and, especially, the AMIA/DAIA Jewish Mutual Center (18th July 1994; 85 dead).

Both attacks occurred under the very pro-US administration of president Carlos Menem who prided himself of having placed Argentina in a “carnal relationship” with the United States, first with the George Bush Senior administration and then with Bill Clinton. Thus, when both horrendous attacks took place, Mr. Menem willingly called in the CIA, FBI and Mossad to “collaborate” in the ensuing investigations into both attacks. Indeed, Mr. Menem acted as a full-time treacherous collaborator of the US and Israel inaugurating more than two decades of internal meddling, political pressure and PsyWar operations by those two countries against Argentina’s national interest.

It was Israeli and US military and intel forces that first sifted through the rubble of both bombed out buildings, and “found” evidence that was then used to frame, first Syria and then Iran, as the alleged culprits and mentors of both attacks.

This became the “official story” emanating from the very powerful US and Israeli Embassies in Buenos Aires working together with local pro-US media outlets, the international media and powerful local Zionist lobbies like DAIA (Delegation of Argentine Israeli Associations), AMIA (Argentine Mutual Israeli Association), OSA (Argentine Zionist Organization) and their high-power international counterparts like AIPAC (American Israeli Public Affairs Committee), AJC (American Jewish Committee), WJC (World Jewish Congress), ADL (Anti-Defamation League), B’Nai B’Rith, American Jewish Congress, the Simon Wiesenthal Center, Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations and many, many others… the list is very long.

That Official Story sponsored by the “Embassies “ – as the US and Israeli representations are colloquially called in Argentina – was that both terror attacks resulted from “car bombs” that rammed into both buildings’ entrances driven by “suicide-bombers” in the service of Iran: a Ford F100 Pick-up truck in the case of the Embassy (1992); a Renault ‘Trafic’ van in the case of AMIA (1994), both laden with high-power explosives which completely demolished both buildings.

Here’s where things start getting complicated for the Official Story-tellers, for no evidence was ever found proving that such car bombs existed. Rather, all evidence – and physics! – point to internal demolition-type explosions in all likelihood planted by warring Zionist factions at a time when huge internal fighting had broken out between the Left and the Right inside Israel and the Jewish Diaspora. Clearly, those explosives were carefully and properly planted inside both buildings to ensure their total demolitions, in a manner reminiscent of the July 1946 Irgun Zvai Leumi terror bombing (led by Menahem Beguin) of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem housing the British Mandate Administration.

This would seem to point to False-Flag operations and thus to extreme right-wing elements inside Israel, the US and the Zionist Diaspora who were – and are! – dead set at avoiding the peaceful consequences of the Madrid-Oslo-Camp David Accords, and to make sure that there will never ever be a two-state solution with the Palestinians as Prime Minister Isaac Rabin and his Labor Party tried to achieve in the nineties.

Significantly, just over seventeen months after the AMIA attack, Rabin’s staunch endeavors for such a lasting peace in spite of growing right-wing resistance in his own country, cost him his life: on 4th November 1995 he was gunned down during a public rally in Tel-Aviv by one Amir Ygal, an ultra rightwing Zionist fundamentalist militant linked to the illegal settlements movement and the Shin-Beth. This is explained in greater detail by the author in this 2009 article/interview with “Scholars for 911Truth” co-founder Jim Fetzer, published in VoltaireNet:


Israel MUST have its way

The AMIA Case is the most corruption-riddled legal case in Argentine history, framed within a political system that has sunk Argentina’s executive, legislative and judiciary powers into dark depths of corruption, cowardice and fraud over the past four decades.

Thus, spanning five presidential administrations headed by successive weak and corrupt presidents Carlos Menem (1989-1999), Fernando De La Rua (1999-2001), Eduardo Duhalde (2002-2003), Nestor Kirchner (2003-2007) and his hand-picked successor Cristina Kirchner (2007-2015), these two terror attacks were never solved and the reasons for this are clear: the permanent, systematic and obnoxious meddling of the US and Israeli governments, their intel agencies CIA, FBI, Mossad, and powerful local & international Zionist organizations and lobbies.

This involved planting false evidence, financing kickbacks to lying “witnesses”, high-profile propagation of false accusations, outright lies and the complete derailment of both judiciary cases. In the case of the AMIA/DAIA building, they were actually able to impose on Argentina their own Public Prosecutor: Alberto Nisman who for over ten years operated as an Israeli Agent.

