Zionist Supremacist Attempt to Minimize Palestinian Holocaust

Zionist supremacists in Israel and in the West’s media have launched a concerted attempt—based on lies—to try and minimize the Palestinian holocaust by falsely claiming that “more Jews were displaced and “suffered greater losses” during the creation of the state of Israel.

The propaganda campaign, which was planned and announced in Israel a few months ago, has now been taken up by that country’s agents in the western media, and as a result almost every major news outlet in Europe and America has carried stories drawn up in Tel Aviv.

These claims—which originate with an Israeli government “information initiative” announced by Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon, claims that 856,000 Jews fled Arab countries between 1948 and 1952 and “lost billions of dollars’ worth of property and assets.”

According to the BBC, a “new [Israeli] government campaign aims to raise awareness of their plight. More controversially it aims to equate it with that of the hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refugees who lost their homes in Israel.”

It is true that many thousands of Jews left Arab countries after the creation of the state of Israel, but the deliberate lie now being put out by the Zionist Supremacists is the claim that they were “refugees”.

In reality, there were no expulsions of Jews from Arab countries—unlike in Israel where those Palestinians who resisted forced expulsion were simply murdered and terrorized into leaving (such as in the Deir Yassin massacre).

Zionist extremists expelled 85% of the Palestinian population during the foundation of the state of Israel, so that today more than five million Palestinians and  their descendents live in Arab nations surrounding Israel.

Against this holocaust, which continues in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip to the present day, the Zionist extremist liars are now trying to claim that the voluntary moving of a few hundred thousand Jews to Israel after 1948 qualifies as “refugees” which somehow makes the expulsion of the Palestinians “justified.”

The compliant western media, under its Jewish Supremacist masters, will of course now portray these Jewish immigrants as “victims” and thereby try to minimize the suffering of the Palestinian people.

It is an old Jewish Supremacist trick of “playing the victim” when their own wicked behavior becomes obvious for the world to see. This time, however, thanks to the Internet, few are likely to be fooled.