Scooter Libby aka Irving Lewis Liebowicz Gets Out of Jail Free with Card from Bush

Bush Commutes Sentence of Scooter Libby

By Charles Coughlin

Only days after trying to ruin the entire country with his completely treasonous illegal alien amnesty, George W. Bush has commuted the prison sentence of Scooter Libby, Dick Cheney’s former chief of staff, who was sentenced to jail for lying to investigators in regards to the outing of a CIA agent, Valerie Plame. This is a truly outrageous act even in comparison to Nixon, who resigned on the verge of an impeachment, or Bill Clinton, who never sank so low that he was pardoning criminal associates before they went to jail.

Scooter Libby was convicted of lying to prosecutors who were investigating the outing of CIA agent Valerie Plame. Contrary to the lies of the neocons, Valerie Plame was COVERT. Someone in the Bush administration outed her in retaliation for her husband, Joe Wilson, publishing a report that said Iraq did not seek Nigerian uranium (which exposed pre-war statements by Bush and the neocons as lies). The judge in the Libby case stated that Ms. Plame was a covert CIA agent heading a highly covert operation and the CIA had taken steps to keep her identity covert. Countless blowhard talk radio hosts (and some neocon presidential candidates) have flat out LIED about Ms. Plame’s covert status in an effort to excuse Libby’s felonious behavior and to protect Dick Cheney, who was almost certainly the source of the highly classified information.

Why else would Scooter Libby lie to investigators if he were not covering something up –in this case protecting his boss, Dick Cheney?

Despite all the evil-doings by the Clinton regime and their close friends, there was one outrageous thing that Bill Clinton avoided doing at least until his last days in office, pardoning felonious associates. About two-thirds of the senior partners in Hillary’s Rose Law firm, including Webster Hubbell went to jail. Both James and Susie MacDougal, the partners of the Clintons in Whitewater, also went to jail. Apparently preventing his cronies from doing any jail time would have been just too reprehensible –even for Clinton.

But George W. Bush, the approver of torture and the vanquisher of Habeas Corpus, has set yet another milestone in arguably the worst presidency in US history.

How much worse can things get? Perhaps Bush will give Dick Cheney a bag full of pardons and a shotgun. Cheney could then roam the halls of Congress shooting anyone who disagrees with “The Great Decider” in the face.

Article Source: WhiteCivilRights.com