Thus, whilst the case of the Israeli Embassy was purposely detoured into a dead-end street since 1999 (there is just too much damning evidence pointing to an internal explosion so Israel intelligently let this case die off, especially considering that being an embassy, this was under Israeli sovereignty), the AMIA case however became a key linchpin in US and Israeli endeavors to create an excuse – a “casus belli” – to launch a unilateral military attack on Iran, something they have not yet been able to achieve as they did in neighboring Iraq and Libya. (as well as supporting the invasion and destruction of Syria by al Qaeda (al Nusra) and ultimately ISIS)

That has been and continues to be the practical purpose of all the noisy threats, accusations, lies and demonizing – year in and year out – regarding both Iran’s Nuclear Program and the Buenos Aires Embassy/AMIA Attacks.

The trouble now is that both cases have begun to fall apart and backfire on Zionist Right-wingers, with the ongoing talks between the Security Council Powers + Germany over Iran´s Nuclear Program, and the talks between Argentina and Iran over the two terror bombing in Buenos Aires.

It was just over ten years ago that Argentine Federal Judge on the AMIA Case Juan Galeano was ousted for having broken the law in his “investigation” into an alleged “Syrian-Hezbollah Route” created by the US, Israel, CIA and Mossad that could never be proven and thus fell apart.


The Kirchner Government “Anti-Zionist”?

No way!! A short time after president Nestor Kirchner took office in 2003 a new judge was named – Rodolfo Canicoba Corral – and two new Public Prosecutors, one of which was a staunch fanatic Zionist lawyer by the name of Alberto Nisman, who soon became the darling of all public and private Zionist organizations, both in Argentina and abroad.

Things started to get really hot for Argentina right after Israel was routed by Hezbollah in its failed invasion of southern Lebannon in July 2006. The Israeli IDF had to lick its wounds which was when big brother George W Bush and his Zionist NeoCons came most forcefully to the rescue, which is when pressure on Argentine really began to mount.

When Argentine president Néstor Kirchner visited New York for the September 2006 UN General Assembly Meeting together with first lady Cristina Kirchner (who in turn became president since 2007) and his Foreign Minister Jorge Taiana, they were quickly whisked off to the New York Waldorf-Astoria Hotel where they met “privately” with seven major Zionist Organizations: American Jewish Committee, American Jewish Congress, B’Nai B’Rith, Anti-Defamation League, World Jewish Congress, Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations and the United Jewish Appeal Federation.

No details of their closed-door discussions were ever released but one can easily surmise what they talked about, especially considering that right after that meeting, the Kirchner government gave Prosecutor Nisman a blank check to do as he liked regarding the AMIA/DAIA attack. In fact, he shortly thereafter visited the US, met with key “intel people” and promptly returned to Argentina to announce that he had “evidence” allowing him to officially accuse a group of top Iranian government officers of “masterminded the AMIA/DAIA bomb attack”: Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanhani (President of Iran 1989-1997), Alia Fallahijan (Minister of Information and Security, 1989-1997), Ali Akbar Velayati (Minister of Foreign Relations, 1981-1997), Mohsen Rezai (Commander, Revolutionary Guard, 1981-1997), Mohsen Rabbani (Cultural Advisor, Iranian Embassy in Buenos Aires, 1994-1998), Ahmad Reza Ashgari (3rd secretary, Iranian Embassy, Buenos Aires) and Ahmad Vahidi (Commander, QUDS Forces, 1989-1989).

Lucky for Argentina that Iran never took this whole grotesque Zionist-driven affair too seriously because formally accusing a former president and his key ministers of such a horrendous crime was technically tantamount to a declaration of war on the part of Argentina! Such is the overriding control Zionists wield over Argentina today.

As Public Prosecutor Nisman spent 10 years trying to lay the blame on Iran. However, he failed completely to come up with one shred of credible evidence since his entire “Let’s Blame Iran” campaign was based on the so-called “International Report” prepared by the CIA/Mossad in the nineties that was lodged with Argentina’s intelligence agency SIDE by president Carlos Menem’s Minister of Security, Miguel Angel Toma, that was fully and indiscriminately accepted by Mr. Nisman as “absolutely true”.

