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Jewish Supremacists Most Race-Conscious People in the World

rabbi-millerJewish Supremacists are the most racially conscious people in the world who continually urge their own people not to intermarry with non-Jews, despite being at the forefront of efforts to make all people intermarry and integrate.

The Jewish Supremacists are also quite open—among themselves—about the need to maintain Jewish racial purity, with the latest example coming from a leading Reform Judaism rabbi in Southern California who has officiated at the U.S. Senate and Congress.

Writing in an op-ed piece in The Times of Israel, titled “Rabbis married to Gentiles” in the Times of Israel, Rabbi Mark Miller, (selected by the Daily Pilot newspaper as one of the most influential leaders in Orange County, and now Rabbi Emeritus of the Reform congregation Temple Bat Yahm in Newport Beach) said that he was sitting next to a “Chasid [orthodox Jew] on an airplane, our conversation turned to matters of faith and practice.

“Toward the end of the flight he asked me, in wonderment and exasperation, ‘Is there any line that cannot be crossed in Reform Judaism?’

“As a Reform Rabbi, I answered that there were only two left: a Reform Jew could not legitimately believe in Jesus and a Reform Rabbi could not marry a non-Jewish spouse.”

Referring to a recent appeal by a part-Jewish college student named Daniel Kirzane, for Reform Judaism—traditionally the more “liberal” part of that religion—to accept Jews who are married to gentiles as rabbis.

Miller expressed himself completely opposed to this idea, saying that there “is no greater threat to Jewish continuity than intermarriage. For all the anecdotal ‘success’ stories, interreligious marriage is not Jewish. Period!” Miller wrote.

“As for the wedding, you can stand under a chuppah, wear a large tallis, recite ceremonial texts, drink l’chaims, invite the non-Jew to utter Hebrew words, and break a glass, but the ceremony will remain a charade. The officiating Rabbi can impose conditions, offer counseling, and modify the rituals, but one-hundred Rabbis will not make a non-Jewish union into a Jewish marriage.”

Miller continued by pointing out that Jewish racial exclusivity was demanded by that religion. “I wonder how Isaiah would react to Kirzane’s plea.  Can we imagine the great Prophet concurring, ‘Yes, Rabbis who are married to non-Jews present a wonderful role-model!

“This is in the best interests of the Jewish People!  It’s all the same whether a Jew marries another Jew or a Gentile!”

“Rabbis married to Catholics, to Muslims, to Jehovah’s Witnesses, to Krishnas—no problem as long as the children are raised ‘Jewish’!”

“The demands of Jewish survival call upon us to condemn, not condone, his decision. But here’s the good news: at least Kirzane doesn’t believe in Jesus!”

According to his official biography, Rabbi Miller has served as a Senior Rabbi for thirty-five years, taught the sole Judaica course at U.C. Irvine for 22 years, taught the Senior Judaica course at Tarbut v’Torah Community Day School for two years, and taught Hebrew Scripture for 7 years at Chapman University.

Among the many well-known Jewish Supremacists he has attracted to address the congregation are Yitzchak Rabin, Henry Kissinger, Elie Wiesel, Shimon Peres, Benjamin Netanyahu and Ehud Barak. He has also officiated at Jewish swearing in and blessing ceremonies in both the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives in Washington, D.C.