The Movie 300: Neocon Racial Propaganda for War

The face of the “Persian” envoy to Leonidas, the first “Persian” seen in the movie 300.

By David Duke

One of the most watched movies of 2007 is the film 300. It chronicles the inspiring, sacrificial courage of one of the greatest heroes in the history of the West, Spartan King Leonidas in his epic battle at Thermopylae against the Persian invasion of Greece in 480 BC. However, there is a dark and sinister side to the film. A close examination of this blockbuster movie affords a perfect look into how Jewish extremists use race to manipulate Americans to support war for Israel, war against every true American interest. Frank Miller, the author of 300, speaks in an interview about the Jewish creation of a golem who strikes down the enemies of Zion. Here are his revealing words:

Frank Miller, shown here.

Comics can affect culture by allowing the world in, reflecting what we see. There is a reason, Miller says, that most of the great comics heroes were created by Jewish people that lived through the early part of the century. To a certain extent, they were creating a golem, a hero they needed to exist. Their comics were frank-miller-snoz.jpga response to the times they lived, something that comics have largely gotten away from and need to return if they’re going to be a significant voice in modern culture. …

The harsh truth is that we’re facing an enemy that keeps telling us what they are and what they want,” declared Miller, adding that people refuse to believe it. “They have made it plain they want to exterminate the Jews, to bring down the West, to achieve world dominion,” Miller warned, likening Islamic extremists to the Nazis in the 1930s. …

He pointed out that all of the major superheroes of the 1940s were created by Jews during a time of anti-Semitic persecution: “Superman was a golem.” … Miller nonetheless issued a call to his fellow authors: “Let’s revive our tradition and get back on the job.” quoted from Publisher’s Weekly

The heroic events depicted in the film 300 cannot help but stir the blood of the modern young men and women of the West. However, I believe that this well-crafted film has elements purposefully fomenting current day hatred and war against Iran. Iran, of course, is the modern name of the ancient nation depicted in 300: Persia. Of the four producers of 300, Bernie Goldmann, Mark Canton, Jeffery Sliver and Gianni Nunnari, three are Israeli partisans at the thoroughly Jewish, Warner Brothers Studios.

Zionists ensconced in all kinds of media are busily orchestrating public opinion supporting a murderous policy; perhaps even the hitherto unthinkable use of nuclear weapons against a nation that today poses no threat to the United States. It seeks hatred against Iran so that we will sacrifice ourselves and perhaps hundreds of thousands of Iranians in a new, cataclysmic war in the Middle East. If America would dare to use nuclear weapons in a tactical strike, America’s action would say to every nuclear capable nation that their use is no longer unthinkable, but now justifiable. Does the United States really want to usher in an era of the use of nuclear weapons as possible in regional and international conflicts?

I will demonstrate in this article that the movie 300 surprisingly appeals directly to the racial loyalties of European-Americans in order to motivate support for this planned war for Israel. The use of White racial sentiment by the Jewish extremists to support a strike against Iran is quite amazing for two reasons. First, Jewish extremists, as my book Jewish Supremacism thoroughly documents, have been the driving force behind the ongoing destruction of the heritage and freedom of European mankind. Secondly, practically every Hollywood film dealing with racial issues portrays European concern about our heritage and freedom as the epitome of evil. I will show that this film not only stresses the preservation of the Greek primal source of European heritage, it purposely and falsely portrays the Iranians as Black Africans, mulattoes, mass murderers, and homosexual perverts, in a not so subtle attempt to appeal to underlying European–American racial and moral sentiments.

This Jewish extremist Hollywood production reaches new heights of hypocrisy by seeking to use our natural concern about the destruction of our heritage brought on by the legal and illegal immigration of millions of non-European invaders (which these same Jews secretly support) to advance their murderous agenda in the Mideast.

It is a policy that we must pay for, fight for, and die for Israel in a cause that kills hundreds of thousands of innocents of foreign lands and harms the basic interests of America.