These groundless accusations were systematically hammered into the collective psyche of Argentine and global public opinion by the Pro-Israel and Pro-Zionist local and global media and press. After that, year after year, the Kirchner government – both Néstor and especially Cristina – would parrot these ludicrous accusations in their speeches at the UN General Assembly, and Mr. Nisman would continue being treated as their darling by the international Zionist press and by Israel, being guest of honor at American Jewish Committee Meetings (May 2006), AIPAC’s political conference (22nd March2010), reporting on the AMIA case to the Supreme Court… of Israel!; giving innumerable conferences in Queensborough Community College (10-March-2009) and elsewhere, all to benefit Israel.

That CIA/Mossad Report contained accusations against Iran based on 305 quotes made by members and agents of MKO – Organization of the People’s Mujahidin’s of the People of Iran (Mujahedeen-e-Khalq) – an anti-Iranian armed rebel group branded as a terrorist organization by the US, Canada, Iran and until recently the European Union! Of those quotes, 103 are from so-called “Witness-C” allegedly one Abolghasem Mesbahi, presently under arrest in Germany under CIA protection, whose statements are riddled with contradictions and inconsistencies. That and nothing else is what Prosecutor Nisman had as “proof against Iran” during a full decade.

The Kirchner-Nisman charade continued year in and year out until the re-election of Barack Obama in 2012 and the dramatic worsening of the geopolitical situation in the Middle East, especially in Iraq and Syria. The US realized that it needed the support and assistance of Shiite Iran to bring some measure of order into the chaos triggered in Iraq and the Region by the George W Bush NeoCon administration starting in 2003. Iran obliged, as it too perceived Western backed, financed and trained ISIS and the so-called “freedom fighters”, all supported so as destroy Israel’s clearly stated enemy in Syria and Lebanon.

Supporting al Qaeda in Syria was in Israel’s interest not the true interest of the United States. The government of Syria was a moderate Secular government in the Mideast and one supported by millions of Christians there as well as Shiites and moderate Sunnis under the Grand Mufti. Of course ISIS morphed into a grave danger not only to Syria, but to the Region and ultimately to the Western World as ISIS is inspiring fanatics in terrorism all over the world. That too, is in Israel’s interest because the ZioMedia can say you must support Israel because Israel is fighting against those radical Arabs, when in fact, the strongest enemies of Israel, Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria and Iran do not engage in any terrorism against the West, and are the main ones fighting ISIS! Every radical terror attack including false flags attacks such as in Argentina Israel is happy for, for their media can turn those attacks against Israel’s enemies.

That was when Washington began playing down its own noisy accusations against Iran’s Nuclear Program and began talking to them. Benjamin Netanyahu’s Israel got more and more nervous.

At the end of 2012, the US discretely made it known to president Cristina Kirchner that she should break the on-going years-long stalemate with Iran over its groundless accusations and should start ”talking to the Iranians”.

President Cristina Kirchner obligingly began talking to them: her Jewish Foreign Minister Hector Timerman struck an agreement with Iran in January 2013 which led to a “Memorandum of Agreement” regarding the AMIA investigation which would include a “Commission for Truth” made up of five renown jurists: two to be named by Argentina, two by Iran and a fifth by both sides, which became law in Argentina’s Congress in February 2013.

Israel, Zionist organizations inside and outside of Argentina and Neocon hawks inside the UK, EU and UK went totally ballistic, and began mounting obscene pressure on Argentina’s government especially through all sort of media lies and demonization. The AMIA attack as a casus belli to be used against Iran at the hands of Israeli Agent Alberto Nisman (and his shady controller in the Argentine spook agency SIDE, Jaime Stiusso) began to fall apart at the seams.

Adding insult injury to the Zionists, the US-led rapprochement with Iran over its Nuclear Program resulted in yet another “Memorandum of Agreement” last April, signed by the US, UK, France, Russia, China + Germany with Iran.

Netanyahu went berserk. Supported by NeoCon Republicans (congressmen Boehner, McCain, Gohmert, and many democrats too) Netanyahu kicked his way into the US Capitol last 3rd March, receiving a 9-minute standing ovation from both houses of Congress as he lectured them on how wrong president Obama is regarding Iran, and how right Netanyahu and Israel are on the matter. His speech clearly showed to Obama, the US and the whole world who runs America and who calls the shots there.

