U.S. Aid to Israel is Illegal In Terms of Existing American Law

The billions of dollars given to Israel by Washington D.C. is illegal in terms of existing U.S. law which forbids foreign aid to nations which have acquired nuclear technology when they do not comply with International Atomic Energy Agency regulations.

The Foreign Assistance Act of 1961, as amended by the 1976 Symington Amendment bans U.S. economic, and military assistance, and export credits to countries that deliver or receive, acquire or transfer nuclear enrichment technology when they do not comply with IAEA regulations and inspections.

This provision is now contained in Section 101 of the Arms Export Control Act (AECA).

Furthermore, the Glenn Amendment (Section 670) adopted in 1977, provides for the same sanctions against countries that acquire or transfer nuclear reprocessing technology or explode or transfer a nuclear device.

This provision is now contained in Section 102 of the Arms Export Control Act (AECA).

Israel’s nuclear weapons, built as they are with components stolen from the U.S., render that nation ineligible for American aid.

The U.S.-Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation Act of 2012 forces Americans to fork hard-earned tax dollars over to Israel’s coffers on the pretext that it is in eminent danger.

Recently declassified documents reveal that even the current Israeli prime minister once worked inside the state’s clandestine nuclear arms smuggling rings.

The AIPAC-sponsored U.S.-Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation Act of 2012, mandates American economic largess to Israel via high technology, agriculture, medicine, health, pharmaceutical, and energy transfers.

It demands funding for Israel Aerospace Industries (a corporation only recently linked to Israeli espionage activities against the U.S.) missile-defense programs and air-refueling tankers and munitions Israel could use to unilaterally set off a wider war with Iran.

However, the package also requires the U.S. president to issue to the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations and House Committee on Foreign Affairs a report on the status of Israel’s “qualitative military edge” by Jan. 23, 2013.

A truthful presidential assessment would finally tell the American people the following: “Israel has deployed a clandestine nuclear arsenal with some components and materials stolen from the United States. Our foreign aid laws therefore make Israel ineligible for further taxpayer dollars.”