For new viewers and listeners of Davidduke.com, let me quickly recap the role of Jewish radicals in the ongoing death of the West. Jewish extremist organizations, along with their enormous media, political and financial power have directly caused the immigration invasion now overwhelming and ethnically cleansing almost every White nation.

They have led the fight to open the gates of every European-peopled nation to the masses of the non-European world. Almost all White populations face the prospect of becoming racial minorities in their own nations.

They have led an ongoing effort to instill guilt and self-hate in Americans and Europeans. In addition to political promotion of massive non-European immigration, front, they have led efforts to psychologically disarm and neutralize our natural survival instincts. For instance, Jewish anthropologists such as Jared Diamond tell us repeatedly that race is a “social construct” and that therefore the White race doesn’t even exist. Of course, if our race doesn’t really exist, the suggestion is that we have no need to defend its interests and preserve it. Most European Americans, however, don’t know that Diamond in a recent article for Natural History magazine extols DNA mapping as a useful device that can help Israel let only those who are real Jews emigrate. To Diamond, a real Jew is one who is part of a distinct, genetically identifiable group. Israeli policy is of course exactly the same, as Israel has no religious requirement for immigrating Jews, one needs to be only a Jew by descent (genetics). In Israel an atheist, non-religious Jew is allowed to marry a religious Jew, but Jews and non-Jews are forbidden by law to marry in Israel. Jewish anthropologists genetically identify and celebrate the existence of the Jewish people, but somehow they can’t seem to confirm the existence of the White race! Other Jews, typified by professor Noel Ignatiev at Harvard University, demand that the White race must be “abolished” and “destroyed.” Imagine the fate of any professor in America who publicly proclaimed that the Jewish people must be destroyed.

Jewish supremacists have been at the forefront in the mass media telling us of “the blessing of multiculturalism,” and their chronic message categorizes as “evil” and “racist” for Whites desiring to preserve themselves.

Powerful Jewish advocacy organizations have been the primary leaders of open borders immigration legislation since the beginning of the last century. They have been the advocates (such as Paul Ehrlich) of Zero Population growth for Europeans, and they have been on the ramparts of destructive social conduct among our people epitomized by radical feminism, the destruction of the institution of marriage, the promotion of homosexuality as well as disease-spreading promiscuity – all of which markedly reduce birthrates in European societies.

They are the kingpins of the massive porn industry and the mainstream Jewish media approval of it which has in turn made it an acceptable part of mainstream culture. Jewish professor, Nathan Abrams, boasts in The Jewish Quarterly about the Jewish domination of porn and how Jews have brought it into the mainstream. In his article he shows how Jewish porn moguls use pornography to morally subvert and degrade our people in a kind of Jewish ethnic revenge against WASP society. Abrams himself describes their primary motivation as “atavistic hatred” of European Americans.

Is there a deeper reason, beyond the mere financial, as to why Jews in particular have become involved in porn? …
Al Goldstein, the publisher of Screw, said “The only reason that Jews are in pornography is that we think that Christ sucks. Catholicism sucks. We don’t believe in authoritarianism.” Pornography thus becomes a way of defiling Christian culture and, as it penetrates to the very heart of the American mainstream (and is no doubt consumed by those very same WASPs), its subversive character becomes more charged. …

Extending the subversive thesis, Jewish involvement in the X-rated industry can be seen as a proverbial two fingers to the entire WASP establishment in America. …Jewish involvement in porn, by this argument, is the result of an atavistic hatred of Christian authority: they are trying to weaken the dominant culture in America by moral subversion. …


From the time of Freud, Jewish radicals have been at the forefront in promoting sexual license that has undermined the institution of marriage and lowered birthrates. Freud himself identified himself with his hero, the North African Hannibal. As Hannibal destroyed Rome, Freud saw himself as a Jewish outsider destroying the values and sexual morals of Christian Europe.

Hannibal. . . had been the favourite hero of my later school days. . . . I began to understand for the first time what it meant to belong to an alien race . . . the figure of the semitic general rose still higher in my esteem. To my youthful mind Hannibal and Rome symbolized the conflict between the tenacity of Jewry and the organisation of the Catholic Church . . .