Not surprisingly, less than 10 minutes into his “oh, so presidential” speech in Congress (Netanyahu gave the Republicans the State-of-the-Union speech they had been wanting to hear!), he reminded everyone that “…(Iran) blew up the Jewish community center and the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires (!!).


The Death of a Salesman

Prosecutor Alberto Nisman spent more than ten years trying to sell to the Argentine public, the Argentine courts and global public opinion that – with or without evidence – Iran was responsible for the AMIA Bomb attack (and, by extension, the Embassy attack as well).

He just wouldn’t give up and many, even in his own ranks, were growing weary of his bullish, extravagant style and increasingly despicable style and behavior. On 22nd December 2014, a prominent and staunchly Peronist Argentine lawyer – Dr. Juan Gabriel Labaké – filed a lawsuit in a Federal Court against Mr. Nisman accusing him of High Treason over the way he mishandled the AMIA Case, but nothing much happened because that was just before the Christmas and New Year Holidays following in January by Argentine Courts’ one-month Summer Recess.

As with millions of Argentineans, Mr. Nisman too went on vacation in January 2015: to Europe with his 15 year-old daughter to be exact. But then something unexpected seems to have happened to him whilst visiting Amsterdam. “Somebody” appears to have either informed or ordered him to go back to Argentina, because he cancelled his tour and immediately flew back to Buenos Aires dropping his 15 year old daughter on her own (!!) in Madrid’s Barajas airport, telling her to wait for her mom who’d be flying in to pick her up. He then immediately flew on to Buenos Aires where on 14th January he made yet another one of his noisy and brash high profile declarations, this type saying that he was formally accusing president Cristina Kirchner, her foreign minister Hector Timerman (himself a left-wing Jew) and several others of conspiring to let Iran off the hook in exchange for improved commercial relations between the two countries.

What a scandal!! Nisman could not even properly file his case because, as mentioned, January is the Argentine Court System’s summer recess. Clearly, he was under extreme pressure to accuse the Argentine government; the very same government he was supposed to work for and which paid him his salary and very high expense account. Yet more proof that he never worked for Argentina’s national interest, but solely for Israel’s national interest.

Did Public Prosecutor Alberto Nisman meet his Mossad Controller in Amsterdam, known for being a haven for Mossad, CIA and MI6 spooks?

I suppose we’ll never know but upon arrival in Buenos Aires, he was egged-on by the local Zionist and pro-US and Israel press – notably newspapers “Clarin”, “La Nacion” and “Infobae” and their powerful TV and Radio outlets – together with legislators close to the powerful presidential wannabe and very pro-Zion mayor of Buenos Aires City Mauricio Macri, including congresswomen Patricia Bullrich and Laura Alonso, and of course by the local Zionist pro-Israel Trojan Horses DAIA, AMIA and OSA, amongst others.

All compounded by the most ludicrous accusations from US right wing legislators like Ileana Ros-Lethinen and Marco Rubio, profusely financed by arch-Zionist billionaire Paul Singer of the NML Elliot Vulture Fund that sued Argentina to collect his book of Argentine collapsed debt bonds from the country’s 2001 financial and banking meltdown. Paul Singer finances a myriad of anti-Argentine groups including the ATFA – American Task Force Argentina and the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD).

It was, in fact, these two Zionist legislators, Patricia Bullrich and Laura Alonso, who arranged for a special private session of Congress to be convened – smack in the middle of Argentina’s summer vacation break! – so that Mr. Nisman could inform them of his accusations against President Kirchner, Mr. Timerman, et al, on Monday 19th January 2015, at 3PM.

But the Kirchner government fought back quickly and intelligently: Foreign Minister Timerman obtained an official letter from John Noble, former president of Interpol / International Police, proving that Nisman’s accusations that the Kirchner Government had cancelled Interpol red-flag warnings against the accused Iranians were false, and the judge formally hearing on the AMIA Case, Justice Rodolfo Canicoba Corral indicated that Nisman had acted on his own and that his actions were in fact illegal. The Government indicated that they too would be questioning Mr. Nisman during that Monday 19th Hearing in Congress and that said hearing would be broadcast live on public television.

