David Duke’s Inspiring Independence Day Address! (Re-broadcast)

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America Must Fight for Independence Again!

“Ladies and gentleman we must on this Independence Day, 2006, dedicate ourselves to winning the freedom of the American people once more!” — Dr. David Duke’s Radio Address, July 4, 2006

Transcript: This is the David Duke Internet Web radio broadcast, broadcasting live world wide. Glad to be with you again on this Independence Day. Independence Day 2006, and today I don’t think that it is a day of celebration, but it is a day to understand and to note, what we have lost in United States of America.

Our country had such a fantastic and auspicious beginning, we fought the most powerful nation on earth, the most powerful empire on earth, and we won our independence. Sometimes Americans don’t really understand or realize what independence really means.

We say “well we fought for our freedom” – well we had certain freedoms under the British, we could vote, we could elect our own officials, we had certain individual rights and liberties of property, of business. We had many aspects of our lives that we had complete and total control over. We had in fact freedom of religion and to a great extent freedom of speech and press. In fact the American Revolution couldn’t have occurred except for the fact that there was freedom of speech and press in many of the colonies. In fact for many years the letters of correspondents and other printed broadsheets went throughout the colonies talking about the grievances that the colonies had against the King and against Great Britain. It’s true that there were limits on that speech, no question, but America was not simply about limits on freedom of speech or the lack of limits, it wasn’t really about freedom, it really really wasn’t about protecting our aspects of religious expression, we had those rights pretty much in the colonies of the United States of America. If we talk about freedom it was more about the freedom for the American people to have a government that represents the interests of the American people. That is our own government, a government representing the people of these colonies of these United States and not the interests of England or Great Britain or any other nation around the world and that’s what our Declaration of Independence was all about. It was about independence. It was about the right of a people, any people, to have a government that acts in defense of its own people. In the interest of its own people. For the ideals and principles and values of its own people, that every people, EVERY people, has a right to have a government that reflects its own interests, its own culture, its own values, its own purposes for that matter.

What we have today after some 200 and how many years is it? I haven’t added them up recently, but what we have today is the lack of independence. And we today in the United States of America have a government that is very dominated by a foreign nation. They are dominating our foreign policies and today as I speak there are Americans in harm’s way in Iraq, and ladies and gentlemen no one has more of my support and prayers than the American military personnel in Iraq who every day face the possibility of being maimed, of being blinded, being emasculated, being disfigured or being killed. And ladies and gentlemen there is no greater betrayal of America or of those American military personnel than to put them into a situation where they have the chance of loosing their life or limb, and their family suffering that great loss not for the interests of United States of America but for the interests of a foreign nation, a foreign power, a foreign power that has inordinate influence and control over American foreign-policy, over much of the media of the United States of America, and of much of the political establishment of the United States of America.

Ladies and gentlemen this is a situation that is horrendous in terms of the values of what this country was founded upon and on this Independence Day I declare and I hope that you will declare that America must be independent that we must have government and government policy for the interest of our own people, not for any other nation. We must not be and we are not the United States of Israel. We are the United States of America.

The Iraq war was a malicious, malicious distortion of American policy in the interest of Israel over the United States of America, Saddam Hussein NEVER posed any threat whatsoever to the American people but the Jewish neocons such as Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Elliot Abrams we could go on and on, David Wormser, Mr. Kristol we could just continue that list for hours on end. They saw a strategic interest of Israel at stake in overthrowing the government of Saddam Hussein because he was a very powerful force in the Middle East and he supported the Palestinians mightily and of course years ago in 1996 I believe it was Richard Perle and David Wormser wrote a report for the Israeli government called ‘A Clean Break A Strategy For Securing The Realm’ and that paper wasn’t written for the United States government it was written for the Israeli government, that’s right a foreign nation and it was about war with Iraq, with Syria and with Iran, ladies and gentlemen. And look where we are going today. No there were no weapons of mass destruction but they couldn’t manipulate America into the war unless they alleged violations of Saddam Hussein of the United Nations unless they posed Saddam Hussein as a great threat to the security of the United States with the so-called weapons of mass destruction. They had to say that Saddam was a threat to America because Americans were not willing and I don’t think they are willing to go out and I die by the thousands or the tens of thousands, or be maimed by the tens of thousands or spend literally hundreds of billions of dollars in fact the bill will go up to TRILLIONS of dollars when you add up the medical care and all the assorted costs of the war over the next few years, it will be in to the trillions of dollars just a national treasure. Ladies and gentlemen. I don’t think Americans are willing to spend that price for Israel’s strategic objectives but the way they were able to get us to go into this terrible war was specifically telling us that America was in danger, of course it wasn’t. There weren’t any weapons of mass destruction, and we were lied to from the beginning. Mr. Stewart Cohen in the CIA was in charge of intelligence the Israeli government supplied us with a lot of the false intelligence and what I call the Israeli media in the United States of America supplied us with a lot of intelligence.

