Hatred Without End: Israeli Newspaper Describes Europe as “Eurauschwitz”

The never-ending hatred which Jewish Supremacists have for Europe occasionally bubbles into public view when some of their leaders are unable to contain their vitriol—as has happened in a new article in the Arutz Sheva 7 news source in Israel.

Written by an Italian Jewish Supremacist, Giulio Meotti (author of a book called, significantly, “A New Shoah”), the article says that “Europe” is becoming increasingly anti-Semitic, describing the continent (and its people) as “Eurauschwitz” and that all Jews must immigrate to Israel.

According to Meotti, in the French area of Sarcelles, once called the “French Jerusalem” and where most of Paris’ Jews currently live, local MP Jacques Myard was “recently attacked by a mob yelling this is Arab land, Zionists get out of it”.

Meotti then goes on to list a number of other incidents which he calls “anti-Semitic” (but which are for the greatest part, Muslim retaliation for Zionist crimes in Palestine) as “proof” that Europe is somehow turning into one big concentration camp for Jews.

“Our Western cultural icons have much Israeli blood on their hands. Before it’s too late, Europe’s Jews should leave for Israel. It’s a tragic but unavoidable process: the situation will only worsen in this ‘Eurauschwitz’” Meotti concludes.

This is, of course, a typical Jewish Supremacist twisting of the facts.

Firstly, it was the Jewish pressure groups in Europe, and America, which pushed for and were behind the immigration policies which have destroyed the homogeneity of Western Europe.

To now blame the inevitable problems such “multi-culturalism” has caused, on the Europeans (when the Jewish Supremacists actually caused it) is awful and shocking hypocrisy.

Secondly, the alleged “upsurge” in anti-Semitism is only a reaction to Israeli crimes against the Palestinians and other Arab nations in the Middle East.

Israel regularly invades, bombs and murders its neighbors—and when the task is just a little bit too big, it gets its lapdog puppet, the US government in Washington D.C. to come and do the real dirty work, like invading Iraq.

Is it any wonder that Muslims have taken a dislike to this murderous rogue nuclear state?

Yet, once again in the twisted mind of the Jewish Supremacists, these outcomes are never their own fault, but somehow always the fault of European people. Hence Europe is now one big “Auschwitz.”

The Jewish Supremacist hatred of Europe and Europeans is without bounds and unending.