Clearly, things had taken a very sudden turn for the worse for Mr. Nisman and his Zionist controllers!

Mr. Nisman, however, never made it to that Monday afternoon Congressional Hearing because – Alas!! – he was shot to death in his plush downtown Buenos Aires Puerto Madero flat sometime between Saturday 17th in the evening and early Sunday 18th January.

Local and international Zionists were in shock!! They all colluded with the local press to make it look as if it was the Argentine Government that had had Mr. Nisman killed, so that he could not submit his “proof” to Congress of the Government’s alleged wrong-doing and shady agreement with Iran.

Did Mr. Nisman commit suicide? Was he murdered? If so, by whom?

To this day, all sorts of theories and contradictory details continue surging back and forth and around and around… Significantly, the very first news about Nisman’s death came from one Damian Pachter, a “reporter” for the local Buenos Aires Herald newspaper who also writes for Israel’s Haaretz and CNN amongst others.

He sent out two twits in the wee hours of Sunday 18th January saying that he had “just heard from a very trustworthy source” that Prosecutor Nisman was found shot dead in his home drenched in a pool of blood. It so happens that this young “journalist” has double Argentine and Israeli citizenship and served in the Israeli military as a “spokesman” for the IDF. He then said that he “feared for his safety” and urgently flew back to his Israeli fatherland. To this day he refuses to say who his “trustworthy source” was.

Allow me to tell you what I believe. I believe that it was the Mossad hit man who murdered Nisman that phoned Mr. Pachter ordering him to put the word out with the shocking news. Why?

Because the situation had gotten totally out of control and if Mr. Nisman had actually gone to make his public declaration in Congress on that Monday 19th, he would have had to admit that after ten years as “AMIA Prosecutor” he continued to have no proof whatsoever about any “Iran Connection”. Worse still (for him!!) he also had no proof whatsoever supporting his ludicrous accusations against President Kirchner and her Foreign Minister.

That would have resulted in an outright scandal. The so-called Zionist-sponsored “Iranian Connection” would have immediately started to collapse. What would have been left then? For Israel, the US and Global Zionists, the terrible truth: that all evidence points to an ISRAELI CONNECTION, as we have repeatedly explained, for example in this article published in RT/Russia Today (26th January 2015):

But – alas! – Dead Public Prosecutors don’t talk…


Argentina’s Jewish Community: a House Divided…

This whole episode intensified more and more in recently months, and for many in Argentina’s large Jewish community (the largest in Latin America and the fifth largest in the world), it all became too much to stand for. Especially since the three main local Zionist lobbies – DAIA, AMIA and OSA – insist on saying time and again that they “speak on behalf of the entire Jewish Community” of Argentina, and that includes these lobbies’ unflinching support of Israel no matter what, even when the world looks on in disgust at Israel’s horrendous acts of genocide and crimes against humanity as happened in July and August 2014 when they attacked and slaughtered Palestinian civilians for the Nth time.

In February, there thus appeared a Jewish group calling itself “Reunion of Argentines of Jewish Origin” which openly declares that DAIA and AMIA have no right or authority to speak on their behalf. Things got so serious that on 27th April, Argentina’s Jewish foreign minister Hector Timerman sent a public letter to AMIA formally resigning his membership and warning DAIA it had no further right to speak on his behalf.

In fact, he stated that his reasons for this hinged on the fact that he was “convinced that AMIA and DAIA worked to obstruct Justice by blocking progress on the investigation into the (AMIA) criminal terror attack of 18th July 1994, and promoted… campaigns on the part of parties that wish to use that tragedy to promote interests contrary to Argentina’s national interests: political, economic and social”.

Foreign Minister Timerman added that he “observed with great misgiving that officers from AMIA and DAIA have stooped to the vulgar accusation that any Jew criticizing their actions – and there are many of us – are branded with the overused argument of being “self-hating Jews”.

Significantly , he added that “it is also proof of their lack of arguments, every time they accuse Non-Jews of being “anti-Semites” whenever they criticize any of their actions as leaders of their respective organizations.” (Letter from Argentina’s Foreign Minister Hector Timerman:

Worse still, one of the founding members of the “Reunion of Argentines of Jewish Origin” Group and himself a former executive director of the DAIA – Mr. Jorge Elbaum – published two very explosive articles in the pro-government daily “Pagina 12” on 18th and 22nd April, in which he stated amongst many other things, the following:

In his 18th April article, Mr. Elbaum described how in December 2012, DAIA and AMIA had first accepted the Memorandum of Agreement with Iran and publicly expressed this in meetings with Foreign Minister Héctor Timerman, but then made a sudden about-face (after getting angry calls from Tel-Aviv?).