Jewish extremists in media and government have promoted racial-mixing and racial intermarriage for Whites and other races while they have supported Israel, a nation where intermarriage between Jews and non-Jews is illegal. (See “Not Jewish Enough to Marry a Cohen” Haaretz February 18, 2005). Every major Jewish organization around the world actively opposes Jewish intermarriage and assimilation. Their tactic all over the world has been to undermine the ethnic solidarity, traditions, religion, heritage and culture of every people on earth while hypocritically reinforcing their own ethnic solidarity and promoting Jewish distrust and hatred against non-Jews. A major technique in this regard is chronic recital of the Holocaust and suggesting a universal White guilt for it. Jewish extremists in media and government have promoted racial-mixing and racial intermarriage for Whites and other races while they have supported Israel, a nation where intermarriage between Jews and non-Jews is illegal. (See “Not Jewish Enough to Marry a Cohen” Haaretz February 18, 2005). Every major Jewish organization around the world actively opposes Jewish intermarriage and assimilation. Their tactic all over the world has been to undermine the ethnic solidarity, traditions, religion, heritage and culture of every people on earth while hypocritically reinforcing their own ethnic solidarity and promoting Jewish distrust and hatred against non-Jews.

A major technique in this regard is chronic recital of the Holocaust and suggesting a universal White guilt for it. The Jewish supremacists know that unlimited immigration and multiculturalism would ultimately destroy the “Jewish State,” and media frequently address the “demographic threat to Israel.” Many of the same Jewish Neocons in American who demand that Israel has tough immigration laws and remains as a “Jewish State” are zealous advocates of open immigration into White nations. Neocon infiltration of the Republican Party has divided a party that was once almost unanimous in promoting strong, protective immigration laws. The introduction of a kaleidoscope of races and rampant multiculturalism and societal fragmentation in any nation only strengthens the hand of a powerful and organized Jewry, a force that comprises the most powerful lobbying organizations in Washington, and provides a majority of campaign funds for President of the United States. (According to the Washington Post)

Exploiting the differences in sexes (feminism), sexual orientation (homosexuality) and creating racial minorities and subsequent internal conflict in White nations is seen by Jewish activists as a divide-and-conquer strategic weapon. (In Jewish Supremacism I quote Jewish leaders using that exact phrase in discussing their power in America. They use this weapon to weaken resistance to Jewish supremacy in the nations where powerful Jewish communities dwell. The pattern is repeated everywhere in the world where there is a significant Diaspora population, whether located in Russia or the United States, Canada or Brazil.

For perhaps another generation, an optimistic forecast, the Jewish community is thus in a position where it will be able to divide and conquer and enter into selective coalitions that support our agenda. —–Dr. Stephen Steinlight, Former head of National Affairs for the largest Jewish organization in America, the American Jewish Committee. From :”The Jewish Stake in America’s Changing Demographics.” (2001)

Because their support of multi-culturalism and multi-racialism is not authentic, as they want none of it for themselves, they have no reluctance to utilize the latent racial feelings of our people into racial hatred and animus in service of their immediate and what they view as urgent or critical geopolitical aims. A quick survey of Israeli-Jewish current political literature around the world shows that Zionists are consumed by what they call the Iranian threat of a “new Holocaust.” They hate Iran with a passion that echoes one of their most bloody and genocidal celebrations: Purim, their massacre of the ancient Iranians: the Persians. At Purim time, every Jewish synagogue symbolically beats Haman. The celebration is complete with the eating of traditional Jewish food delicacies such as Kreplach, which is appetizingly made of ground beef symbolizing Haman’s beaten flesh, or Hamantaschen, which is represents Haman’s severed ears. Yummy!

