"unless this country finds the leadership and the will to eviscerate the whole rotten system and substitute honest politics, its days are numbered"

Quest for Global Domination At Heart of America’s Problems

By Willis A. Carto (pictured)

This newspaper has always urged that the leaders of our country scrupulously avoid all interference into the affairs of other countries and to employ their efforts exclusively to the welfare and advancement of the citizens of this republic.

George Washington* was not the only Founding Father to urge this wise policy. It was faithfully followed until the American battleship Maine mysteriously exploded in Havana Harbor.

“Remember the “Maine” instantly became the journalistic cacophony of the Hearst papers and the rest of the yellow press of the day, and it was the pretext for the wanton aggression called the Spanish American War, which brought us the Pandora’s box of the Philippine Islands, the first imperialist booty in our history.

This abandonment of our traditional nationalism opened the floodgates to our present ills. It was followed by American intervention into two European wars, neither of which brought us anything but death, debt, the dismal narcotic of perpetual war, alien Zionist control of our politics and fatal involvement in other problems.

It has now gone so far downhill that the present administration sees it as only right and proper that America should dominate the entire globe, a certain recipe for our own destruction.

And so here we are, with a dimwitted president who considers himself and his chief adviser, the corrupt Cheney, able to solve the problems of foreigners even as they have shown themselves totally unable to deal with the problems of this suffering nation.

But this is only the beginning of the bush disaster. He has made himself and the United States a laughing-stock around the world. Wheres America used to be the bright star of hope for humanity, today we are held in contempt if not pity as the prestige of our country plummets with the value of the dollar.

Thankfully, Bush’s ineptness and the corruption of his administration are apparent to every American except that species of republican stalwart who would support Beelzebub himself if he were a party member. Thus, his approval rating hovers in the 20% range, which lowers his authority to that of a lame duck.

The bottom line is this and nothing else. Any system that places a criminally incompetent moron such as George W. Bush and his cronies and advisors into the Oval Office is clearly suicidal. What the Bush gang recommends as “democracy”. Is in reality a system for insiders, foreign interests and big money to perpetuate and institutionalize political fraud and crime.

And unless this country finds the leadership and the will to eviscerate the whole rotten system and substitute honest politics, its days are numbered.

* George Washington’s Speeches & Letters: To get a copy of Washington’s Farewell Address, and an additional 17 letters and his address to the Army all in a 75-page book, send $13 to FDFA, 645 Pennsylvania Avenue SE, # 100, Wshington, D.C. 20003. No S&H inside the U.S.

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July 2nd, 2006

Article Source: American Free Press


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