One of the best things that’s happened recently of course has been the Walt and Mearsheimer paper. Walt is a professor at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University the most prestigious university in the United States of America and basically he’s come out with a paper that has backed up everything that I’ve been saying for many years about the Iraq war and the power of the Israeli lobby in the United States of America.

To show you the depth of the treason of this lobby and to show you how much we have been lied to and deceived in United States of America, I can point out to you a simple fact, and it may scare you if you are listening to this program for the first time, this may scare you – I was on a plane at one time and I told this to a passenger and he said “you’re scary”, and what I told him was, I asked him – “what is the only Middle East government that has committed direct acts of terrorism against the United States of America, against United States installations both civilian and military personnel–what is the only government, government action in the Middle East that has done that against the United States of America?” And of course the answer is not Syria, it is not Iraq. It is Israel.

Israel has committed terrorism against United States of America, admittedly, there is no argument about it, there is no debate about it. In the 1950s they tried to again through terrible deception, murder and terrorism get American into a war against Egypt which was in fact their enemy at the time long before the peace treaties that now exist between those two countries of Egypt and Israel and they literally sent Jewish false flag undercover operatives into Egypt to blow up the American library, the MGM American theaters and other American installations in Egypt, blame it on the Egyptians, and with their help obviously in the media the tremendous power they have the Jewish supremacists in the media, get American into a war against Egypt, a war that would in turn cost how many thousands of American lives how many tens of thousands of American how many billions of dollars. A war that would of been totally and completely unjust.

By an act of God or providence or fate or whatever you want to call it, one of the bombs blew up in one of the Jewish agents pockets. He was uncovered, and he apparently under duress gave all the names of the other Israeli agents and they rounded up the entire Israeli team. It came to the point where the Israeli government couldn’t deny it anymore and Pinas Lavon who was the Defense Minister of Israel basically was fired. It was admitted that it was in fact an Israeli operation and in fact the Israeli government has awarded these Jewish terrorists who ATTACKED America, just a few months ago, they gave them medals and called them heroes! Now this is the same country we are sending BILLIONs of dollars to every year. This is the same country that we are literally inflicting casualties of death and maiming to our own young men and women because of their policy in Iraq. This is the same country and this country gave medals to these terrorists who attacked American installations.

And of course in 1967 Israel attacked the USS Liberty. Israel says it was a mistake but the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the time Admiral Tomas Moore, the Secretary of State at the time Dean Rusk, and many other leading researchers and leaders in this country ALL have said clearly that at that time and since that time that they are absolutely convinced that Israel knew exactly what it was doing attacking the USS Liberty, and the evidence ladies and gentlemen is absolutely overwhelming that they knew what was going on. In fact they even broke off the attack after they heard the fact that American fighters were coming to the aid of the USS Liberty. They cased the ship for hours before hand with low flying observation craft they waved to the American soldiers the American ship was clearly marked in international lettering, a huge American flag on a clear day–breezy day. It was an absolute terrible act of terror that killed 34 Americans and wounded 172 Americans. And this ladies and gentlemen was one of the worst surprise attacks in American history and this went down the memory hole very, very quickly and many Americans don’t even know about the Liberty, and they don’t even know the fact that Israel–there is a lot of evidence that Israel did this act.

We have of course the Jonathan Pollard case. Here is a spy that many American analysts including Caspar Weinberger (Jewish himself), who did more damage to the United States of America from spying than perhaps ANY other spy in history–maybe back to the days of the American Revolution, back to the days of our original independence. Pollard stole sensitive evidence and secretive evidence on our spy networks in Eastern Europe and the Israelis – and again the absolute complicity of these Israelis that we send billions of dollars to, they literally sold this information to the Soviets – exchanged it for something we don’t even know what yet but it absolutely devastated and destroyed – decimated our intelligence network in Eastern Europe causing the death of many American operatives, he is still sitting in prison.

