Academic Freedom Loses to Israeli Lobby – Anti-Zionist Jew Norman Finkelstein Denied Tenure at DePaul

Jewish Revisionist Denied Tenure

By Ian Mosley

If you think the establishment treats ordinary, garden variety academic Revisionists and other heretics rough, just ask Professor Norman Finkelstein what happens when a Jew breaks ranks on the Holocaust. Yahoo News reports that “A DePaul University professor who has accused some Jews of improperly using the legacy of the Holocaust to get compensation payments has been denied tenure after a drawn-out public fight. Norman Finkelstein, whose work led to a long-running public feud with a Harvard law professor and lawyer famous for representing O.J. Simpson, said he was disappointed by the faculty panel’s 4-3 decision. ‘They can deny me tenure, deny me the right to teach,’ the 53-year-old told the Chicago Sun-Times. ‘But they will never stop me from saying what I believe.’”

Well, Norm, now you know how David Irving and David Duke have been feeling for years.

Finkelstein drove world Jewry insane with his first book questioning a number of important aspects of the Holocaust story and pointing out, cogently and accurately, that the Holocaust has been replete with much fraud becoming a money making machine for the unscrupulous. Now he’s done it again. The Yahoo article tells us: “Finkelstein’s most recent book, Beyond Chutzpah: On the Misuse of Anti-Semitism and the Abuse of History, is largely an attack on Alan Dershowitz’s The Case for Israel. In it, Finkelstein argues Israel uses the outcry over perceived anti-Semitism as a weapon to stifle criticism. Dershowitz, who threatened to sue the book’s publisher for libel, has urged DePaul officials to reject Finkelstein’s tenure bid.”

Dershowitz, the Harvard Law professor best known for his advocacy of legalized torture for “terrorists” (never mind the fact the definition of terrorist may soon include thought crimes) isn’t even fully satisfied with the denial of Finkelstein’s tenure. He’s now ranting and raving because the vote to deny wasn’t unanimous. Back to Yahoo: “‘This should not have been a close case,’ he said in an e-mail Sunday. ‘Finkelstein’s only academic output is ad hominem attacks on ideological enemies. … The only reason this appeared close was because outsiders from the hard left mounted a political campaign on his behalf.’”

Yahoo goes on: “The debate over his tenure raised the ire of many in academic and religious circles, and blogs and petitions that both support and deride him have appeared on the Internet. On his Web site Sunday, Finkelstein posted a letter explaining why the panel denied him tenure at the Catholic university.The three-page note cites Finkelstein’s ‘deliberately hurtful’ scholarship along with his lack of involvement with the school and his tendency for public clashes with other scholars.”

So, from now on academics can’t engage in any scholarship that “hurts” someone? Or is it just scholarship that “hurts” Jews? What about scholarship that “hurts” Germans or Englishmen or Roman Catholics? (Silly me, we all know the answer to that one.) The Yahoo article continues “The son of Holocaust survivors, Finkelstein earned his doctorate from Princeton in 1988. He published five books and taught political theory at DePaul since 2001, school officials said. University spokeswoman Denise Mattson said Sunday that Finkelstein’s teaching term expires next June, but he can elect to leave his post immediately.”

Boy, they’re really giving this dissident the bum’s rush.

But you know, it’s an odd thing about any Holocaust revisionism and any criticism of extremist Jews. For all their immense power, world Jewry simply can’t seem to put a stop to it. Every time they hammer down a David Irving or a Frederick Toben or a Robert Faurisson, someone else pops up –in this case a Jew questioning aspects of the Holocaust. It’s like the little Dutch boy who put his finger in the dike, except that the dike keeps springing leak after leak. Eventually it becomes impossible to plug all the leaks, just as it’s becoming impossible to keep the truth sealed up and buried as they’ve tried to do since the end of World War Two.
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