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Trump: It’s not Sessions! Your Enemy is the Ziogarchy of Rosenstein, Cohn, Mnuchin, Cohen & Kushner & Zios Promo Bill to Punish Anti-Zio Speech with 20 Years Prison!


Today Dr. Duke gave some advice to President Trump to stop pestering Attorney General Sessions and start looking at the Jews in his administration who are undermining his presidency from within.

We elected President Trump to stop immigration and to stop fighting insane wars, and these Jews have blocked his executive orders and pushed him into a retarded Zio-confrontation with Russia.

Dr. Patrick Slattery joined the show and they discussed a bill with massive support in both the House and Senate that would criminalize support for boycotting Israel with a MINIMUM fine of $250,000 and a maximum penalty of 20 years in jail. This represents the Ziogarchy that rules this country stepping out into the open. With a Congressional bill like this, who needs secret protocols?

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