They see Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as a new Haman. They view Iran’s pursuit of peaceful nuclear energy as offering the possibility that the region could someday see Iran, in addition to Israel and Pakistan, having nuclear weapons. The inordinate Jewish influence of the Western press has led most people to actually believe the big lie that Ahmadinejad actually threatened to “wipe Israel off the map.” In fact, he simply said that he believed that the oppressive Zionist regime would pass away just as the Communist regime in Russia was overthrown. But, because of the stranglehold of the Jewish media influence, the “wipe Israel off the map” lie has been repeated hundreds of thousands of times in media without any contradiction in media all over the world. It is an effective, horrendous lie when used in conjunction with the lie that Iran is illegally developing atomic weapons. Therefore the two lies together suggest the Iranian President will nuke Israel and create a new “Holocaust.”

In addition, Ahmadinejad committed the unforgivable offense of actually allowing freedom of speech and research on the holiest of holies, the Holycaust, the event that has become almost a religion, perhaps even the one unassailable religion in Europe. As I have repeatedly said, in the West one can question God, but one cannot question the Holocaust. A rational questioning of God will get you a good book contract, while in many European countries, questioning even the smallest detail of any of the Holocaust dogma can land you in prison. Of course, such policies might make one wonder what is so powerful and convincing about Holocaust revisionist arguments that make it so imperative for the believers of the Holocaust to burn revisionist books and throw the scholars in jail.

Medieval type of suppression has gotten so draconian that France recently criminally prosecuted Dr. Bruno Gollnisch, a university professor of classics and elected member of the European Parliament, for simply saying he doesn’t know the numbers of Holocaust victims whether it was millions or hundreds of thousands and will leave that for scholars to debate and decide. Now, not only must you not say a word in contradiction of Holycaust orthodoxy, with threat of financial ruin and imprisonment, you must stand up and state publicly you believe. You MUST BELIEVE. The most remote recesses of your mind must be politically correct or it’s the rack and tongs for you! Ahmadinejad earned the undying hatred of the Jewish extremists for daring to state that it is morally wrong and against every principle of freedom to put men and women into prison for their beliefs or for even lack of belief.

I remember being in Tehran during the conference reading the controlled press scream about how the conference was a disgrace to humanity. For the record the stated purpose of the conference was to simply to allow free expression on the issue, both mainstream and revisionist and that Iran hosted the conference because some European nations did not allow freedom of inquiry, research and speech on the issue. Somehow, the press didn’t find it a disgrace to humanity to put hundreds of men and women in prison in Europe for simply exercising the most basic of human rights, freedom of thought, opinion and expression! The Iran conference harmed no one and put no one into prison. It was just a free expression of research and opinion from Holocaust scholars. Allowing free speech is called a human disgrace, but imprisoning people for their opinion and conscience isn’t.

frank-miller.jpgOf course, short news snippets lying about Iran have little power to deeply affect our emotions as has the most persuasive medium in the world, the modern, popular film. A comic book, 300, by Frank Miller forms the basis of the one of the most watched films of 2007. What better way to create support for war with Iran than by dusting off the ancient Greek story of Leonidas and taking Miller’s comic book about the Persian (Iranian) invasion of Greece and using it to make a film that can help create a climate of hatred and jingoism against the current Jewish enemy, the Iranians? Before I go into my arguments for this view, I must clearly state my views about King Leonidas and our Greek forbears.

From the time I was a young boy, I idolized the ancient Greeks. One of the stories that made a deep impression upon my early childhood was the story of Leonidas and the 300 Spartans. Their epic battle a Thermopylae, against overwhelming odds, has for 2,500 years become perhaps the Western World’s most enduring symbol of courage and self-sacrifice in defense of a people’s survival and independence. It inspired me and my young friends to frequent reenactment of it in the schoolyards and woodlands near my home.

My other hero was Davy Crockett, America’s almost mythic figure. I admired him for two things: his love of Nature along with his consummate skills in it, and I loved him for his courageous fighting ability and devotion to our people and heritage as exemplified by his last stand at the Alamo. The Alamo was certainly an almost perfect American replay of Thermopylae.

