“US Must Have Immigration, but Israel Not”—Leading Jewish Supremacist

America must have “open immigration” but “non-Jewish immigration to Israel” will “challenge the Jewish character of the state”,” a leading Jewish Supremacist and executive director of the Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) of Boston, Jeremy Burton has said on his Twitter account.

Twittering about the immigration debate currently underway in the US, Burton stated that “Fairly open US immigration supports and sustains the immigrant character of our nation.”

Another Twitter user, identified by his Twitter account name as “Daniel Sieradski” answered back “And Israel’s not an immigrant nation?”

Burton, whose JCRC is a member organization of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs (JCPA), one of the leading pro-Zionist lobby groups based in Israel, then tweeted back “Non-Jewish immigration to Israel has the potential to challenge the Jewish character of the state.”

Sieradski tweeted back “That’s the same thing white nationalists say about immigration to the U.S. and its effect on the whiteness of America” to which Burton responded “All of which is to say that the nuances of US and Israel are different and it is simplistic thinking to accuse orgs of hypocrisy.”

Burton then added as an afterthought: “And we Jews, by and large, don’t support the American whiteness argument.”

Indeed they don’t! In fact, the 50 largest Jewish activist organizations in America have a unified pro-immigration stance for America. Their coordinating body is called the Council of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations and there member groups have literally billions of dollars at their disposal. The Council supports wide open borders for the U.S. while at the same time supports the State of Israel which has one of the most stringent ethnic (racial) immigration policies of any nation on earth!

So what gives? How do policies that the same Jewish dominated media and Jewish-influenced political establishment would describe as “racist” if promoted by any European nation, not face any serious criticism. In fact they get billions of American taxpayers’ dollars to support their racist state built on terrorism, ethnic supremacism and Jewish supremacism!

Any clear thinking person can see this hypocrisy as proof of those powers that are truly supreme in the American establishment.


Burton is no small player in the Jewish Supremacist establishment. According to his official biography, Burton’s was the Senior Vice President of Programs at the Jewish Funds for Justice, and Vice President of Programs at the Jewish Funders Network. He has also served as Executive Director of Amos: The National Jewish Partnership for Social Justice, housed at the Jewish Council for Public Affairs.

In addition, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency “included him in their 2010 ‘Twitter 100’ list of the most influential Jewish voices on Twitter.”