Then we have AIPAC here we have the United States of America doesn’t it seem a little strange to you that the largest single most powerful lobby in America AIPAC is a lobby for a foreign government now lets get that straight, alot of people say that well the American Rifle Association and these other groups are powerful let me tell you there is alot of opposition to the American Rifle Association in Congress but there is hardly a peep of opposition to AIPAC in Congress. For one thing they give tremendous amounts of money to politicians and they support any politician who goes against a politician who dares to put American interest first, again we are right back to the theme of the broadcast today and that’s American independence.

This is our Independence Day. And I want to celebrate our independence today. I don’t like being in the situation where I must bemoan the loss of American Independence and in a sense the loss of American freedom because when our government isn’t acting in the interest of the people of the United States we are not free we are controlled we are enslaved in a sense, and our boys right now are dying for Israel rather than the United States of America and as a patriotic American that makes me pretty hot, that makes me pretty damn mad, it makes me deeply angry not just at the Israeli operatives or these dual loyalists – their not really dual loyalists they have one clear loyalty that is to Israel over the United States over anything else in the world but it really gets me angry at people like George Bush and the other people in our government that have sold out our interests with their campaign contributions and for a nice mention in the press so the press doesn’t attack them. Because if they criticize Israel they might be treated like David Duke for instance they might be called an anti Semite just for simply putting the interests of the United States of America first rather than the interests of Israel over this government.

Ladies and gentlemen we are in a situation on this Independence Day 2006 where we are literally loosing the America of our forefathers, we are loosing our country. While we have Americans over in Iraq trying to secure the borders of Iraq with Iran and Syria and other countries – our own border is being invaded. Millions of people are crossing our borders without going through Immigration without going through Customs. They are violating American law and our government is not willing to do what is necessary to defend and protect the borders of the United States of America and I can tell you this is happening for the same reason that America is in Iraq.

They seem quite unrelated don’t they, but they are absolutely related, it’s that same dedicated minority to another agenda who dominates our government and that has created this policy of immigration into the United States of America.

I hope everyone listening will read Jewish Supremacism or My Awakening and begin to get an understanding of what has happened in terms of our country in terms of immigration. It wasn’t the fact that the American people suddenly wanted to open our gates and our borders to the third world. It wasn’t that fact that caused America to change. We had very strong immigration laws in the United States of American up until the middle sixties, up until 1965 to be exact–strong immigration laws.

It was lobbying. It was pressure groups. It was a concerted campaign in the media. And the most powerful groups behind the change of immigration, no doubt, no question, no argument were the Jewish supremacist groups. The same groups like the American Jewish Committee, the American Jewish Congress, the ADL, the same groups that argued for opening our gates and the people leading it, Jacob Javits for instance – and we can go on and on, Emanuel Celler, and they led this effort for literally, literally, 50 years before they were successful in actually changing it. They did this all the way from the time of the first great restrictions to the immigration polices of the early 1920s and they finally succeeded. They orchestrated it, they organized it, I can prove that. There is no argument about it. There is no discussion about it. They were the driving force behind this change.

Now this was the same Jewish extremist minority, because these aren’t all Jews, but it’s the biggest Jewish organizations that were behind it, these were the same extremist Jewish groups that support Israel which is a state dedicated to Israel as quote “a Jewish state” dedicated to preserving the demographic basis of Israel but some how we are not able to preserve the demographic basis of the United States of America. THAT’S EVIL!

Do you see the hypocrisy?

Again our press is not independent. You know just as important as having an independent government is in fact having an independent press. It is absolutely vital, if you don’t have an independent press, a truly independent and free press, then you don’t have the ability to know what is really going on in the world. They can focus on what ever issue they want to focus on. They can NOT focus on what they don’t want you to think about.

You know, we are in this tremendous demographic disaster in the United States of America today and yet there is very little talk about it. I mean people talk to the press about some of the problems of immigration, and we have some pretty great people like Lou Dobbs and others who talk against immigration in the media, but when most of the time they talk basically about the economic impact – and it is a terrible impact in the United States of America. They talk about the effects in terms of crime – and it is a terrible impact on this country. They talk about the impact in terms of our educational system – and it’s a bad impact. They talk about the effects on our culture which is a terrible impact.

We are loosing even our language in many parts of the United States.