I wrote at length in my opus, My Awakening, about the valiant sacrifice of Leonidas. No one can doubt my own deep reverence for those of our race who died in that epic battle for our people’s existence and freedom. The Spartan sacrifice saved the very foundations of Western Civilization. If not for Leonidas and the later Greek victories he helped make possible; Themistocles at Salamis and Pausanias at Plataea — Greek civilization and culture could well have been snuffed out in its adolescence. The Helene foundation of both Rome and what we call Western Civilization would have been lost, and Europe would probably have fallen under alien invasion and occupation. The battle at the tiny pass at Thermopylae, translated from Greek meaning “Hot Gates,” could well have saved not only Greece but the unique character of our entire race, in both their cultural and genetic attributes.

Ordinarily, a theme such as 300 would not be touched by the Jewish dominated Hollywood of the 21st Century. Until recently, the only way a film about the Spartans could have been made was to represent them as evil, barbaric Nazis of the ancient world, practicing the institution of slavery and a society with complete with Eugenics and military ethics and training for every healthy male, and motherhood as the ideal for women. But these are extraordinary times. The overwhelmingly Jewish film industry has delighted in making a plethora of films in recent times demonizing and degrading great historical European nations. However, the almost hysterical Jewish view of an immediate threat from Iran has opened the door to a modern 300 manipulated to serve the immediate agenda of Israel by engendering hatred against the modern Islamic republic of Iran. After the catastrophic results of the Zionist manipulated Iraq War, it is hard for the Jewish extremists to engender support for a new war that is bound to have even more catastrophic consequences. Hence, they are pulling out all the stops to motivate our people into a war against Iran. 300 is simply one more effort to spawn this new war.

Frank Miller is the author of the comic book basis for the movie 300. His political motivation for 300 is made clear in an interview with a comic book magazine. He sees the comics as Jewish tradition, and part of that tradition is the creation of a golem to fight “anti-Semitism.”

300-selection-internet.jpgIn Jewish folklore, a golem is a powerful creature created by the Jews to strike down anti-Semites. In truth, it pains me to say that America has become their golem, a powerful hitman, an enforcer they use to strike down their enemies. This is our role in Iraq, and we pay a horrendous cost in the blood and lives of thousands of our young men and women, the loss of a national treasure of American money. This evil, unprovoked, lying war has caused the death of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi men women and children and in every way it has aided the real enemies of America around the world.

Former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir said it quite effectively when he said the Zionists use America to fight their wars by proxy. In a real sense, Miller is using his comic 300 to help create that golem which will do Israel’s bidding once more to strike down their enemy; and this time that enemy is Iran.

Let me get into the meat of the film and show you the blatant manipulation. I saw the film and made some still photos for illustration of my points which I will share on my website: Davidduke.com.

Before I discuss the movie, it is important to know that at one time Persia was an ancient Aryan nation. Even the name Iran is a derivative of the word Aryan. Over the centuries, with its expanding empire encompassed many non-European people, Persia underwent a change that has befallen many other nations of ancient Aryan descent. At the time of Xerxes, there were many pure European elements and it is arguable that the ruling classes as well as most of the population were primarily European descended. But a demographic change was occurring much like is now occurring in most Western lands. Many Greek scholars were in the court of King Xerxes and Greek culture had a significant impact on ancient Persia. The Persian style of dress and arraignment for war was at the time of Xerxes almost undistinguishable from the Greek.

In 300, the only three speaking Persian leaders are prominently portrayed not as Persians, but as, Africans. In one of the scenes of Leonidas’ first confrontations with the threat of invasion, he receives a Persian envoy sent to demand surrender. He is clearly a full-blooded Black African, as black as was Martin Luther King.

There have never been African Blacks in historical Persia. There are no Blacks in Persia today, period. There is a widespread degree of mixture between European Persians and non-Europeans from Asia. A significant portion of Persians are of European descent, I have met current Persian leaders who would be indistinguishable from English, Frenchmen, Germans or Italians.

