Single Loyalty–All over the World

Vitaly MalkinThe claim that Jewish Supremacists have a single loyalty, not a dual loyalty—to their own tribe above all others, has been proven once again with the news that a top “Russian” lawmaker has been forced to resign after being exposed as holding an Israeli passport.

Vitaly Malkin, who made the Forbes billionaires list in 2008, was accused by a leading opposition blogger of maintaining Israeli citizenship, despite a 2006 law that bans state officials from having dual nationality.

The blogger, Alexei Navalny, posted documents online showing that the 60-year-old legislator maintained status in Israel under the name of Avihur Ben Bar.

Navalny also accused Malkin, a member of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s United Russia party, of failing to declare business interests and assets in Canada.

Malkin claims to have made a fortune in “banking” in the 1990s. He applied for residency in Canada, but was turned down. Documents released to the citizenship court by the Canadian state claimed that Malkin had been associated with money laundering, weapons trafficking and the trade of Angolan “conflict diamonds.”

The pattern is the same all over the world: Jewish Supremacists do not have “dual loyalty,” but rather single loyalty–to Israel and their fellow tribalists. Israel serves as refuge for Jewish Supremacist swindlers who have been found out and need a safe place to which to flee, while at the same time acting as a incubating house for preservation of a Jewish core.

At the same time, Jewish Supremacists spread out all over the world, preying upon unsuspecting gentiles of all nations, for whom the idea of a predator group acting in unison is a foreign notion. This single loyalty is, however, part of the Jewish Supremacist secret of success, and Malkin’s exposure as Avihur Ben Bar serves to illustrate the international nature of the problem.