Now I don’t want to see this country resemble or look like or become like Mexico. Mexico is great to visit I’ve been there a few times I respect ALL peoples of the world and I can always repeat that because I’m often called, so often called in the media – it’s like part of my name – a White supremacist or whatever. I’m not one. I don’t want White people to be supreme. I don’t believe in the fact that we should even have bases in sixty five countries of the world. I don’t think we should be in Iraq. I don’t think we should be trying to control the politics of the South American countries or in South East Asia or in Africa or anywhere else in the world. But I do think we have a right to preserve our own culture, our own heritage, and our OWN country.

I believe in the United States of America, that is I believe in the values that our forefathers gave us. You know, not long after the Declaration of Independence – and the founding of the country – and the Constitution of the United States, in the late 1780s, one of the first acts of the United States Congress was an immigration act which shows you the founders of this country what they really believed in, and they stated very clearly that immigration should be allowed only, only to White Christian people. I mean that was the first immigration act in the United States of America and of course I’m the one that is referred to in the media as an un American simply because I want to preserve our heritage. And even our forefathers, even their restrictous immigration act of the 1920s wasn’t a terribly restrictive act. In fact it was the fairest thing that you could think of. It simply said that we will maintain the percentage of the ethnic groups of America as they were. It wasn’t trying to make America into an all White country which I don’t think would of been so bad you know obviously I think it is fine for countries to be basically what they are, for Japan to all Japanese, and for China to be all Chinese. And my God what a behemoth China is, 1.3 billion people and basically they are all Chinese. They have a tremendous unity there and their power is going to grow and grow and their unity and their pride is going to continue and they truly generally have a press and they have a government that is acting in their interest we might disagree with that government obviously in the United States of America but don’t we need the same!

There is a lot of pressure and a lot of attacks against Mr. Putin right now in Russia. You know I don’t agree with everything Putin does and there’s many patriots in Russia that don’t like him but let me tell you they don’t like Putin because Putin is a Russian and in comparison to the policy of the United States of America he acts more in the interests of Russia than the president of the United States acts in the interests of Israel.

I did an article just recently as you know on the DavidDuke.com website and I talked about the recent celebration in the Whitehouse by Chabad Lubavitch. They had a celebration of Rabbi Schneerson, the great Rebbe they call him and this is a man who said that Gentiles are a completely different species, that Gentiles aren’t human beings, that Gentiles have Satanic souls, that the purpose of Gentiles is to serve Jews – and they have a celebration for this guy in the Whitehouse! Ladies and gentlemen, in the Whitehouse of the United States of America Mr. Chertoff (the son of a Rabbi) is there and Mr. Bolten is there and the rest of the Whitehouse staffers. They teach these Chabad lessons in the Whitehouse of the United States of America it is INCREDIBLE!

That’s not independence ladies and gentlemen, it’s not freedom.

So ladies and gentlemen, it is hard for me to celebrate American Independence on this day. In fact I must mourn the loss of our independence. I certainly can celebrate and honor the fantastic sacrifices of our forefathers of our families way back there when America fought the most powerful nation on earth for our independence to be a free and independent people and the best way that I can honor those forefathers is to stand up and I think it is for you to stand up and be dedicated to the idea that America will be independent once more, we will have a government dedicated to the principals and interests of the people of the United States and not any other foreign power that we will bring our sons and daughters home from the sands of Iraq and that we will stage as many as we need in the much easier duty where they won’t be shot at generally on the Mexican American border to protect our most fundamental values, traditions, culture, heritage and freedoms here in the United States of America.

We in America and we European people have a right to exist as all people have a right to exist we have a right to want for our children to practice the same values and have the same heritage the same traditions that our fathers and mothers and grandfathers and grandmothers had. We have a right to have a nation that is truly our expression. We have a right to have a media that is an expression of our highest ideals, of our culture, our values. NOT gangster rap, not this overwhelming media twisted pornography that we see that goes on and is called entertainment. We have a right to have a society that is based on high ideals. We have a right for our children to go as far as their ability warrants and not be discriminated against because they are of European descent in a scholarship or job or promotion. We have a right for our children to attend a school and be safe and sound and not subject to danger and drugs and other problems because of forced crazy anti-European policies of a government that seems to be no longer in our hands.

Ladies and gentlemen we must on this Independence Day 2006 dedicate ourselves to winning the freedom of the American people once more.

This has been David Duke and I really appreciate you being with me and please on this Independence Day and over the next few days if you enjoyed this broadcast please help me spread this broadcast through out the Internet and all over the world because I think there is value in it not just for Americans but for people everywhere on the planet, especially for Europeans, where ever they may live whether it be Europe or Australia or New Zealand because the same principals are there our people have a right to live.

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