Hate Billboards: A Jewish Supremacist Inversion of Values

Imagine what the outcry would be if billboards went up all over New York City, Washington D.C.,  and Los Angeles calling Israelis “savages” and asking people to support the “civilized” Palestinians against the Jewish “savages.” There would be an outcry, media hysteria, condemnation from all quarters and discussion of a “new holocaust” just around the corner.

Yet, in what is possibly one of the best examples of the inversion of values created as a result of the Jewish Supremacist control of our society, Jewish extremists have put up billboards saying exactly that—but claiming that the Israelis are the civilized people, and the Palestinians are the “savages.”

The billboards, which are paid for an arranged by an organization called the “American Freedom Defense Initiative,” (AFDI) say that “In Any War Between the Civilized Man and the Savage, Support the Civilized Man. Support Israel. Defeat Jihad.”

The NYC Metro initially declined to display the advertisements, saying that the posters would endanger the public, particularly in the wake of violence in the Middle East that was sparked by a Jewish Supremacist-made  Internet video that disparaged the prophet Muhammad and for which Americans were blamed.

A federal judge however ordered the Metro to display the ads after the AFDI—led by Jewish Supremacist and writer Pam Geller—and the billboards also went up in Washington D.C.

Geller is a right wing Zionist who, in typical hypocritical Jewish Supremacist style, ardently defends Israel’s right to be an exclusively Jews-only racial state, but virulently attacks anyone, European or Palestinian/Arab, who demands the same right for their own people.

The real lesson to be learned from the billboard outrage is, however, how complete Jewish Supremacist power has become in the U.S.—and indeed, in most western nations.

Individual Jewish Supremacists can engage in the most public displays of hate speech and get the courts to enforce their right to do so: yet any European, Palestinian or African activist attempting to just claim the right to self-determination, is viciously persecuted and attacked by those same Zionist extremists.

How much longer will the free people of the world tolerate this Jewish Supremacist yoke?