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That’s right a foreign power steals our elections — Israel!

Patrick Slattery and Mark Dankof review the information debunking the bogus Russian election hacking nonsense. There is a great deal about former FBI Director Comey that does not get reported in the mainstream media. And while some in the Zionist media describe Trump’s actions as treasonous and are calling for his impeachment, Slattery and Dankof cite numerous sources demonstrating that no evidence of illegal or improper activity has been produced, and even the substance of the various allegations, such as providing the Russians with classified information, have precedent in past administrations, including the Obama administration, for the very good reason that security cooperation with Russia (and their Soviet predecessors) can be in the national interest. They also note the complete transformation of the peacenik counterculture of the 1960s into unwitting warmongers parroting whatever talking points the Jewish media elite pumps out.

Outro music courtesy Dean Martin and Robert E. Lee.