The Highest Levels of Hypocrisy — The Menorah/Hanukkah Double Standard!

The Highest Levels of Hypocrisy — The Menorah/Hanukkah Double Standard!

My video, The Jewish War on Christmas!, shows three things with absolute clarity:

1) That while overt Christian symbols such as crosses or manger scenes are banned from public ground in America, overt symbols of the Jewish religion are legally displayed and promoted on public land all over the United States.

2) That such hypocrisy reveals the real rulers of America. Two percent of the population get their way, but the overwhelming majority of the American people are prohibited from their religious and cultural expressions.

3) That Hanukkah and the Menorah as it’s symbol (and that of Judaism) is a celebration of Jewish separateness and supremacy from other peoples. In an America where the media preaches assimilation, we have huge symbols in some of America’s most sacred places promoting Jewish “resistance to assimilation.”

Here is a photo copy of an article from Jewish learning on its websites about Hanukkah. You can easily check out the real meaning of Hanukkah on the Internet. You will find the true Judaic meaning of Hanukkah as compared to the lies that they give out for Gentile consumption. It shows “The Festival of Chanukah” and how it is “Dedicated against Assimilation.

All of this should stimulate many questions from unawakened Gentiles to the phenomenon of Jewish supremacism. How can a Jewish dominated national media in America that promotes assimilation for all races and peoples in America — also promote huge symbols erected to promote Jewish resistance to assimilation? The answer is complex, but essentially it is that racial assimilation, multiculturalism, massive diverse immigration are weapons used by Jewish supremacists to dominate our society. I quote leading Jews who openly speak of “divide and conquer” and unashamedly promote Jewish solidarity, the Jewish and Israeli agenda and “non-assimilation.” A neat trick, isn’t it? And no where is the hypocrisy more revealed than the giant Menorah erected across from the White House in the same places where symbols of the Christian religion are banned. — Dr. David Duke

Listen here to Dr. Duke’s Commentary