He described how on 2th December 2012, Jorge Knoblobitz (Secretary General of DAIA) had said that “he had received a telephone call from (now deceased) Zionist Jewish journalist “Pepe” Eliachev angrily warning him that DAIA’s cordial reception with Mr. Timerman would be strongly rejected and repudiated by “the (Jewish) community” and by the US and Israeli embassies. After that call, a series of urgent meetings took place until DAIA’s vicepresident Waldo Wolff clarified what was happening: very strong telephone lobbying had been set in motion geared at questioning any dealings with Tehran…. These choleric telephone lobbyists included (…local intellectuals and journalists) Santiago Kovadloff, Daniel Sabsay and Marcos Aguinis, who would later become fervent organizers of the 18th February public march” in honor of Nisman under the Charlie-Hebdo copycat strategy of “Somos todos Nisman” (“We’re all Nisman”). He added that they counted with the support of one of “Clarin” newspaper’s star puppet journalists, Nelson Castro.

In his articles, Mr. Elbaum pointed out how since June 2013, Paul Singer’s ATFA had been publishing ads with false accusations alleging Argentina and Iran support terrorism, claiming that “the time had come to stop Argentina from breaking US and international law”. He added that in mid-2013, “Prosecutor Nisman arranged a series of meetings with top officers from DAIA and AMIA in which he agreed steps to be taken in order to block the Memorandum of Agreement with Iran. In those meeting held in a bar on 1601, Juana Manso Street in the plush Puerto Madero (neighborhood where Nisman lived) , Prosecutor Alberto Nisman passionately repeated that he was willing to use “his own resources” to help DAIA destroy the Memorandum of Agreement and that “if necessary Paul Singer will help us”… “Nisman’s offer was no secret at DAIA headquarters and generated much internal debate…” “Although those debates were silenced, today we know that there exists a bank account in the US, one of whose account-holders is (Nisman employee) Lagomarsino, who informed the Court that this was account No. 5v3-50653, with the New York Branch of Merrill Lynch Bank of America Corporation, that was opened in February 2010 during one of Nisman’s trips to Washington”.

Mr. Elbaum also stated that there existed connections with a local lobbyist serving the powerful Estée Lauder Companies, belonging to the chairman of the World Jewish Congress, Ronald Lauder, of which entity DAIA is a member, and which receives annual funding from Paul Singer’s NML Elliot Vulture Fund.

In addition, Elbaum stated that “During all of 2013, the NGO Foundation for Defence of Democracies (FDD), a Republican think-tank whose executive Director is Mark Dubowitz, published six “studies” geared at destroying Argentina’s policy towards vulture funds and its negotiations with Iran. During an interview with CNN Dubovitz stated that he was ‘a personal friend of Mr. Nisman…’ It’s also very significant that the Foundation for Defence of Democracies, run by a personal friend of Mr. Nisman received funding for 3.6 million dollars from 2008 to 2014 from Paul Singer…” We add that significantly, FDD’s chairman is former CIA director R. James Woolsey.

During a visit to the United States last February, DAIA’s secretary general Jorge Knoblovitz, demanded that … ‘today the AMIA case should be internationalized…’ and to achieve that he met with the president of the Anti Defamation League, Abraham Foxman, Republican partner of JINSA (Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs) a highly militarized NGO which received a U$S 250,000 donation from Paul Singer in the last two years.”

