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New Duke Video –The War on Christmas! — How Jewish Extremists are Waging War on Western Culure

Video –The War on Christmas!  — How Jewish Extremists are Waging War on Western Culture

This video documents how the Jewish extremists are waging war on the Western cultural and religious tradition of Christmas. It shows how Christian Christian symbols are banned on public ground, while huge Jewish religious symbols are placed even in front of the White House. It compares the love and peace of the Christmas celebration to Hanukkah, which is symbolized by the Menorah. Hanukkah is a celebration of a military victory and massacre against the Greek Syrians whose only crime was to be tolerant to the Jews of Jerusalem and accept them freely. Jewish leaders could not accept this because Greek tolerance and friendship posed a danger of assimilation so they massacred them! Jewish scholars teach that Hanukkah symbolizes Jewish resistance to assimilation. Could one imagine a huge sign in front of the White House symbolizing  European American resistance to assimilation with other races? But Jewish extremists get away with anything. Of course that’s not too difficult when your brethren run the media, politics and the finance of the nation!
So in the United States, a nation where are told that assimilation is the American ideal, we have thousands of religious symbols put up on public land promoting the Judaic supremacist religion and it’s ethnic chauvinism! It’s wacky that this goes on, but one thing is for sure, it sure does show who run things in the United States. Sadly, it must be said that the same thing is also going on in almost every European nation as well, as Menorahs are now put up in public squares at Christmastime than crosses in Christian Europe.
The video also shows how a viciously anti-Gentile hate organization, Chabad, puts up these racist symbols and meets with Presidents, but no one in media breathes a word of the fact that Chabad believes the same supremacism of the recent head rabbi in Israel, Yosef, who stated, “That the sole purpose of all Gentiles on earth is to serve Jews.” He compared non Jews to donkeys and said that Gentiles are meant to work and slave for Jews, while Jews are “meant to sit and eat.” Wow, with the chutzpah of rabbis like Yosef, you don’t need any Protocols of Zion to expose Jewish anti-Gentile hatred and extremism. This video will go a long way to waking our people up to the evils of Jewish supremacism and how it is waging a war against our culture, our faith and our very people’s existence! —David Duke