The filmmakers portrayed the Iranians as aggressive Black Africans or mulattos to make the Iranian people seem as different from Europeans as possible. The second scene with an Iranian official shows him conspiring with the Ephors, the deformed priests who tend to the Oracle of Delphi, the soothsayer of a religious sect that heavily influenced Spartan life. There the film portrays that the religious priests were bribed by a Black African figure darker and more African than Don King or Al Sharpton.

The third scene with an Iranian speaking is a haughty, obnoxious African on an ostentatious float approaching Spartan lines at Thermopalea to demand the Spartans surrender, He gets out his whip and threatens the Spartans. In return, a Spartan jumps upon his barge and severs his arm. Dark skinned, with bulbous lips he screams out threats that he will take the Spartan women for their harems and wipe out the Spartans. Of course, this is the kind of racial image that Hollywood studiously avoids, that is until they have an ulterior objective.

In the battle scenes Iranian fighters are dressed in uniforms that one would expect from the Arab world or Al Qaida. The filmmakers are eager for the viewers to identify the Persians in the film to be associated with Arab terrorists and Muslim extremists, with head garments bearing similarity to every video of Al Qaida terrorist training camps. As I pointed out before, historical evidence suggests that the Persian army dressed very similarly to the Greeks. Also, I must point out that the Persians at the time were not Muslims, and in fact were very religiously tolerant.

Finally, we get a view of the hated Xerxes. The only thing the movie accurately portrayed about Xerxes was his height, for historians think he was close to seven feet tall. Surviving art shows him with a full head of hair, long beard, sporting a very regal, European countenance.

In 300, a mulatto actor portrays Xerxes as a weird, baldheaded, transvestite type complete with earrings, ostentatious jewelry, and heavy eye-lashes and eye-shadow makeup. In Xerxes’ court there are various expressions of lesbianism and homosexuality, bestiality, and perverted sex with deformed human beings.

As I watched the film the chutzpah of the filmmakers struck me. They pulled out all the stops in this film made to manipulate European Americans to support a catastrophic war with Iran. After portraying the Iranians as Africans, the film’s creators added to their demonization first by making them sadistic beasts who massacre little children and hang them in a tree, and then they again make the Iranians appear to be homosexual sexual perverts.

The truth is, of course, that America, not Iran is the number one country in the world for homosexuality, transvestitism, assorted sexual perversions, as well as for kidnapping and molestation of children, and a potpourri of other perversions.

Ironically, homosexuality in Iran is punishable by death. Almost all girls marry as virgins. Abortion is starkly illegal. Alcohol is not promoted by any media or even sold. Yet, the impression given by the film is that Iranians are immoral perverts. This reversed image is presented to us from the very Sodom and Gomorrah of the Western world, Hollywood! The truth is that it is not Persia that has transvestites prancing around, it is Gay Pride parades in America where men go prancing around in public in see-thru underwear and dildos dangling from their belts for children to see. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

The story of Leonidas is one of the greatest stories of courage and duty in the history of the world. What Leonidas fought for was kith and kin, for his homeland, his people and his people’s independence. He did not fight for empire but for the very life of his people. Later, under Alexander, the Greeks established an empire that gained influence over much of the world, but by doing so began a process that began the decline of the Greek civilization and the loss of a degree of their heritage at home.

It is the sickest of perversions for Hollywood to take the wonderful story of Leonidas and use it to create emotional support for aggressive foreign war not in the interest of the American people. Leonidas’ story is one of brave and selfless man defending his own borders, his own people’s existence and freedom, not building an empire over other men’s nations, and certainly not fighting and dying for a nation other than their own.

Involvement in Iraq, Iran and the rest of the Muslim world harms the United States in innumerable ways, and it takes our attention off the invasion of our lands from Mexico and indeed from all corners of the world which unabated will wipe away everything we treasure in the United States of America. In Europe attention is turned from the massive immigration invasion to the threat of external terrorism.

If we let the golem being manufactured by the Jewish extremists continue to embark America in a destructive Jewish extremist war and destruction overseas, all while letting them orchestrate our destruction here it at home, we will richly deserve the fate awaiting us.