In another article published 4 days later, Mr. Elbaum asks DAIA’s top brass a series of questions – and by extension to the Israeli and US embassies and the rest of the intricate local and global Zionist pressure groups: “Is it true that Republican Representatives from the US sent letters to President Cristina Kirchner financed by vulture funds? Is it a lie that Messrs Wolf, Knoblovits, and pro-Israel congresswomen Laura Alonso and Patricia Bullrich were part of Nisman’s inner-circle that drove him to make his ludicrous accusation against the Government? Is it true that Knoblovits “toured” the US and spoke in an event together with Cuban CIA agent Carlos Alberto Montaner, at the Beth-Torah Benny Rock Campus Synagogue in Miami…? Mr. Montaner is a well known CIA agent who took part in military coups throughout Central America and the Caribbean, the last one being against democratically elected Honduran president Manuel Zelaya. It is true Montaner partnered Mr. Nisman with Leopoldo López, a Venezuelan detainee accused of planning a military coup against the democratically elected government of Venezuela? Is it true that DAIA’s Political Director, Alfredo Neuberger, is identified by Wiki leaks as the “liaison officer” between DAIA and the US Embassy?”

This set off a major media frenzy in Argentina and amongst its large Jewish community, especially after Peronist lawyer Dr Juan Gabriel Labaké filed yet another public lawsuit for High Treason against the people described by Mr. Elbaum in his two articles. The relevant Court hearing on the case is presently evaluating what to do…


The Backdrop

In conclusion, there is one key question that needs answering:

Why is all of this being done against Argentina by the United States, Israel, CIA, Mossad, WJC, AIPAC, DAIA, OSA, AMIA, Paul Singer, ATFA, Zionist organizations, US legislators Rubio, Ros-Lethinen, Menendez, and the screeching Zionist mainstream media?

In the short term, it’s to get Argentine to break off any agreement with Iran over the AMIA attack which is exactly what Israel also wants the US to do: break off its own “Memorandum of Agreement” regarding Iran’s nuclear program. They want Argentina to carry on with Alberto Nisman’s grotesque CIA/Mossad-invented false accusations against Iran so that Israel can continue to use it to build its excuse for their much desired unilateral military attack on Iran.

In the long run, however, the real backdrop is that Zionism has a longstanding appetite for Argentina’s territory, notably its immensely rich, sparsely populated and geopolitically important Patagonia Region which spans five provinces in Southern Argentina facing Antarctica and Britain’s Falkland/Malvinas nuclear military base.

Ever since it was founded by Viennese lawyer Theodor Herzl at the end of the 19th Century, Zionism set its eyes on Argentina. In his seminal book “The Jewish State”, Israel’s founding father Herzl specifically targeted two territories for creating a sovereign Jewish state: Palestine and Argentina. Under its extreme right-wing leadership – PM Benjamin Netanyahu, Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked, Knesset Vice President Moshe Feiglin, Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotolevy, and others – today, Israel has become an unviable state. So clearly Zionists of all brands are shopping around for an alternative, far-off, easily controllable territory where they can settle millions of their Israeli kin for as long as they want and need. Patagonia, both on the Argentine as well as Chilean sides, are ideal from just about every imaginable point of view.

The author has penned several articles in English on this complex issue:

This, in a nutshell, is what is happening in Argentina right now. Next October presidential elections will be held in Argentina. Cristina Kirchner is constitutionally barred from running and the three presidential favorites are the present governor of Buenos Aires Province Daniel Scioli, the present Zionist Mayor of Buenos Aires City Mauricio Macri, and a young pro-Zionist “rising star” (Financial Times dixit!) Sergio Massa.

All three candidates have one thing in common: they take their cues from, do their homework for, and regularly take their exams with the Rockefeller-Negroponte-Rhodes New York-based and CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) controlled Americas Society, both in Buenos Aires as well as in the USM.

All three candidates obligingly visit the American Jewish Committee, the Washington Holocaust Museum, Government leaders in Israel, the World Jewish Congress, the ADL and, of course, the local DAIA and AMIA Zionist lobbies, in order to “explain” to them what they would do if they become president of Argentina.

Who would they name into key government positions; what stance would they take vis-à-vis Israel, Argentina’s Foreign Debt (they wouldn’t even dream of investigating its origin!! The would just continue to pay and pay and pay…), what policies would they take towards Muslim States, and a host of other issues which the “Embassies” hold so very dear to their hearts.

If they behave correctly then campaign money – lots and lots of it! – together with favorable Western Media press reports and foreign government endorsements will rain upon them. If they don’t…. well, you know…!

Clearly, the future does not look too good for Argentina in the months to come…



Adrian Salbuchi Adrian Salbuchi is a political analyst, author, speaker and radio/TV commentator in Argentina. He is also the Founder of the Second Republic Project – Proyecto Segunda República (

[email protected]