Israel Dominates US Election: A Reflection of Jewish Supremacist Power

Anyone who labors under the illusion that the upcoming U.S. presidential election is actually about Americas’ future, need only read the major news networks’ coverage of the “issues” to see that it is all actually about Israel—and which of the two candidates is the most subservient to the Zionist state.

The blanket coverage given by the Jewish Supremacist controlled media to Obama and Romney’s “stance on Israel and Iran” would make one think that there is no economic crisis, no foreign wars, no mass unemployment, no immigration crisis or anything else going on in America.

All that matters, it seems, is Iran, Israel and Jews.

Hence, for example, a new poll published yesterday by TIPP for Investors’ Business Daily claims that there has been a massive Jewish shift in allegiance from Democrats to Republicans as Zionist extremists have started to make headway in their propaganda campaign to make the slavishly pro-Israel Obama appear unfriendly towards the Jewish state.

According to the survey,  44% of American Jews now support Romney, versus 40% for Obama, with 16% undecided.

The poll was conducted among 812 likely voters, with an 8% advantage for registered Democrats over Republicans.

If the numbers are in any way close to representing reality, they reflect an unprecedented shift in Jewish voting preferences. Jews have voted overwhelmingly for Democratic presidential candidates for decades. Obama enjoyed 78% of the Jewish vote in the 2008 election.

Meanwhile, in New York, Democratic New York State Assemblyman and fanatic Jewish Supremacist Dov Hikind has added to the chorus of anti-Obama sentiment by announcing that “Let’s get this straight for all Democrats across America: The President does not like the Prime Minister of the State of Israel. That is a fact that you cannot deny.”

Hikind made the remarks in a Fox News interview which marks the first major internal Democratic party break with Obama.

At the same time, Super-PAC Romney backer and equally fanatic Zionist Sheldon Adelson wrote in an Op-Ed for the JNS news service that “Time and again President Obama has signaled a lack of sympathy – or even outright hostility – toward Israel.”

As a result, Adelson has given at least $100 million to the Romney campaign—all because of Israel, nothing else.

The total domination by Israel and Jews of the American political process serves as the most clear example yet of the power of Jewish extremism—and why, if America is to survive, it must be broken.