Dr Frankenstein’s Monster: France’s Jews “Threatened” by Islamic Militants

Jewish Supremacists in France have been one of the most important pressure groups working to open France—and Europe’s—borders to mass immigration from other countries, but now are feeling the pressure of their own policies as increasing numbers of Muslims in France become militant in response to Israeli war crimes.

According to an article in the Jewish Chronicle, France’s Interior Minister, Manuel Valls, has warned that the alleged terror cell arrested this week after plotting an attack on a kosher grocery is “just one of many.”

Mr Valls’s warning came in the wake of a country-wide raid on a group of Muslim extremists whom police believe were responsible for planning a hand-grenade attack on a Jewish grocery in the Parisian suburb of Sarcelles on September 16.

The man alleged to have carried out the Sarcelles attack, a 32-year-old convert to Salafist Islam, Jeremie Félix Louis-Sidney, was shot dead when he opened fire on police raiding his flat in Paris last week. Twelve other members of Louis-Sidney’s cell were arrested simultaneously in Cannes, Torcy and in central Paris.

Police found an explosives laboratory, ammunition, 27,000 euros in cash, a list of Israeli organisations in Paris and Islamist manuals in the raids.

The Islamists in France are there mainly because of the pressure exerted by CRIF, the representative body of Jews in France, which has agitated continuously for an “open borders” policy for France.

At the same time, CRIF has been a dedicated supporter of Israel and its “Jews-only” closed borders policy, and of that state’s increasing lawlessness and war crimes against the Palestinian people, both Muslim and Christian.

According to another report, more than one quarter of Jews in France are considering emigrating. That poll was conducted by The Israel Project, which previously measured American attitudes about Jews and Israel in order to produce pro-Israel ads.

According to the poll, 26 percent of those surveyed said they have considered emigrating due to worsening “French anti-Semitism.” Note once again the devious nature of the Jewish Supremacists in using the word “French” to describe the alleged increase in anti-Semitism.

In reality, the only active antipathy towards Jewish Supremacists in France today comes from the Muslim immigrant population—who the Jewish pressure groups pushed to allow in—and who are now incited to violence against Jews by the behavior of the Zionist Supremacists in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories.

It is truly a case of Dr. Frankenstein’s monster waking up to consume its creator.